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Jan 26th '08
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Jan 28th '08

get a BOPPY at walmart they are like $24 and kmart like 34 but it is well needed and u can use it for breastfeeding, sitting ur baby up, sitting ur baby on his/her tummy...I buy a new one for every pregnancy(different personalities) but most of them have a slip cover so u can wash it after oh ohs lol.

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Jan 31st '08
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Feb 1st '08
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Feb 5th '08

Wow, I'm surprised to see so many things that are completely unnessesary on here! Like wipe warmers! lol

Here's what you'll need:
And a sling.

Maybe a swing too if you think you'll use it.

Also an herbal sitz bath for after the birth really really helps with pain and swelling. (I believe sells some, otherwise your local herbal shop should).

~*~LydiaRene'~*~ 1 child; Altus AFB (AFB), Oklahoma 11765 posts
Feb 6th '08
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Feb 6th '08
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Feb 6th '08

oh also I forgot to say...Target has a sale on boppy products this week! :)

OregonMommy Coos Bay, Oregon 26 posts
Feb 6th '08

I think anything to keep baby safe and free of unnecessary illnesses are must have items for your newborn. I'm looking into Nursery/feeding sanitizers (look at Walmart or Target) and a baby health and emergency kit is a good idea to invest in. If you have cats (as we do!!) a crib tent is a good idea and will keep your mind at peace over a kitty accidently getting into the nursery. If you have carpets, invest in a really great vaccuum with some type of allergy filter on it, and you're gonna maybe want to look into baby sleep postioners to keep baby from rolling around in his/her sleep, I like the breathable ones, so in case baby moves his mouth over it, he can still breathe thru it and not suffocate.

JOYof2Boys Due May 8 (boy); 1 child; Washington, District of Columbia 5890 posts
Feb 6th '08

baby MUST HAVES (and i'm newly pregnant)

a sling (keeps the baby close and safe and comfty, while you are hands free)


AND It's more comfortable and agile than the Bjorn. but the Bjorn is great too!
yes, a bobby because it PERFECT for feedings.
a cradle swing. (it soothes and clams the baby)
Baby Ganics..all purpose cleaner... to keep everything in your home baby clean and safe.

Bottle sterilzer AND warmer. (trust, you will love it)

infant wraps (fleece or cloth) (its will save blanket bundling and wrapping and keeps your baby safe and more comfortable)8951.jpg
Baby First Aid Kit.... and Relief Kit

A great baby tub!
and this is a popular and very efficient one.41NVHK80N0L._AA280_.jpg
Baby Timer (GREAT for feedings, changins, etc...)41UTViw%2BUdL._SL150_.jpg

plenty of bottles, onsies, and diapers....

your already know the basic. carseat, strollers, bouncers, clothing, nursery stuff....

bus those i said are some great STARTER new mom MUST HAVES. the other stuff can come along the way.

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Feb 6th '08
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Feb 7th '08
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Feb 7th '08
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Feb 7th '08
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Feb 10th '08

I saw a few post saying about a baby wipes warmer... in my opinion, those things are worthless. We brought one for my son when he was under a year old, and we went to use it... and to our surprise, it didn't deliever the expectations. The wipes stayed warm for about 5 seconds at the most, and the wipes on the bottom of the warmer dried out too quickly. So I really wouldn't recommend it. I thought it was such a waste of money.