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Jul 31st '07
I'll start first...

My name is Melissa, I have been on baby gaga 7 months. I have miscarried 5 times and am now pregnant with my son. this is the first successful pregnancy to pass 7 weeks.

I pray that one day everyone will have the same success story that I have. I know how hard it is to loose your child..
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Sep 28th '07

Ok, well i think its about time I introduced myself properly.

My name is Viv, i am 22years old and I lost my first baby, Andrew at 32weeks in 2004.

I had just turned 19..

I just had my regular appointment, and the dr. couldn't find a heart beat.
I had an uneasy feeling about it beforehand and dragged one of my mates along with me for moral support... (i think in the back of my mind I knew that he was gone, I had been feeling abit unattached from my pregnancy for a couple of weeks before hand...)

well, the dr. couldn't find a heart beat so I was told to rush to the next town (about an hour away) to see what was going on, it took me ages to get through to my fiance's boss that i needed him home asap, when he got home him and his mother took me over to Wagga (the next town over as we had no ultrasound facilities in our town) and we found out that he was gone for sure.

I think that was the longest day of my life... Once we had called my parents and got a hold of everyone we 'needed' to, we were sent to the next hospital over to be induced.

......It took 3 & 1/2 days for me to have my son....... When my body was finally ready to deliver, I felt like i was on another planet.there was that much crap in my system that i had no idea what was going on (the midwives and dr.'s kept me pumped full of pethadine to 'take my mind off things') , all i remember from his birth was a couple of midwives walking in and out and my fiance kissing me on the cheek and forehead alot.

I was pushing for about an hour and heard that he was breech (bottom first not feet) and that the midwife was pissed at the sonographer for not telling them, then I heard something about his head being stuck, it took me another half hour or so (i am told) to just deliver his head! unfortunately, he ended up with a badly broken jaw from being breech along with a squished nose.

when i looked at his poor little face i didn't believe that he was my baby, it just left a completely empty feeling in me looking at him.

He had dark brown eyes and a little bit of brown hair just like his daddy...
on 22nd of August, 2004 at 12.54am, i gave birth to my precious little gem, Andrew John at 2lb13oz...

As i felt his poor little body had gone through too much already, I couldn't justify having an autopsy performed, the dr. told me that he looked like he had downs so i consented to having a piece of cartlidge taken from his knee to be tested, It came back with nothing (i knew it)... :roll:
Other than that, every test that was taken out on me and the placenta either came back normal or didn't come back at all (really hard to get answers about placenta that is sent away here as there is not much funding for research)...

all we understood was that he had died probably the day before i went to the doctors (but if you ask my fucked up MIL, he had died a week before i went, stupid b***h)
:evil: and that it looked like my placenta had started shutting down about a month before that by the look of it and Andrew's size( we got that he was growth retarded on his certificate of stillbirth... )

we buried him on the Wednesday after we came home and i bottled up my feelings, went back to work and started planning my wedding.

I think that was the biggest mistake i have ever made, i listened to everyone telling me that I needed to be strong for my fiance and the rest of my family... that i had to deal with it because I had fallen preg again within 3months... I would be a bad mother to my unborn baby if i showed too much emotion towards the one that i had lost... I was ridiculed by my mother for doing stuff like writing Andrew letters and going to the cemetary and talking about him 'as if he was a real baby'...

then on the other hand, my MIL made me constantly feel like a p***e o* s**t for losing HER first grand child and not giving HER the chance to see him alive, etc, etc... I was lost on both sides and all my friends were worried about was how they were wearing their hair to go out drinking with their boyfriends on the weekends!

In the end, i just gave up trying to remember my little one and focus on the new life inside me.

I finally gave birth to Lachlan Andrew on 4th of July, 2005... he was 5lb3oz and 48cm long -only 10days early- and have been focused on pretty much nothing but him since! he is the most beautiful little guy I have met. He is my savior, i went through quite a bout of post natal depression after having him but for so long now I have had nothing but happiness in my life with him (Lachy) and his father...

Now i am pregnant with my 3rd son, it is hard knowing that i am having another boy and the fact that it could happen again but im almost there and can't wait to have another little man to add to my collection!

i have had quite a rough time with this pregnancy so it really doesn't get any easier after you have had a healthy baby, it is still extremely scary knowing that you are responsible for a life that you have barely any control over.

Since i have been on this site, i have come to realise that it is fine to remember my son in whatever way i wish. if i want to do a scrap book, i will do a damn scrap book. If i want to look at his pics, i can. if i want to move things around on his headstone i will (having big problems with MIL as she has taken over everything to do with it and doesn't want to let me have any input whatso ever!)

Anyways..... i would like to thank all of the ladies that have posted about their experiences and helped others through their tough times. i am very proud of you all, you are the strongest people i have ever met. i wish you nothing but happiness in your lives...

I will leave you with a pic of my baby, Andrew John Lowes...


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Oct 29th '07

Hi my name is Tymber and I am seventeen.

So far I have had one miscarriage. I lost the baby around  March of 2006. I was so broken up about it, my boyfriend said that I could name the child. We didn't know the gender because I didn't know I was pregnant until I miscarried. I named it April Elizibeth because that was my favourite name at the time. I am hoping my current pregnancy (if it isn't a false alarm) will go well and that I will have a healthy child instead of another heart break.

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Nov 2nd '07

Hi my name is Catherine and my partner name is Darin, we live in New Zealand.
This is my story....

We stopped taking our birth control on the 27th December 2006, by the 31st January it was confirmed already that we would be expecting a baby, with the due date of 3rd October 2007.   Darin was superman!

From four weeks, I had morning sickness, and it never eased until the day I had her.  It was not an enjoyable pregnancy at all.

At 21 weeks & 6 days preganant on the 28th May 2007 at 9am we got to go and have our very first scan.    We were both so excited, I could hardly wait to see our baby on the moniter, the whole time all i could do was try and peek to see if we could see what sex we were having everything look so perfect.  We were sent outside to wait for the DVD to burn.  Then our midwife came running up went into the scanning room and came out and asked us to go downstairs to her office as they think there might be a problem with the baby.    We left the room, i felt frozen in the hallway, i didn't want to go anywhere until she told us, she said it was spinabifda my heart sank, how could this happen to us.... what had i done wrong, we did everything by the book.  I was taking 0.8mg of folic acid, being so careful in what I was eating, not that Ava like much she would always make me sick.

We needed to go out of town urgently for the more accurate scan and to see a specialist to determine the extent and type of spinabifda it was.  We were sent home and waited for the phone to ring all day with our appointment, we waited all day, we went to the hospital twice trying to find out what was happening and phoned several times as well. It was not until the next day tuesday that we got the phone call from Wellington telling us to come down Thursday.

The days between tuesday and thursday are a bit of a blur all I could think about was having the next scan and the specialist was going to tell us it was all going to be alright a mistake was made that was all.

We researched everything we could find out about spinabifda to make sure we knew what we could be getting ourselves in for and tried to prepare ourselves for the worst.

We arriveed in Wellington and waited for the specialist to give us our scan, we went into the dark room and laid on the bed.  As he scanned my tummy I held Darin's hand tight looking at the monitor.  The specialist asked us what we knew about spinabifda,  we rattled off that we knew that there were three different types and that each case had different severitites.  He looked at us and said he was sorry to say it was the worst case that we were dealing with. 

We were taken into another room. Me and Darin stood there crying for our baby. He held me in his arms and never let me go.  Why us? was going over and over in my head, was it something I had done?  Why?

The specialist and head of midwifery came in we went to another room, he explained to us of what kind of life Ava would live if we were to continue live, she would have moderate to severe brain damage due to the fluid on her brain already, she would have to be born by cesearan due to the size her head would become due to the fluid on the brain, she would be severly disabled due to the size of the defect.  We were told everything and asked if we wanted to cntinue on or if we wanted to stop the preganancy.  We were told the decision would have to be made within the week as we were too far along and too induce a miscarriage might not work.  The one thing the specialist said that was burnt into my mind was - would we want to live a life like that?

We said we would go away and think about it, we walked out to the car and got in Darin said he knew straight away what he wanted too do and asked what I wanted to do. I said terminate  there is no way that I would want to live a life like our baby was going to have, and it was no way we wanted our baby to experience life.  We went back in and told them of our decision.

That afternoon at 4.30ish I was given the first lot of pills to start the miscarriage process we were then sent home to come back on saturday to have her.

Friday was a blur... I had the horrible feeling that I was helping to kill our baby, I felt like I was the cause, I had done something wrong or that it was my fault in some way.  I hate myself knowing that we had decide to end her life, the baby i had wanted for so long, the baby that we love so much.  I could still feel Ava moving around my tummy, I wish Darin could of felt her moving, he was always putting his head on my tummy trying to feel her kick or hear her heartbeat.  He was so protective and spoiled me throughout the whole pregnancy.  How was I so lucky to have found this unbelivable person, I feel complete when I am with him.

We arrived at the hospital and were in the new born ward where mothers are taken after they have had healthly babies.  We were put in our own private room and then it begun.  Drugs were pumped into me throughout the day, I felt like such a wimp not handling the pain.  I don't know if it was the pain of labour or the pain of the broken heart I had for our baby. 

My waters broke about 6-6.30 i think, I heard a pop and then it gushed out.  The pain got worse and worse the contractions were closer and closer, as I held Darin's hand and squeezed with the pain.  He was so supportive throughout to my every wimper or wine.

At about 8ish i told the midwife I had to go to the toilet she said you need to push, I said no i need to wee.  I got up and sat on the toilet and said I need to push now, i can feel the baby coming now, she ran in just in time to catch our little baby. 

I remember her asking Darin to hold her while she did the placenta, he held me and a flood of tears came.  I had to be his rock, he is always so strong for me.  I felt guilty for not crying when I had her, I held her in my arms immediately as the midwife did the placenta.  How could i not fumble over this tiny little baby? It was so natural.

At 8.08pm on the 2nd June 2007 our baby arrived.

We went back on the bed I asked the midwife if it was a boy or girl?  she had a look, but had to move her flipper feet they were big like daddy's and were in the way of us finding out.  She said it was a little girl! Darin was right he told me all along we were having a little girl.

As i sat on the bed I never wanted to put her down, as the midwife wrapped her tiny little body up properly I saw the defect in the spine on her back, reassuring myself that from seeing that we had made the right decision. 

I sat there and out of blue said to Darin can we call her Ava Dawn... why I said it at that point I dont know.  

The midwife took our little girl away to take her foot prints and hand prints and dressed her in a sweet little dress, tiny little nappy, tiny little booties, tiny little hat, wrapped her in a blanket and brought us back to us to fill out the hospital bands for her. 

We held her all night having turns, I never wanted to lay her down.  She had a perfect little nose just like her daddy and a little pout just like me.  Blonde blonde eye brows and eye lashes.   She was so perfect how could this happen.

My heart would sink down as I heard the other babies crying in the ward, as i held our little girl knowing that I would never get to hear her cry.

We took so many photos, but never enough.  it would never of been enough no matter how many we took.

The next morning as I showered Darin looked at Ava's back to reassure himself we had made the right decision as well.

The hardest thing I have ever had to do was letting go of her, we sent her off with the midwife in her little basket, with her blanket and tiny little teddy.

We kept her hat, booties and blanket, we had her foot prints and hand printed stamped onto to a card for us, and took loads of photos. We told everyone we had photos and her stuff, if they wanted to look, i was suprised that everyone wanted to look. 

The week after the birth we left the country for our holiday that was planned before Ava was planned, three weeks away was wonderful, we could walk down the street not having to worry if someone was going to ask how the pregnancy was going.  The time before then was hell we didn't want to lift our heads in the streets, I didn't want to see anyone.

I have good days and bad days but would never I got through any of this without the support of the Darin, he is unbelievable and i am so lucky to have found such happiness that I thought never existed.  Not a day goes by the that I don't think of her she will always be in my heart. 

We picked up our little girl ashes on the 4th August and she is now home safe and sound we us. We were given the hospital notice too that said cause of death severe spinabifda.  I feel so much better know she is here with us.

We are currently trying for baby no 2.

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Nov 4th '07

my name is Emily and i am 23 years old... i have been pregnant 5 times but only have 2 living lil boys... i miscarried when i was 17 at 10 weeks with twins.... then a year and a half later got pregnant again... had a really good pregnancy other than having morning sickness till the day i had him... had cayden at exactly 37 weeks.. he is now 4 years old... then i got pregnant again at 21 and found out it was a miscarriage at 6 weeks.... didnt really want to try again for awhile since all i went through in the last 2 years.. but what do you know 3 months later i found out i was pregnant again... i didnt tell anyone till about 13 weeks cause everything i have been through... well at 15 weeks i started to bleed.. but it was brown blood so the doctor wasnt too worried about it... at about 20 weeks 2 days after my 22nd b-day my water broke when i was going out to dinner for my b-day... i didnt know it did since my water never broke with my son they had to break it and it wasnt alot of water... it was like i peed my pants a lil bit... but i went to the hospital and found out it did break but i wasnt going into labor.. so i stayed in the hospital for 4 days till they finally let me go home on strict bed rest.. i could only get out of bed to basically pee and only take a shower every 3 days... at 24 weeks i went in to the hospital 50 miles away... it was the worse time of my life cause i never spent a day away from my 2 year old.. they let him stay the night alot with me... which made me soo happy...around 31 and a half weeks my body went into labor... and on may 11th 2006 at 1:57 a.m. i had my little girl rhyan elizabeth she was 2 pounds 3 ounces and 16 inches long... she lived for about 6 hours... we were taking a chance with me being in the hospital on bed rest so she would hopefully mature her lungs but they didnt since she was butt down... it was soo hard for me and my lil boy too go through... having a funeral then finding out what would have been her great grandpa he passed away and his funeral was the same day.. it was horrible.. but my lil boy he got me through it... so november comes and i find out im pregnant once again... and this time i didnt tell no one till i was about 20 weeks i always wore big sweaters so no one would know... everything was perfect this time around no morning sickness or anything... my water broke memorial day weekend at 34 weeks 5 days and i had my lil boy Andyn 5 pounds 14ounces 19inches long.. he stayed in the nicu for 10 days... now hes 5 months old and almost 17 pounds.. and only being 23 years old i think i am done having kids.. my body cant do it... sorry its soo long...

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Nov 4th '07

Hi everyone,
my name is Lexy and I'm 25 years old.... I have been with my hubby for over nine years and married for seven years.... we have a three year old girl, that took us three years to concieve.... due to me having a bicorniated unterus and PCOS.... we found out in June 07' that were expecting our second child..... when we went for our first appointment (when I should have been 7 weeks) they did an u/s and things didn't look right but they thought maybe I ovulated later due to me having very irregular periods and I just wasn't as far along as they thought..... about three weeks later at my worries were comfirmed, there was no heartbeat :( before my Dr could schedule a D&C, I ended up losing the baby while I was at home..... it was the worst experience, but we are going to TTC.... we'll once I get AF first, she still hasn't show her face since the m/c

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Nov 8th '07

My name is Kim and I'm 28 years old. My husband and I have been married for just over 2 years. We found out just after Easter last year that we were pregnant. This was going to be our first child. Everything seemed to be going along as it was supposed to. Until I went for my check up at 14 weeks. I went to the doctors thinking that everything was great. I was having no signs of complications. When the nurse tried to find the baby's heartbeat she was having difficulty. She went and got another machine, still nothing. Finally the doctor came in with an ultrasound machine. That is when my life took a change for the worse. She told me that my baby had no heartbeat and it appeared it could have happened around a week before my visit. Everyone tells you that once you make it out of your first trimester your most likely in the clear. Well apparently not for me. I was hysterical. I called my husband at work and told him he needed to come home right away. I didn't tell him what had happened but he already knew. They scheduled a D&C for the following Tues. When I showed up for the procedure the doctor that was performing it never looked at my chart to see how far along I had been. Needless to say she had cancelled it and never bothered to call and tell me. It' wasn;t until I went to the hospital that I found all this out. Now I had to prolong this for another 3 days. This how thing had to have been the worst thing to happen in my life so far. My husband blamed himself for a while. He felt guilty that he wasn't at the doctors with me. I never blamed him at all for any of it. After running tests doctors found out that I might have a blood clotting disorder. I've been retested and the results have come back inconclusive. I just found out yesterday (11-7-07) That I am pregnant again. I'm very nervous about the whole thing. It feels nothing like it did the first time. Granted I'm only 5 weeks. But I have no symptoms other then a missed period. I'll call the doctor today to set up an appointment. I don't think we are going to tell anyone until after the new year. When I'm further along then my miscarrriage. I just want to make sure everything will be OK this time. I'm scared more then excited at this point.

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Nov 8th '07

My name is Alicia and I am 21 years old. I have been married to my wonderful hushand for 9 months. We found out in December 2006 that I was 12 weeks pregnant. So we were very excited. The 9 months went fast, then on June 12, 2007 I gave birth a 6 lb 9 oz healthy baby girl Sydney. She was the perfect baby. Then on the morning of July 22 just two days before she would have been 6 weeks old. We woke up to her not breathing and bleed coming out of her nose. My husband did CPR, until they took her to the hospital, where she passed away. Doctors said that she passed away from SIDS.

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Nov 9th '07

Hi my name is Lily, Im 20 years old. married for 2 yrs. In april of 2007 i had an ectopic pregnancy i was 6 weeks.I had 2 cysts and had surgery still have both my ovaries and tubes. everything is going great now Im pregnant now 9 weeks and 4 days everything looks great! still hard for me cause i would have been due around this time it has been hard for me and my husband. But now hopefully God lets me keep this baby all my 9 months and all my life!

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Nov 11th '07

Hi My name is ashley,Im 24. and married to the love of my life. I would first like to say I read every reply to this post and cried and my heart ached for ur loss. You women are the strongest and bravest people I have ever heard of. your courage has helped me realize that Just because I am scared to death about claire( she was diagnosed with a congenital diaphramatic hernia at 24 weeks).. doesnt mean that I am alone. I am so sorry for everyone here it is one of the hardest things Im sure losing a child. I have a 20 month old precious baby girl named Kirsten that i would just fall to pieces if I lost her. Same with the almost 35 week old baby that will be fighting for her life in a couple more weeks. You have encouraged me to stay strog and not to trust the doctors ever! I have had cramping but the doc has chalked it up to braxton hicks. im hoping thats what is I appreciate everone for ready this pm me anytime.....

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Nov 11th '07

My name is Sandi and I'm 23 yrs old. I have been married to my husband for closing in on a year but been in love with him since I was 14. We have been through hell together (you don't even know the half) and it seemed like us together wasn't going to be easy. In Feb I went in for a reg gyno apt and was told I might be pregnant. I wasn't but they wanted to know why my health was declining so fast combined with my enlarged uterus. I had several tests done and finally was told that I would not be having any children. At 22 (my hubby's 22) I was devistated. But then about 2 months later my friends suspected that I was pregnant. They were right! In fact I was 5 weeks pregnant. I had an easy pregnancy. My dr took good care of me. We had 3 ultrasounds and heard the heartbeat. It was the most miraculous sound ever. But at 13 weeks my growing belly didnt reflect what was really going on. We went to the hospital for a routine checkup. After the dr tried for about 20 mins to find the baby's heartbeat, she ordered an ultrasound. that picture was the last picture that my husband and I ever saw of our angel. 3 days later i had a DNC. it was the most horrible thing ive ever had to go trhough. my baby was a boy. Jordan Cyan joined the angels on August 4. Ironically my husband and is annieverisary. its been 3 months and it still much.

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Nov 13th '07

My name is Jenell. I am 27 years old. When I was 16 I got pregnant by my high school sweetheart. We wanted to keep the baby but my dad was not having that. I had an abortion because he told me I would not have a home if I did not and being 16 there was no where for me to go. I regret it everyday.

Cut to today. In March (most likely the night of the 24th) my current bf and I were at his best friend's wedding. We were extremely intoxicated and may not have had the safest sex. On April 11th I found out I was pregnant. I was so happy! I had wanted a child since I was little but my clock had been ticking since about the age of 22. Even though the pregnancy was not planned we were both so happy and got more and more excited as time went on.

I took belly pictures every week almost (starting at week 16 when I actually got a "belly") I smiled more than I have smiled since I was a kid. I was happy. Everyone could see it. At first my parents were a little put off...we weren't married, but as time went on they got excited and proud. We found out we were having a boy when I was exactly 17 weeks to the day. A little boy! I went shopping for the first time that weekend. I bought almost $200 dollars worth of clothes in various sizes. We picked out a name around week 19 or 20. Ryan James. Ryan because we could agree on it and James after my dad. I started ordering things with his name on them. burp clothes, letters for above his crib etc.

As time went on I picked out and purchased his bedding. "Monkey Business" by Cocalo. We bought paint and started the nursery. We registered at BRU. My last belly picture was taken at 31 weeks and I was so happy. I really think I was glowing.

I had my shower on October 21, 2007. We got everything we needed. All the big stuff-pack n' play, travel system, bouncer, etc. My grandmother sent me money to purchase the crib. I ordered teh crib and dresser on October 24 and we cancelled the order yesterday (Novermber 12th).

On Monday October 29th (33 weeks and 3 days)I was running errands to get my leave situated with my work. When I was driving Cold Play "Fix You" came on the radio and I sung my heart out to my baby boy while rubbing my tummy. I was so busy all day I didn't remember feeling Ryan move. That night around 11 or so I realized I didn't remember feeling him. I drank some water and laid down. I waited about an hour. Nothing. I got up and drank a coke and ate some food. Laid back down. Nothing. Got out my doppler and tried to find a heartbeat. Couldn't find one and I started to freak out. Took a break and tried again. Nothing. I texted my bf and he asked if I wanted to go to L&D now or wait until morning. I said now because "If anything happens to him I will never forgive myself." He was here in 10 minutes.

We got to L&D around 2am on the morning of October 30th. The nurse tried to find his heart beat and couldn't. She called in another nurse who couldn't find it either. The called in an u/s tech. I asked if he was okay. "Is his heart beating?" She wouldn't tell me anything. Then the nurses said my doctor was on the way to the hospital. I knew right then that he was gone.

My doctor came and told us that there was no heartbeat. They would induce labor and make it as easy as possible. This was around 4 in the morning. We started calling everyone. They moved me to the labor room and gave me drugs to calm me. After 38 hours of labor Ryan James was born at 6:07pm on October 31st, 2007 (33 weeks and 5 days). He weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces and was 18 inches long. Beautiful. He was born sleeping and judging by his skin had passed away prior to Monday. We held him and told him we loved him. We saw him 2 other times before he had to go. It was a cord accident that took his short life.

He is in Heaven now with my mom and she is taking care of him. I will see him again...he will still be a baby and I will get to hold him in my arms and kiss him all over. I can't wait...

Rainbow NotsoBrite☂ Due May 19 (girl); 17 kids; Intercourse, 21787 posts
Nov 13th '07

Omg Jenell. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel stupid crying over a baby who was only 10 weeks. I pray that you stay strong. I'm at a loss for words. I just wish you all the baby dust in the world when you decide you are ready to try again.

Heather - Lewis' Mama =] Due January 14; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Marietta, GA, United States 725 posts
Nov 13th '07

My name is Heather and I am 17. When I was 16 I lost my grandfather on November 24, 2006 and my brother February 23, 2007. My fiance and I have always been happy and it has always been a thing of ours to have a baby... my maternial instinct is definitely there beause i have always been obsessed with children. On february 22 (the actual day my brother died not the day he was pronounced) i conceived to my excitement two little boys... now this was very odd because we just lost two men in our lives. I was so happy to be pregnant and overjoyed at the fact that there was two there. But unfortunately on June 28, 2007 both my little boys were taken from me. I was 18 weeks pregnant and i had to go through full labor and full childbirth but unlike the other mommies at the hospital i left with no babies. This has been the hardest time of my life. I had to say goodbye before barely saying hello. Everything was developed on them. One was a little bigger and a little redder, but they were still my little dumplings. I felt like my heart was ripped out. Nothing can replace the love i had for them. I didnt even feel their first kick. I got to hold them, but there was no cry, no warmth, no new baby smell. My life felt over because my beautiful baby boys with crooked pinkies like their daddy were gone. Everything was perfect about them. I couldnt understand why i endured all the pain like everyone else but i couldnt keep mine. Why couldnt my babies cry? why couldnt i feed them and love on them and have them sleep next to me? i couldnt figure out why all this was happening. I will never forget my little boys and there story will be told to whatever sibling comes next.

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Nov 15th '07

My name is Danelle I am 21 I have twin girls that turned 4 on nov 12 and I have been married for about 2 and a half years now. In july 2006 I found out I was pregnant everything was great I felt good, the baby was healthy at 20 weeks on oct 24 2006we found out we were having a boy. I couldnt be happier, on november 15 2006 at 23 wks 3 days preganantI was taking my husband to work it was 530 in the morning we were on a two lane highway and the last thing I remember is giving one of my daughters her sippy cup, I woke up to my daughters screaming I thought it was a dream I had no idea what happened but I soon realized that we had been in an accident. I looked at my hasband and his face was all bloody I was in so much shock that i couldntreally talk. When the paramedics finally got to our truck they cut my clothes off and saw thatI was bleeding, some and my husband were air lifted to the hospital.My daughters were taken to a different hospital in ambulence. They were ok they had brusing from their carseats but my husband had a broken jawin three places and a broken back, I had a broken femur and when I got to the hospital they said the babies heart beat was fine but shortly after they were hooking me up to monitor the heartbeat and theycouldntfind it they did an ultrasound and told me my son had passed. It was the worst day of my life. Its a year today and I just cant get over it. I am 16 weeks 6 days pregnant today and I am so nervous togo anywhere. I am so glad I found this site where I can tell people my story and hear theirs and know im not alone. Im so sorry for all you who have lost your babies.

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Nov 16th '07
Quoting expectingangel: