Preparing for Baby...what should I have? ***JEN*** 3 kids; Wisconsin 28817 posts
Aug 2nd '07
Okay ladies. Since this is always a topic seen frequently....share what are some must have items for your new bundle!
vcawrse 1 child; Utah 22 posts
Oct 29th '07

akrogers13 wrote: the only thing i know that you HAVE to have is a carseat lol... i'd also say clothes... bottles.... toys.... ... [snip!] ... and i can live off what we have so far... cept we need a carseat right now... the hospitals wont let you leave with out one!

Some hospitals give you a carseat when you deliver I would call and see if yours provides one. Also if can not afford one some sheriff departments give low income familys car seats and WIC should have some contacts for car seats.

ASHLEy;) 1 child; South Carolina 841 posts
Oct 30th '07

Everyone keeps telling me that I need TONS of diapers.

migdalia 1 child; Jacksonville, North Carolina 1 posts
Nov 2nd '07

:)If you are planning to nurse I think a boppy pillow is amust have, I love them... your baby can even continue to use it as he get bigger for tummy time.:)

christina p 1 child; Kansas 10 posts
Nov 5th '07
Quoting Jen Lynn:" Okay ladies. Since this is always a topic seen frequently....share what are some must have items for your new bundle!"

I would say Blankets and lots of them the other things that was a had to have for my son was swing. he used it so much and it was very helpful to get other stuff done while he was in it.

baby boy on board 1 child; Tennessee 65 posts
Nov 5th '07

okay a lot of you are saying diapers and wipes. is there a certain brand that is better than the others. also, i've heard that the wipe warmers just dry out the wipes. has anyone had this problem yet?

♥Rotten Apple♥ 3 kids; Sacramento, California 15470 posts
Nov 7th '07

i love those boucy seats. they are awesome. i have one that plays music and vibrates well two both were gifts. and u can never have toooo many onsies!!! hehehe

Kittykin 1 child; Newport News, Virginia 263 posts
Nov 7th '07
Quoting Pandora667:" For me a baby swing or vibrating chair is a must."

I totally agree.. the baby swing was a life saver my last pregnancy! Also a chair that rocks is definately a good help! I'm making my husband buy me a recliner before i have this baby!:twisted:

Proud Mama! Pennsylvania 170 posts
Nov 9th '07

I think the must-haves are some novelty baby will get SO many compliments...I ordered mine from, and picked all the colors myself...we just got them yesterday, and I got 5 compliments while buying diapers at WalMart!!! I would suggest going maybe a size larger than newborn, so the little one can get some extra wear out of it!

Ohh and music too...really soothing music or those cool ocean sound cd's...when baby is a little grouchy just pop on the music and it's naptime!!!

skomula 2 kids; Muskegon, Michigan 259 posts
Nov 11th '07

do we absolutely have to have scratch mittens? Because I've been thinking about them non stop for like a week, and I remembered that I didn't put them on my registry...oops.

Kailyn's Mama 20 kids; Rochester, New York 19490 posts
Nov 11th '07
Quoting skomula:
*Mango Meli* 18 kids; United Kingdom 7046 posts
Nov 12th '07

definatly loads of diapers and baby wipes and clothes !!

lindseyglover 3 kids; Texas 10810 posts
Nov 13th '07

my wipe warmer dryed out my wipes so i didn't use it much i loved those johnson and johnson wipes that already have the baby soap in it it was a lifesaver for me being a nervous mom on the first bath its so much easier! and you can use it on their head and hair too.

triandemnursingmama Connecticut 285 posts
Nov 25th '07

My must-haves...
mei tai
nursing pads / nursing bra
cloth diapers / cloth wipes
potty for ec'ing
That's about it.

mommieof2angels 2 kids; Tennessee 767 posts
Nov 25th '07

I had everything when I had my son and found only a few things were neccessary for me, so I limited what I bought this time around.

*Gentle Naturals Tummy Soothers
*Gas drops
*large, soft blankets
*diaper rash ointment

I had a brand new swing with my son and never used it. He would rather sleep lying down or being held, so I marked that off this time. I never had a wipe warmer as I heard they dry your wipes out, but I would not know for sure. I just marked it as not neccessary. I even did not use a crib with my son although I had a very nice expensive one so I marked that off this time and opted for a twin matrress and box springs on the floor so baby does not fall far if she should fall (never been a problem with my son). The only things I found useful were those things that baby pushes when they are learning to walk.

Have 4.. Want More 68 kids; Arkansas 69 posts
Nov 26th '07

Sorry this is a long list but i thought it could help:D

Clothing Your Baby

Sleepers and/or gowns
Snowsuit bag

Bathing Your Baby
Baby tub
Baby toiletries
Baby washcloths
Baby bath towels

Carrying Your Baby
Front carrier, sling, and/or backpack

Breastfeeding Your Baby
Boppy (or other nursing pillow) and cover
Breast pump
Breast milk storage and feeding set
Insulated carrying case for transporting milk safely

Bottle-Feeding Your Baby
Assorted nipples
Utensils for formula preparation
Sterilizer, if recommended
Bottle and n****e brush

Feeding Your Baby
Baby utensils
Food mill, for grinding up food for baby
Plates and bowls

Soothing Your Baby
Receiving blankets (for swaddling)

Taking Your Baby Places
Diaper bag
Wipes carrying case
Car seat

Disposable-Diapering Your Baby
Disposable diapers
Disposable wipes
Diaper rash cream

Putting Your Baby to Bed
Co-sleeper and/or bed rails (if you plan to co-sleep)
Sheets and accessories for co-sleeper and/or crib
Portable crib
Waterproof crib pads

Baby-Proofing Supplies

Although you won't need this stuff right away, it's a good idea to baby-proof before baby is mobile, so you don't have to go rushing around at the last minute.
Outlet covers
Baby gates
Door latches
Toilet latch
Non-slip tub mat
Padding for sharp table edges
Doorknob guards
Stove knob guards