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Nov 26th '07

Forgot something -------------

Miracle Maker Virginia 1 posts
Nov 28th '07

Hello Everyone!! You all have helped me sooo much without even knowing it. Im about to have my first and I feel like Im not doing to good. Im kinda worried that Im not prepared or will be able to be prepared for my first Son. My wife and Idon't much nor will we when he comes either. I was just curious to know what you think I should do. I dont want to seem scared because I want to be strong, for my wife and myself. We have clothes but thats about it. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also there wouldnt be anyway for a possible baby shower either because were moving and we wouldnt be knowing any nor have family available for support.
p.s. I hope nobody thinks im wierd for posting on this site as a male I just really need another womans perspective on this and I cant bring up my insecurity of failing to my wife without imposing that on her. Thanks again A PROUD FATHER :)

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Nov 28th '07
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Pregnant07 Due December 5; 2 kids; Salt Lake City, Utah 23 posts
Nov 29th '07

Car seat, lots of receiving blankets.

I have gotten so much stuff for my first child, I've gotten lots of clothes, bathroom stuff, blankets, pacifiers, diapers.

viena 3 kids; London, United Kingdom 2556 posts
Nov 30th '07

muslin squares (i don't know what you call them out there) you can use them as a burping cloth, these are perfect for cleaning up any feeding spills as well...if any of you are having boys, some face cloth or muslin squares just to put on his little thing as soon as you take his nappy off, cause they tend to pee in your face x

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Nov 30th '07
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amberly_rose 3 kids; Anchorage, Alaska 420 posts
Dec 2nd '07

1st thing i already got was a little snow outfit.. he will be born when there is snow on the ground, so that was my first nessesity.

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Dec 2nd '07
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Dec 4th '07
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Dec 5th '07

Just a few lil thing to have is a crib or bassinet. a few lil light type toys you know the ones that make music and have lights. also clothes, don't get to many clothes they are going to grow out of them fast. have diper alot and I mean a lot and have at least the first 3 sizes of dipers cuz you never know how fast they will grow.blinkets you need blinkets at least 3 if not more I suggest more becuse you never know when they are going to throw up. well that just a few to help some of you out.

sara_wisher California 37 posts
Dec 10th '07

So I'm still expecting but a bassinette, bouncer, and a DIAPER GENIE!!! The little bucket holds the diapers without any smell. Who can complain about that?! I have a bouncer...I've been told that a bouncer or a swing will be your best friend at times...even if it only distracts the baby for 15 mintues...its 15 minutes of sanity for you!

momof4inmissouri Missouri 9 posts
Dec 11th '07

I have experienced that a must have for the baby is a bouncy seat that vibrates! Makes a big difference on the cranky nights.

Kurin 1 child; Ohio 44 posts
Dec 16th '07

i have a3 yr old sister and a1 yr old sister and a bobby is a MUST! they are kind of hard to find but they are a life saver. I'm looking for one now.

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Dec 16th '07
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Dec 17th '07
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