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Aug 26th '07
Unsure about a product? Want to buy it but unsure if you will really need it or if it is a good product? Post it here so you can get some feedback.

Thank you whatsername80 for the sticky idea! :)
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Oct 26th '07
whatsername80 wrote: Hehe (: Thought it might be helpful...especially since I have a question already!! Whats everyones opinions ... [snip!] ... I've heard that they're really good from some people, and then from other people that they're a waste of time and money...

Definitely get the Diaper Genie II! The first was was seriously complicated & I never used it...such a waste! But, I love the DG II! It's super easy to use, totally keeps the stink in...and my lazy butt doesn't have to run down stairs all the time just to throw away a diaper!

Travel systems: Convenient for sure! However, we don't have an actual "travel system"! Both pieces are made by different companies but, work together using an adaptor! I prefer this to actual sets that match because the carseat I love is in a brand I would never buy a stroller from! This way I get exactly what I want! So don't think that just because you like a certain infant carrier you have to buy that brand stroller...I would say 75% of car seats and strollers are interchangeable, the most adaptable being the Graco Snugride and Safeseat! Plus. most jogging strollers can also be used as travel systems! SO you have A LOT of options!

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Oct 26th '07

diaper genies. 

we called them diaper sausages.  a huge waste of plastic on top of a huge waste of plastic. Now setting aside my personal opinion -- go and subscribe to your local group and see for yourself just how many useless diaper genies cannot be given away.

The wallstreet jounal this morning just did a piece on baby products and the most noted waste of money was the diaper wipe warmer.  Comment included that it is nice but who wants to have a screaming baby continue to scream at 2:00 am for a diaper change while you wait for the warmer to get your wipes warm?  So true.

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Oct 26th '07

also if you have an older child anywhere up to i belive 3 years who dont always like walking there these strollers where the carseat goes in front like normal and the older child can sit or stand in the back they are about 119.-299 depending on model these do not come with carseats. but worth it cuz they are much less bulky like a regular twin stroller i plan on getting one for my daugther and the baby i'm pregnant with :)

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Oct 26th '07

I thought about getting one of those where the older child sits or stands in the back, but the more i thought about it, i decided its a big no for us. I mean, my son is 2 1/2 and he would NEVER just ride on the back without getting off whenever he seen something he liked or just for the fun of probably be chsing him around trying to get him to get on all the time.

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Oct 26th '07

The best advice I can give is go to craig's list and look for your local area.  Under baby items.  If you are on a budget and want a great deal, you can find all sorts of stuff.  This has been great for us.  We got a pack n play for $40 bucks in great condition and it has the bassinet & changing station items with it.  I even got a toddler bed w/bedding (finding nemo), wall decals and clock for $60.  I've seen glider rockers in great condition for $40-$100 depending on the type.  You can even negotiate prices.  But this is a great money saver if you have multiples, have a tight budget, or if you rather use your money for more important things like starting a college fund! 

I have a sling carrier and love it I wished I had known about it sooner (10 years ago to be exact when I had my 1st).  Great website for this is  Lots of different fabrics and patterns to choose from.

Travel stroller/car seat sytems are nice to have, but again if you get an infant car seat you can always buy one of those stroller systems that just works with most car seats.

Just know there are so many products on the market and most of them are just icing on the cake but are really not necessary.  And if you aren't sure how much use you may get out of it, why not go second hand!! 

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Oct 28th '07

rule #1 about strollers!  Make sure they fit in your car!!!!  Some are ADORABLE and look so comfortable for baby and then you fold them up and they are still HUGE! Lol.... not fun

also, there are TONS of things that look really convienent.... they may not be!  One item that would be excellent to buy used as you will not use it for long is one of those shopping cart adapters so your baby that isn't quite stable stitting up but does not want to lay down can sit up.  You can also just tuck blankets around them, but it's a pain to pack blankets just for that.  But you will only use it for like two months. 

There's alot of things like that.  If you have a friend that has things you won't need for long (bassinets!) borrow them!  or buy used.  We have a really great baby/childrens resale shop in our town that checks for recalls on all items and everything is clean and in great condition.  Like new cribs for $80 with matress, carseats for $20, clothes at all prices(lots still have tags), ect.  Some stuff (cribs that change to toddler beds) you can buy new with no bad feelings cause you will use them for a year or more.  Other things are just a waste of money to buy new, but handy enough it's still worth buying.


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Oct 29th '07
whatsername80 wrote: Hehe (: Thought it might be helpful...especially since I have a question already!! Whats everyones opinions ... [snip!] ... I've heard that they're really good from some people, and then from other people that they're a waste of time and money...

my mom had one for my sister and it does help keep the stink away, but when you are up every hours of the night you just wanna toss it and not worry about pushing it in and twisting lol, so its really up to you. but it does work for the most part.

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Oct 31st '07
lindsayandkenny wrote: I thought about getting one of those where the older child sits or stands in the back, but the more i ... [snip!] ... seen something he liked or just for the fun of probably be chsing him around trying to get him to get on all the time.

yea that my problem i need a double stroller for my son who willbe 3 next month and this baby, and this sit and stand ones are nice but he would never just stay there atleast in a double stroller he stays and cant get out so easy

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Nov 3rd '07

My list of must haves !!

Crib with drop down railing. I skipped the changing table and change Hailey in her crib.

Diaper Pail that takes regular trash liners (I use the scented trash bags in it)


Portable swing . I moved mine from room to room, then take her swing outside for her to play in. When not in use it folds up and sits up against a wall.

Walker-I know some parents are against these, but Hailey uses it to stand up in. She can't walk yet, but loves standing up in it and being able to look around. It entertains for for awhile.

Travel System-Hailey is quickly out growing her seat, but it has really come in handy. When we go out to eat, she's not big enough to sit in a chair so she has a "chair" of her own, same thing when grocery shopping. By christmas she will have outgrown her infant seat and will be big enough to sit in a chair by herself so she will get a convertible seat.

Stroller - Her travel system stroller we use ALOT !! We took her to the fair in the stroller, we walk to P.O. a couple of days a week, etc. I love the it has a sunshade, cup holders, basket underneath, etc.

Umbrella Stroller-I recently bought one of these for the trips to the dr's office. Its hard to carry a baby, diaper bag and all the paperwork from one end of the hospital to the other. For $15.00 I figure the dr office trips alone will be perfect for this cheapy stroller. I wish I would of remembered it on Halloween cause it sure would of saved my sore arms that night.

Hailey hates her pack n play but I got one for when she stays at her grandparents house, then when she gets older it can be used as to put her in when I take a shower. Plus its just light weigh enough I could drag out into the yard .

I bought Hailey a jumperoo but she won't get it until christmas.

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Nov 9th '07

WELL...I'm a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to the little ones, a friend of mine got me a gift certificate to for my shower...and I wound up spending 3 times more than what the gift certificate was worth!

I got a custom made baby blanket, diaper and wipes sack, and a few of the most adorable onesies-my favorite is the Bruce Lee one!!! I guess these aren't necessities, but it's really fun to have your baby in something that no one else has!!!

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Nov 16th '07

one thing iv found is that travel systems can be a pain in the ass lol

we bought the urban detour because i walk alot and its basicly off road lol BUT after we spent

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Nov 16th '07
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Nov 16th '07
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Nov 20th '07

this might have been mentioned already....but i didn't want to read through the pages just yet cause my head and back is killing's quitting time at work so just wanted to make one last post.

what about a breast pump? i am not sure if i am even going to be able to do it (no reason why i shouldn't be able to..but u never know) i just hate to spend 100+ on a breast pump that i might not even be able to use. guessing that i probably should wait til i see how he nurses?

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Nov 21st '07

For the breast pump, I bought the medela pump-n-style. It was $250.00. I went back to work when my baby was 6 weeks old. I didn't buy the pump before she was born because I wasn't sure how breast feeding would go... I waited until she was 4 weeks old to buy it. I ended up breast feeding her until she was 11 mos, 3weeks old. For me, I pumped 3 times a day at work. Therefore, the pump paid for itself (in what I would have spent on formula) in 6 months.

Evaluate how you think you will use the pump. If you plan to use it everyday, buy a more expensive one. You won't really know until your baby is a few weeks old. But it never hurts to do some homework.

To ensure breast feeding success, I recommend taking a class. I took tons of classes to prepare for the birth of my first child. The only one that was worth my time was the breastfeeding one. Also, after giving birth make sure you request to see a breast feeding specialist. They always have helpful tips. So that you know, the first3 weeks of breast feeding are very hard on mom. To make it through I had to set short term goals for myself. For example, I would tell myself that I am going to keep doing it, for just one more week, then re-evaluate. That helped me make it past the 3 week mark. After that, for the next 10 months, it was incredibly rewarding. It is a great way to bond with your child (aside from the great nutrition it provides).

Hope this helps! :)