Jabri12 2 kids; Auburn, Washington 25 posts
May 6th '13

My name is Elisabeth. I have a four year old son and 11 month old daughter. I found I was pregnant back in december with my third child. I was shocked, nervous, and not sure I was ready for another one since my baby was only six months old.
Five days after finding out I was pregnant, I started bleeding really bad and went into the emergency room immediately. They couldn't find the baby in my uterus and they said that I had vaginositis. They gave me antibotics and told me that I just might not be far enough along for my baby to show up on a ultrasound. For days, I watched myself bleed and spot, I had never done that with my other children. I could feel something was wrong and something in the back of my mind told me that this baby was not going to make it. Four days later, the bleeding got worse, it turned bright red and i started having pain. I ran back to the emergency room, where they found my five week old fetus growing in my left falopian tube. I went the next morning to medically abort because they told me that was the only option.

I tried to move on with my life with going back to school and looking for work, but one January 11th after bleeding for almost three weeks, I felt like I had a softball in my side and went yet again to the emergency room. Turns out the medical abortion didn't work and my baby was still growing, now almost nine weeks. They rushed me to surgery, where they took my baby and my left fallopian tube because it was damaged beyond repair, and now I am trying to deal with it all.
I know it is four months later. I have two kids who need me. But I feel so dead set on replacing my lost one. I am BC trying to get my body back on a normal cycle because it just has never been the same. I have such a hard time being happy for other people having babies. All I can think is that I am suppose to be pregnant right now.

Black Family Due January 7 (boy); 2 kids; Kentucky 1 posts
May 16th '13

I am sorry to hear that. I had a son who was suppose to be due this august and I lost him back in november it was the hardest thing I thought I would ever have to deal with and to be honest about it I still am not done dealing with it. I question if I want to have more children because I have this feeling that if my son dawson isn't alive why should they be allowed to be. I mean nothing could ever replace my son and thats the way it plans to stay,but something that helps me get through everyday is looking at the sky and remembering that I have an angel watching down over me and that he is growing so very big and strong in the hands of the lord who will teach him right and wrong.

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May 23rd '13

My name is melissa. I am 22 and my husband Steven is also 22. We have a 2 year old son together. We got pregnant for the second time in October due date was July 19. We had problems from the start. Baby had very little fluid around him and I kept spotting until I hit 15 weeks then we thought things would be normal but still on "light duty" and pelvic rest. We went to doctor and he sent me to a specialist to look at baby closer to be sure nothing was wrong since one of my tests came back abnormal. The specialist said my placenta was low lying but baby looked normal plus we were having a baby boy! No markers for Down syndrome and took a second test to be sure. Went back to regular ob and he said I didn't have to be on light duty or pelvic rest anymore. At 23 weeks I bleed bright red with clots and went in to the local hospital and they did an ultrasound say baby wasn't distressed but kept fetal monitor on me. they kept me until They knew i was stabilized then transferred me to children's hospital. Children's hospital looked did ultrasounds on me and saw I had a placenta previa with a hematoma and I had dialated 1 or 2 cm. baby didn't have adequate blood supply but had strong heart beat. They kept me for a week then sent me home. I saw my regular ob twice a week for 2 weeks then once a week until 29 weeks 3 days. During that time the blood flow had gotten stable but his growth was slowing. 29 weeks 3 days I went in for a weekly appointment but there was no heart beat. He sent me to children's hospital and they did an ultrasound to see where placenta was and double check to be sure. Tuesday may 7, 2013 I had my c section to deliver my 1 lb 7 oz 11 1/2 inch baby boy at 9:22am. His name is Oakley jaden. We buried him next to his great aunt Peggy and by the plot planned for his great Grandma sue on Saturday may 10. It broke my heart to pieces and I am not sure I want to try to have another baby. My husband wants to but we have to wait at least a year and that's if I am ready by then.

Mama Bee+3 Due May 28 (twins); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Fresno, California 1892 posts
May 26th '13

My name is Bekka and this was baby #2 that I was pregnant with and miscarried. I have one living child, my daughter Raechal. Happily married to my high school sweetheart. I wasn't pregnant long with this baby but I was very excited for baby L as we called him/her. I'm not too sure what to expect as this is my first miscarriage but I have been crying a lot.