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Feb 1st '08

Hi, my name is Cathy. I live in Alberta, Canada. It started 5 years ago when we got married. All I ever wanted was to be a wife and mother. I was a wife and now it was time to be a mother. We TTC for 2 years. After many tests, I had surgery to remove a fibroid and was pg 2 months later, due Feb 3, 2005. Then it started, at 11 weeks I started bleeding. I was so scared I went to emerg for an u/s. They found the lb safe and sound and the bleeding was coming from the opposite side of my uterus. That didn

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Feb 1st '08

aww gurl welol welcome

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Feb 4th '08

hey im whitney im 17. i got pregnant at 16 and was thrown out of my house by my mom so i had to move in with my boyfriend. i ended up having a miscarriage at about week 11 with my child. my due date was march 5th 2008. my doctor never told me the reason of why my baby died. she said the baby could have just died on its on. but personally i think that it was because i was under so much stress at that time. but i found out about 2 weeks ago that im pregnant again. so im just praying that this pregnancy will go smoothly. im due september 13th. but now im not under as much stress not living with my mom.

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Feb 4th '08

Hello everyone, this is my first time part of this. My name is Jocelynne and I am 20. I am 5 weeks into my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy, I lost my baby boy Jehren when I was 28 weeks pregnant on October 5th, 2007. I had to be induced and give birth to him. It was definately the worst day of my life. I am sure many of you can relate. It was the hardest thing to see my baby so lifeless and at the same time he wasso beautiful. He was an angel. I got to spend time with him in the hospital, which was such an emotional experience. I was lucky to have such a wonderful doctor and nurses. They gave me so many things to remember him by like pictures, his foot print, clothes etc. We had a beautiful service for him and were able to bury him near our home. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont miss him and think how different my life could be today if he was here with me. He was due right around Christmas time, December 27, 2007. It was a difficult holiday for my entire family and I.
In his memory, my boyfriend and I got a tattoo on our back with angel wings and his foot prints in the center of it with his name, Jehren.
Now we are blessed to be expecting again. I am extremely nervous but am being cared for by many specialists. And the most beautiful thing about this experience is that my due date for my new baby is October 5, 2008. The same day my angel, Jehren was born. I know God does things for a reason, and I know this baby will never replace the loss of my first son, but I have a stong feeling this baby will carry my first born's spirit.

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Feb 8th '08

My name is Briana, I'm 16 years old I will be 17 on Feb. 17. On January 14 I was having some strange feelings, my mood kept changing, my breasts hurt even to put a bra on,I had been getting sick almost every morning,I smelled theworst thingsand I had skipped a period. So i wen to the dollar store and bought 2 pregnancy tests. They both came back positive. I was scared, because i didnt want to have to go through this alone. My mother and i dont get along and my grandpa told me he would kick me out if i ever got pregnant while i was still in high school. I thought i would have been able to turn to my ex boyfriend but he wanted me to have an abortion. I am very much so against abortions. The he had suggested adoption and i get to attached and to think of carrying a child, my child, for 9 months and then just give it up like that. i dont think so. So i told him that i didnt want anything to do with him. I knew i had to tell someone because i knew i was pregnant. I told my grandma and she had bought me 2 more and they came back positive. She told my aunt and she didnt believe it so she made me take another one and it came back negative. I was so confused and sad at the same time. I had made a dr. appt for the next day and they took a blood test, they said that they should get the results the next day, but it sounds like i am pregnant. My doctor prescribed me prenatal vitamins and told me that my due date would be on September 26, 2008. I was so excited! Well i went home and knew i had to tell my grandpa. he was so mad but in the end he said that he would be there every step of the way for me. I kept taking my vitamins just like she said to. the next day i had started bleeding very lightly i called my dr. and she said that it may happen throughout the pregnancy. I wasn't really worried b/c my mom had bled with me through her entire pregnancy. So after about a week, still no results, i kept on thinking i was pregnant i told my mom and she was excited, every one was excited about my pregnancy, disappointed but excited. I have always wanted kids since i was little to prove to everyone that i would be a better mother than mine was to me. So i had already had names picked out. Layla Noel for a girl(noel was after my best friend that had died when we were in the 6th grade) and Jacoby Michael "Coby" for short. I hated the heartburn and morning sickness. It seemed to get worse everyday. Well a couple of days went by and i woke up and was having really bad cramps and had to pee really bad so i went to the bathroom and when i had wiped it was nothing but blood. I called the er and they had said to get some rest and elevate my legs and DO NOT sleep on my stomach, which is hard for me because i sleep on my stomach. The next day i finally got a call from the doctor while i was in my chemistry class. I answered it and they said that the test had come back negative. I didnt understand that at all and she said to come in after school and they would do some tests. I gave them a sample of the blood and they confirmed i was having a miscarriage. I felt so empty like i had nothing to live for. I was only 7 weeks and 5 days but i knew there was something there growing inside of me. The dr. told me there was no need for a d & c because my body was doing it for me. She said to come back in a week and would see how it is coming along. She also said that i would still experiance the symptoms for awhile which makes it even harder. I didnt even get to find out what I was having. So i am just going to say:
RIP my darling child. Mommy loves you.

I'm sorry this was so long. But i feel for all of you ladies that have lost a child, in any type of way. I always hoped that my child would be healthy and strong.

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Feb 14th '08

i wen through tha same thing.. gurly. my baby daddy called me a b***h and then i left him.. gurl you know what everything happenes for a reson.. so takecare and muich love..

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Feb 18th '08

Ny name is Kristen and I found out that I had a miscarriage just a few days ago on Wed. Feb. 13th. 2008. I went in for my 11 week checkup and the doctor could not find the heartbeat so they sent my husband and I down to get an ultrasound. The baby had died weeks ago but my body didn't get the memo and thought it was still pregnant. I knew that there was something wrong when the ultrsound tech didn't say anything. I looked on the screen and saw my lifeless baby. My husband took my hand right away. I had to have a D&C on Friday. I am so upset. I thought that I was almost out of the "danger zone" just a week away from telling everyone that I was pregnant! (our parents , siblings ,and very close friends knew but no one else). I was going to tell everyone that I was going to be a mommy and now I can't.
I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and find out this whole thing was a bad dream. We had tried for 4 months to get pregnant and we were sooooo happy when the ept test was positive, but that has been taking away from us and all I can ask is "why?" I did EVERYTHING right. I wanted this baby so much. I HATE that we have to start trying all over again and then wait and see if the next one will be ok or not.
I am glad that this forum is here. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in this. Thank you all for sharing your stories.

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Feb 18th '08

My name is Cherry and I just had a miscarriage recently... in December of 2007 around the middle I think it was the 14th I was just about 23 weeks and it was about 11 o' clock at night and I started having some cramps my mom thought it was just the baby moving because this would have been my first child but it was actually contractions. I was having a little bit of spotting and my mom was getting worried because the bleeding was getting worse. I was rushed to my hospital and once they put me into a room they did an ultrasound on me and they ultrasounded below my belly while I was totally clueless to what was going on. Anyway the nurse told me that the water bag was already coming out but it wasn't broken yet. They said that they couldn't try and sew the cervix closed because the contactions would just rip the stitches open again... I couldn't believe I was actually going into labor I was about 5mins apart while I was driving to the hospital at midnight and when I was in the room it was coming every minute... the baby was coming down just as if I were giving a normal birth... Her heart was beating fine but she was only 23 weeks and not ready to come out. I tried so hard to keep my legs together, maybe I could've kept my daughter in maybe I could've stopped the labor... Maybe wasn't enough because at around 6:10 in the morning my water broke, 6:25 my daughter Sarai came out... She was so small just 1 pound 10.5 inches.... She came out with a heartbeat for about an hour and a half and therefore she was identified as a live birth baby and I was given a certificate of birth and death... technically I am a women who can celebrate mother's day. It's sad because I count the days... I would've have been just over 32 weeks this day, if she was born now... she would have survived.

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Feb 19th '08

my name is whitney im 19 almost 20 years oldim from pa i lived a rough life my life was just like cinderalla i had a evil step mother and i did nothing right you know that story then i finnaly was happy i found the man of my dreams had a baby then my life went to hell again. i just recently found out i had a misscariage sometime this month the doctor had told i was pregnant not even a week ago then in the same week i find out it was a miscarriage but on October 27 2007 was the worst morning of my life my 2 month old son had died he was the best thing that had ever happened to me and his father that saturday morning was the worst morning ever i woke up to my son not breating they said he went into a deep sleep he died bc he fell asleep on his stomac i never layed him on his stomac he always sleept in his bassinet or crib but that night we both fell asleep together and he passed away bc slid off my chest and into my bed right beside me and his father we never woke up to put him in his crib i miss him so much i wish i coulld go back in time and change anything to prevent it but what can you do. i miss you isaiah david will mommy will always missyou. Me and my fiance are trying for another baby but i pray nothing is going to happen to my next child . RIP isaiah david williams and my unborn child)

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Feb 20th '08

Hi, my name is Brittany. I am 23 years old and have no children. My husband is in the air force and we live in Northern California. I recently just had my first M/C @ 6 weeks about 2 weeks ago.I took an early HPT about 3 daysbefore my missed period and to my shock and amazement it was positive!! My husband and I have been TTC for about 9 months and this was my first pregnancy. I knew that something was wrong, because I went for my first blood test about 4 days after the first HPT and it was a "low" positive. They said that it might just have been from the pregnancy being so early. Thenwith the next blood test 3 days later it was still "low" positive. That is when the Dr.decided to do theQuantiative HCG blood test.The first one I took was the following thursday and it was a 27,after thatover the following weekendI had some light bleeding with small clots and went in for another blood test on a tuesday. That was only a 10. The Dr.was going to call with my results on the following friday, butbecause of the not so good feeling I had and the inability to wait I boughtanother HPT and took it on thursday night, and it was negative. When I saw the resultsI couldn't believe that the worst had happened!! I was very upset about the news, and my husband and I had already told a bunch of people, and then we had to go around and deliver the bad news. I never knew how common M/C really was until this happened to me!! It still doesn't change how I feel though. I don't think a woman can really understand the effects of a M/C until she has one herself, because I sure didn't!! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!! It's horrible! I would like to start TTC as soon as I can, but my husband is going to be deployed, so that will have to wait another 6 months. The only positive thing that I could see about this M/C, was that I know knew I was able to conceive!

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Feb 23rd '08

Hi, My name is Brie and I am 30. I am married to a wonderful husband and we had been trying to conceive for only 2 months when we found out we were expecting. I found out at 6 weeks that I was in fact pregnant! I was diagnosed with Grave's disease at age 19, and underwent RAI radiation at age 20. I have been o synthetic thyroid hormone since my early 20's. I was told I may have trouble conceiving a child, due to my hormonal imbalance. You can imagine our joy when this was not the case!

Feb 14, we went in for my first OB/GYN check up. No U/S performed and I was bothered by that..Just the normal pap and physical checkup. U/S would be done March 14, at my next appt. The Doc said my uterus was enlarged and that was a good sign, as was some of my symptoms.

Fast forward to Sat night, just 2 days after my thumbs up appt. We had family over for supper, and I felt this "surge" of hormones, more like a faintness really, but I get this alot the week before my period starts. I layed down and felt fine Sunday morning when I woke up. I had noticed that I was spotting lightly, and freaked a little..Called my mom and she assured me that she spotted for 4 months during her pregnancies.

Monday morning, I woke up, andI told my husband " I don't feel pregnant anymore". He said I was overreacting. I said, "No. Really. My b**bs don't hurt at all ( they had been SOOOOO sensitive that he was not allowed near them).." SO, jokingly, he grabs em, and sure enough..not a peep of pain out of me.

He tells me that if I am concerned to call my OB. So, I went to work, and at exactly 9 am when their office opened, I called. They fit me in at 10:15. My husband met me there, and they took me straight to U/S. I am sitting there, telling myself, that I shouldn't get excited. My husband is thrilled that the U/S will finally put me at ease.

They did a vaginal U/S ( akward, anyone?) and I could see on the screen, my little fetus and it didn't look right. After a few moments, the Doctor says, " I don't have good news". I told him, " i knew something was wrong.." He told me to get dressed and we would discuss my options. My husband teared up, I stayed strong.

We went in and the Doc says he suggests a D&C to avoid excessive bleeding and having to experience expelling the fetus on my own at home. I agree, and so we schedule my D&C for Tuesday ( the very next day).

I am employed as a surgery scheduler for a surgeon, so when I showed up at the hospital, the staff all knew me. I was embarassed because I wanted to be anonymous, but the outpouring of support and love was so nice to have during such turmoil.

I sobbed that afternoon. The D&C wasn't painful. I was under anesthesia. But the closure of not being pregnant..was more than I could bear. Hysterically crying, hating what had happened...That was 4 days ago.

Today it is Saturday and I am cramping and bleeding, but it is nothing copared to having to pass it myself. I am sad...and mourning. I want to name my angel, but hubby says that we need to move on.

He is excited to try again ( in about a month after a cycle). I am not so sure. I am scared. What if this happens again? I will TTC again, but for now, let me mourn.

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Feb 25th '08

Hi my name is Marissa and i am 16 years old i have lost 3 babys one on july 20 ,2007 the due date was feb 14, 2008 and with the twin on feb. 10,2008 and the due date for them was 8 28,2008

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Mar 2nd '08

My name is Carrie. I know the feelings of miscarriage, I've had two of them, one in April 1997 and most recently May 2007. Thankfully I also know the joy of having healthy children. I am now pregnant with a little girl who is due July 5, 2008. I am really posting this for my friend. She only knows the feelings of loss. She has had 3 miscarriages already and today experienced a greater loss. Her baby was born too early. She went into preterm labor on Friday and today delivered her daughter Seirra Marie. Seirra lived for about an hour but the nurses didn't tell her this. It wasn't until later that they found out. She did get to hold her though. She was at 23 weeks 2 days. She was 1 pound 4 oz and 14 inches long. She was a beautiful baby and so greatly missed. She was a healthy baby that was born too soon. We were going to all our appointments together. We just found out on Feb. 7th that we were both having girls. We were so excited, due about a week apart. This was the furthest she has gotten with a pregnancy and we all thought that this time everything would work out. I am feeling so guitly right now and I don't know what to say or do. I have children and another on the way. It seems so unfair. She had the baby this morning and is home already. They had just gotten the nursery set up. I'm so afraid to even talk about my baby right now. I want to ask her to be the Godmother, but I'm not sure how or when. I'm sorry this is so long. There's just so much confusion and hurt right now. Part of me wishes it could be me instead of her just so she could know the joy of having a baby. Instead of making funeral arrangments for a life that barely said hello.

Mama to Chloe Noelle Arizona 41 posts
Mar 9th '08

Hi my name is Megan. I am 18. Well in 07 I got pregnant at 17. Well at 15 weeks I was in the car with my dad on the way home. When an on coming truck hit us. The car flipped we where all ok but not my little angel Cayla Mariah. Well 6 and half months later we got pregnant again. We are now excepting baby #2 and her name is going to be Paris Rose.

tink0508 Due July 5; 3 kids; Sweetwater, Texas 12 posts
Mar 11th '08

Hey, my name is Savanna. I am finally going to share my story. Only my boyfriend, Jim Ed, knows the whole story. I think it's finally time and I will be able to get it out. When I was 14, after the very first time I had sex, I got pregnant. I didn't find out until I was like 6 wks along and by then the sperm donor was being an ass (he was 17 and a junior in high school at the time while I was 14 and a freshman). Our phone convo actually went something like this:
Stuart- Are you really pregnant?
S- Are you going to keep it? If you do, you can't tell anyone that it's mine. My dad's going to buy me a car/computer this year and he won't do it if he finds out.
(By this time I was completely and totally pissed and his sister was yelling at him cuz she was my best friend at the time)
"Yes I'm going to keep it...and if someone asks I will tell them who it is. I don't care if your dad doesn't get you that shit. This is a child's life we're talking about"

Well anyway, by the end of the week my grandmother had found out that Stuart and I had had sex and was threatening to call the cops about it (she couldn't really do anything about it but she thought the shock value would prevent it happening again...she didn't know i was preggers tho). Anyway, we got in a fight and I was running through the house to get to my bedroom when I tripped (we were renovating at the time). I fell really hard against the corner of the dresser. That combined with the stress and my age and size wasn't good for the pregnancy. I lost the baby the next day. Only three people ever knew.

In Jan 2004, I started dating my ex-husband. In March, we found out we were pregnant. I had been getting really sick and light headed all the time. I started blacking out the week before I found out I was preggers. The day after I told him, we were planning on going to a concert. I was in the shower getting ready when I passed out and fell. I had the miscarriage that night. I was in so much pain that we didn't even get to go to the concert. Jon was really understanding and told me that it wasn't my fault and that I would've made a great mother. A week after that, his sister started talking about me and got him being all paranoid. She said that I probably wasn't even pregnant and was just trying to trap him into marrying me. We had only been dating 2 months. As if! Long story short...we got married 9 months later...and still after 2 years of marriage he wasn't ready to have kids. He wanted to go out all night and party and all that...after that I left to go into the USAF and ended up getting discharged. I divorced him soon after that.

I've been with my current boyfriend and significant other, Jim Ed, since May 24, 2007. We got pregnant (by and found out in late July. Since he has 3 kids from a previous marriage and was around for those pregnancies he "knew". I was in denial. LOL! I did a test (too early I might add...but it just helped with the denial) and it was negative. We went to visit his mother (I was meeting her for the first time) and help her move from a house into an apartment. Everything was going great, except for the fact that my pants didn't fit and I was horribly sick. I was working at a convenience store at the time and had to cook hamburgers and what do you know, my worst trigger for morning sickness was hamburger meat. The smell was just the worst thing on the earth. Looking back now, it is almost a cherished memory. I wasn't thinking about not doing things that I was normally able to do, and I helped her move a really big reclining sofa. Soon after that I got a pain in my stomach. I thought I had pulled a muscle. I started spotting that night and by the next day I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand. I miscarried the baby that day. I had to go to work the next day. Only two of my friends knew I was pregnant, besides Jim Ed. He was so awesome with me, holding me, telling me it wasn't my fault and that he loved me. I felt so guilty. I thought it was my fault. I still feel a twinge of guilt when I think about it. It's horrible to think that I could have a baby in my arms on March 29th if I wouldn't have miscarried. I lost my first angel (or angels...we just had a feeling it would have been twins) on August 5, 2007 at 6wks 1d.

We weren't trying to get pregnant, but just less than 4 short months after the m/c we found out we were pregnant again. Jim Ed was looking for a new job and no one was hiring since it was too close to the end of the year, we were having to move from Jayton to Sweetwater (70 miles away), and money was tight. I was trying to get the house fixed up and the kids their Christmas presents plus keep food on the table with just my part time job. He was looking for a job, but things just weren't happening for us at the time. I was so stressed. I got some stickers to put the kids names on their doors and I had just finished doing that when Jim Ed told me to go sit down and rest because I wasn't looking so well. I had been feeling bad all day, but told myself it was just because of the pregnancy. He was joking with me saying, "you better keep those stickers so we can add another name to a door soon". I giggled and thought "OMG it's actually happening." I had finally allowed myself to become excited about the pregnancy. Not long after that, I miscarried. I lost our second angel on December 14, 2007 at 5 wks. I should be going to get an u/s in a few weeks to find out what the baby would be. But I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I still have a hard time when I walk down the hallway and see the kids doors. The first week was the hardest, I just sat there and bawled my eyes out in the hallway holding those damn stickers. I felt horrible, but there was nothing that could've been done differently.

Well that's my story, horrible as it is. I just want a child of my own so badly. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love his 3 kids....but I want one that I don't have to share with his ex-wife. Call me selfish but that's how I feel. I just don't know if I can take the thought of another miscarriage. It just hurt too bad, both physically and emotionally. Jim Ed is wonderful with me though and I have a great friend, Megan, that I can talk to about it. Plus I have all of you guys. Thanks for listening.