ZionsMama Japan 3 posts
May 27th '13
Quoting MrsJTubbz:" :o baby wipes warmer!? I HAVE to have one!! theres a good chance im getting a boy and when you put a cold wipe against a warm baby boy, he shoots pee up everywhere lol."

oh they are great! I had a boy myself...and to take the hassel out of shopping around i bought everything i needed online...
heres a link for a warmer ...:D
hope that helps you find one

ZionsMama Japan 3 posts
May 27th '13

ell Ladies I have to say definately need a car that what you baby will be leaving the hospital in......
I recommend the stroller capsule combo ....easy to get in and out of cars and clip into the stroller when your on the go. I had one myself...even after my son out grew the capsule i still got a few years out of the stroller ....
By the way I bought most of my stuff online and had it delivered...I will be doin this for my cousin who is due at the end of the week....
heres a link to one I picked for her ..

You can find all sorts on this site just use the search box and it brings up all sorts..enjoy your pregnancy world is about to turn upside down in the best possible way :wink: