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Nov 17th '07

Hi my name is Mandi and I am 20 years old. Back in october I found out was I was pregnant and the finace and I were really excited. A few days ago I had a M/C and now we are pretty down in the dumps. I feel like it might have been something I did wrong, but I was more then careful and totally healthy. I was approx. 5.5 wks.

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Nov 17th '07
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Nov 20th '07

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am 18 years old. My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, like most of my family. Most pregnancies in my family on my mother's side has had miscarriages. My mother had so many miscarriages before she had my older sister and my older had two before she had my niece Athena. They both prepared me for having a miscarriage. My husband and I have only been married since Deecember 30, 2006 and we are ready to be parents.

The losing of our baby wasn't the worse part. The people who I thought would help me and comfort me showed themselves to be two-faced. They said that I lied in saying that I was pregnant and that it was wrong that I was saying I had a miscarriage. They started a lot of drama in my neighborhood and even after I apologize for it going out of control they still say I lied to my family. I guess that's what happens with Army wives.

I was almost ten weeks pregnant.

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Nov 20th '07

Some people can be such b***hes. They were probably just jealous that you were so young and pregnant. Don't have hopes for the future it seems with your family. BABY DUST to you if you are TTC.

btw, hello to a fellow ARMY WIFE!!!

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Nov 21st '07

Hi, I was only 7 weeks 1d when my angel grew wings. I wanted to start by saying, reading ya'lls stories has given me so much strength ( i even made a blog about it on myspace lol). I know my baby was still little and young but here is my story:
This past summer I found out that I had polycystic ovarian syndromw. The doctor told me that it'd probably be very difficult to become pregnant. Which made sense because my boyfriend and I had been having unprotected sex (i'm allergic to latex) since I was 16 and I never became pregnant. Well the month of september my insurance was being dumb, and being a college student and only having a part time job i couldn't afford 120 dollars for bith control. I thought well no bg deal I never get pregnant anyway. Famous last words lol.
At the of October I began having pregnancy symptoms, my boyfriend I didn;t think it was anything when I missed my period because when I'm not on birth control I don'thave my period for months. Well I just had a feeling so i tested twice and it was positive!!! I was so scared but that feeling was subsided by pure bliss. I figured up my due date on here and I was 6 weeks along. Well two days later at work I used the restroom and seent that I was spotting brown. I was freaking out but everything I read said it was normal as long as it was brown and there was no pain. And there wasn't. The spotting never stopped but remained brown. I told my mom a weeklater and she took me to the hospital becaue of the spotting. They did a pelvic exam and said my cervix was closed. But their HCG level machine was broken so they couldn't tell me that. BUt i had a severe UTI which could contribute to bleeding. That night I began bleeding heavy with bright red blood. I was so upset. I had a doctor's appointment the next mornin. When I got there I was having sever pain. But I was not telling anyone about that hoping it was just a dream. As the doctor did a pelvic exam she seen the baby was stuck n my cervix. My worst fear had came and I was crushed. So she went ahead and just helped it pass.I was screaming and crying and couldn't pull myself together.
I think about our child everyday. I never seen an ultrasound of him or anythin. In my heart I felt as though it were a boy though so I often refer to our child as him.
Thank you for listenin to my story and I just wanted to say thank you to you all for being so strong because it has truly given me strength.

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Nov 22nd '07

Hi im new around here, me and my partner just recently lost a baby boy named Jaiden, i had a horrible experience, and i miss him like crazy! I would do anything to be pregnantor just be with him again!!!

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Nov 22nd '07

I miscarried Nov. 22. We have been trying since March 1, 2007. We are both going to start taking medication to help us both be more fertile as well as doing other vitamins and natural foods to help us get pregnant again. I have had 3 miscarriages since we've been trying. Luckily they are when Im in my 2nd month.

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Dec 1st '07

i am Tsuni.I am 25 yr oldwife and mother of three.I am a full time college student and a full time stay at homemother and military wife. I just joined this site and I am glad I did. We are military and recently pcs to our new base in August. Reading your stories and seeing those beautiful angel babies has def. given me hope that I am not alone. I want to say thanks for sharing your stories and pics. Here is my story. I will be short and quick as I am still going through therapy for this. Lets begain...
July 16, 2006 I found we were expecting our third child. I will be honest. I cried and felt as though my marriage was going to end. My husband was fine but I was not. I was going to graduate in May07 and now that I was pregnant, I felt I was going to be set back again. I cried for days and after a few weeks, sickness settled in and I came to terms with my blessing. I knew MY GOD would not put any more on me than we could handled. I was so scared. Our second child was born with two heart murmurs and had to have two open heart surgeries so I was so scared that the same would happen. The day of my first appointment which was the following Monday, my husband deployed. I was devestated. Here I was trying to finish school and take care of home and my kids. I was now alone. I was sick and had no patience. Around my third trimester, I developed HTN as I did with my other two and now this pregnancy, and things started going down hill. I was doing NTS and U/S twice a week and I was strictly BR. How can you be BR with children and no help. Well, now March is here and my due date was 17March07. It was March 1 and I was in for another long NTS and U/S. The baby did not meet the five points he needed to send me home. He did not move much yet there was still a strong heartbeat. They sent me home anyways. I was so blessed because I had a relative fly in to help me out in March for when I was to give birth to my son. Well, the sad day came. On March 7, I woke up and did not feel any movement. I called my relative and she said to call the doctor. I call and they tell me to rush to the L&D for a NTS and U/S. To my surprise, my husband shows up(he was going to surprise me while I was sleeping at home but my neigbor told him I had went to the Ward.) Nonetheless, the nurse spends what felt like eternity trying to find a heartbeat. I knew it was bad. she asked if I had a lot of water to drink and I said yes. She said do not worry, heartbeats are hard to find when you drink alot of water. I knew she lied. It was bad. That is when the U/S tech came in and she could not find a heart beat. there was nothing. My life changed. They took my youngest out of the room and took me back for delivery which was to happen on the 9March. I had not eaten and they wanted me to eat and rest before my BIG day. I had to lay there for two days with my son. yes I cherished every moment. I did not want to push. I wanted to lock my self in the bathroom and stay pregnant with him forever but they said i could die from toxins. So I pushed. Minutes later, my son was born sleeping at 38wks weighing 7lbs 6 1/2 oz. He was so beautiful. He had a head full of hair and like my other kids, he looked exactly like his father. Cause of death you ask: two knots in the chord and the umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck twice. My life went downhill from there. I stopped eating, I still attended school to stay busy but I have not been the same. I had to see a therapist as well as my family in a support group which is wonderful but as the days go by, I sit and think what I should be doing right now if he was here. It is not fair. The hardest thing to do was to pack up his room when we got our orders to PCS to the East Coast.
Recently, July 9, 2007 I found out I was pregnant again. I was five wks. I was so scared. I felt as though I was trying to replace him. And this was not the case. You can never replace a sweet child. So instead of thinking negative, I saw this as a way of GOD blessing my family again. AND HE DID A GREAT JOB BECAUSE I AM HAVING ANOTHER BOY AND HE IS HEALTHY. I see a high risk and they take really good care of me. I am just nervous about every ache and pain. I pray and thank GOD everyday for this blessing inside. I am now 24wks and I am very happy I am expecting again yet I still deal with the loss of my son. thanks for reading this lengthy post. I just want to encourage you all to stay connected and keep each otherin prayers. One day may be a great day and the next day, one could have a relaspe. So continue to share your stories as encouragement to people like me. Thanks!

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Dec 2nd '07
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Dec 2nd '07
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Dec 3rd '07

Well my name is Teri and i am pregnant with my second child i lost my first son preterm due to incompatent cervix
ill explain the situation
i was almost 23 weeks pregnant two weeks prior i found out i was having a little boy i was so excited everything was on track and going good and i was half way done well on july 20th i wasnt feeling good and i kept telling my fiance(now husband) that i just didnt feel right something was wrong and he told me well call ur mom or Vee (his sister who was also preg) and see what they have to say so i did and everything they said was reassuring i just didnt feel good well (TMI)but i felt somthing coming down inside me i went to the er and they checked me hooked me up to the machine i heard his heartbeat and i was relieved then they told me what i felt was acttually his umbilical cord coming down my cervix had opened and i was in labor they told me his lungs hadnt developed yet and he had less than a 3 percent chance of living my husband and i brokedown and cryed and the next morning my water broke and i delivered at 12:05 pm he lived for 18 mins i held him the whole time... they said there was no way we could have nown this would happend and said ok go home tommorw no sympaty nothing just cold unpleasent feelings and i am now pregnant again and a nervous wreck

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Dec 3rd '07

I'm sorry for your loss and sorry they were so cold to you hun. I wish you and your family the best, and hope this pregnancy is nothing but the best for you :)

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Dec 4th '07

My name is Christine Ramirez. I am 23 years old and my husband is 28. We have been married for 2 years. When we found out we were pregnant it was the most wonderful thing that could happen. Both of our families were soo happy and could not wait for their first grandson, and nephew. About 2 weeks after we announced to my family that we were pregnant my father had a tragic accident and fell off of his boat. Hitting his head causing 2 hemorages, I jumped in the water to save him and got him out but it was to much for him. He passed away a few hours later.
So the only thing that helped me and my family get through this terrible time was the fact that with life taken there was one that was given my little baby. We decieded to name him after my father Fernando. He was a very active baby. Always moving and kicking. It was a very relaxed pregnancy I had no problems sickness or anything. At 27 weeks pregnant I began realizing that his movement was almost non existent. I had a dopler at home so I went in such of a heartbeat and found nothing but my own. My mom said he might have his back to us so not to worry since we had an appointment for one of those 4D ultrasounds to see and take pictures of him. My whole family as well as my husbands family in the room and I asked for the nurse to please show me my sons heartbeat first since i knew something was not right. She confirmed my baby had went to sleep. I went crazy I could not believe that my life was hopeless. Everything good to me had been takin away. They transported me to the hospital where after a 24 hour labor I finally gave birth to my son Nandito Ramirez 13inches 1 lbs 9 oz , 27 weeks young. He looked like his father he had my lips. My precious little angel may you rest in peace. The only comfort I have is that I know my father is with him and was there to recieve him. I love you both I wait for the day that I am able to be with you both.

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Dec 4th '07

My name is Carrie and I'm 28. I've got one son who's 3 years and four months. I just had a 2nd miscarriage on Friday night. I was 18 weeks along so I'm hoping they can tell me whether it was a boy or girl. I do scrapbooking so I would like to do up a page for the baby eventually. The last miscarriage I had was at 10 1/2 weeks and the only way I found out I was pregnant was that I had the miscarriage.

Still getting used to actually not being pregnant right now. But we do plan on trying again.

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Dec 5th '07

Ok hello, my name is Crissy and I am 25! I have been married to Rob( also 25) since sept 26, 2004! I was about 12 weeks when we got married. It was a hard pregnancy severe ms for months. At 19 weeks I started PT labor. I was but on meds and bed rest and it was stopped. At 20 weeks we found out it was a girl, we decided to name her Kayla Jane! I went into labor mulitple but it was always stopped until Jan 17th! Now the whole time they kept saying just stay in bed and you will be fine. So in the 17th I was doubled over in pain, hubby took me to the ER I was 7cm dialated. They broke my water and Kayla was born 1 hour later. She was 32 weeks and fine, other than she couldn't eat on her own and couldn't keep her temp up! They sent me home 2 days later and kept her, saying once she could eat on her own (about 2-3days) she could go home. That night about midnight I had THAT feeling. 15 min later the hospital called saying she needed to be life flighted! She had Necrotizing Entrocolitis or NEC we had to take her off life support the next day!
Then in Jan of 06 we got prg again. We were told everything was great at our 20wk us, it was also a girl wenamed her Shealynn Mary. We decided to go get a 4d us against our DR's advice. Well they said there was too much fluid in her abdomin. And were sent back to our DR. Where we were told something was seriously wrong and sent to a speciallist. She had severe adema and wouldn't survive outside the womb, her lungs and heart were being crushed! June 21st at 28 weeks I started bleeding very bad my placenta was seperating and my water had broke. We decided to wait as long as possible (2 days)before delivering ( to give her a chance)! I was told if I did't deliver soon I would put my life in danger! I had already had 2 pints of blood tranfused. I had a c-section she lived for 40 min.
Now I just found out I am pregnant again! WE were told there is no increased risk with us (we were struck by lightning twice) nice huh? I am excited but Stressed and worried beyond belief!! Sorry so long, and for everyones losses. But we are all being watched by angels! And the strongest women ever!!