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Dec 17th '07
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Dec 18th '07

If you're breast feeding, a Boppy Pillow is a big help!A swing is a definate life saver and a vibrating bouncer chair if you ever want to get some house work done or take a shower.The chair is easy to move around the house.The baby can be with you in the bathroom while you bathe or in the kitchen if you need to clean up.

Kaidyn's Mum 1 child; Perth, Australia 12911 posts
Dec 23rd '07

my mide wife told me not to use the baby wipes because of the alchol nd chemicals in it can give the baby a rash ro somethign she said, what do you think?

emily* 1 child; Tucson, Arizona 2081 posts
Dec 26th '07
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Dec 27th '07

We don't use commercial baby wipes and actually have a chemical-free household. I have one child who is very sensitive to any chemicals, detergents ... even man-made materials!

We use wet washcloths or cloth wipes now ... we used to make our own wipes by cutting a roll of bounty paper towels in half, removing the cardboard tube from the center, putting it in a round rubbermaid container and wetting it with water and a tsp of Burts Bees apricot oil. You pull the homemade wipes out from the middle of the roll and tear along the perforations.

We use cloth diapers and practice elimination communication, so it's easier to just use cloth wipes and throw them in the diaper pail with the diapers. That reminds me - I should find the baby potty bowls and put them with the baby stuff!

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Dec 30th '07

This isn't for when your baby comes, but while you're pregnant,go to Wal Mart and there's a small thing near the moniters, and you can listen to your baby's heart beat, or you can hook it up to computer and record it and email your baby's heartbeat to all your family! I found it to be the coolest thing I've bought so far!

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Dec 30th '07
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Dec 30th '07

for diapers i recomend white cloud hypoallergenic, they are soft and ultra leak protective, you can only get them at walmart good for keeping diaper rash away, if they do get a rash then Happy Bottoms - Diaper Rash Spray its amazing. and i dont know about you but i dont want a doctor sticking thermomiters up my babys bum so a binky thermomiter is awsome (also at walmart).

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Dec 31st '07


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Dec 31st '07
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Jan 1st '08

so far we have a baby bath that will last until the age of 2, a little baby blanket, and an awesome diaper bag thats actually a bookbag that came with a changing pad and a place to stick the dirty diapers and wipes. :D

we're not getting anything else for a couple weeks. on jan 11th we're going to find out the sex. After that we'll know what colors we can get, and do lots of shopping!!!

this is my moms (she's 61) first grandbaby (my brother is 37, im 24), so after she finds out the sex, im pretty sure she'll max out all her credit cards going crazy shopping.

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Jan 4th '08
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Jan 13th '08

About diapers...My mom works for a marketing research company. They have many of the big name companies as their clients. If any of you have a Costco by you (it's just like Sams Club), their Kirkland brand of diapers are HUGGIES diapers. Yea....they are made by the Huggies company, same diaper different box. I do know this as a fact or else I wouldn't post this on here.

BensMom 1 child; Ohio 1465 posts
Jan 13th '08

Also, the Kirklands wipes are very good. And sensitive. For the first couple of months, that's all we could use on my little one. Everything else made him break out. I think they may be Huggies as well but not sure

monalisaruns 1 child; Hilliard, Ohio 225 posts
Jan 13th '08

Yes your right! Thank you! I forgot to put that in their too! Plus, it's bulk and inexpensive compared to so many other brands.