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Oct 30th '09

That's right this is the Official July 2010 Mommies!!

I just wanted to say CONGRATS to all the mommies!!

PleasePM me know your Due Date and any Doctors appointments that you have and If you are wanting a Boy or Girl!!! also what number baby this will be and if you are having more than one baby!!!and please let me know if your name changes.

Here are some snags if anyone would like them. As I find them I will add more!! If anyone is looking for other graphics just let me know and I will try to find them for you!!

pregnant-loving-it.gifmommy graphics

mommy graphics

mommy graphics

mommy graphics








graphics for moms

graphics for moms

graphics for moms

graphics for moms

graphics for moms

July 1st!!!

Hailee's Mama (Rachel) Second BabyHopingForABoy.gif
Giggity Giggity Goo ( Lindsey) First Baby!!
HopingForABoy.gifFirst OB Visit Nov 23rd!!

Ri :) (Riannah)
HopingForABoy.gifOB visits Nov 18th and Nov 30th!!!

Mrs. Jason Gan First Baby!!!

July 2nd!!!

Meli+1[[Drake♥]](Melinda) Second Baby!!! It's a BOY!!!

LA REINA (Mari) Third Baby!!

babyerb Third Baby!!
allalison1112Second Baby!! It's a BOY!!!

Ciera First babygrew wings!!!

mommatobe(:First Baby!! It's a Surprise!!!
July 3rd!!!

Belly Full Of Sunshine (Holly) Second Baby!!

HopingForABoy.gifFirst Ob visit Nov 9th!!!

SteenaBeena First Baby!!!
HopeGirl.gifFisrt OB visit Nov 25th!!!

~2lilGirls~ Third Baby!!

July 4th!!!

armychica06 (Monique) Second Baby!! Grew Wings!!!

Kendra.♥ Second Baby!!!

Kitty Kitteh\,,/ Third Baby!!!
First OB visit Nov 23rd!!

C0URTNEyBABy (Courtney) First Baby!!

Nin Tin Second Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!

Firecracker on the wayFirst Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!! (Bella Jean)

Mrs. Hornsby! First Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!! ( Isabella )

alexandraleeanne First Baby!! Its a GIRL!!! (Chloe Renee)

July 5th!!!

Christina Mom of Mattie (Christina) It's a BOY ( Brisyn Preston )
First OB visit Nov 12th!!! 2nd appt Dec 14th!!!

Belle*Amour Second Baby!!! Its a BOY!!!!

Soldier Mommy (Jamie) First Baby!!! Its a BOY!! (Spencer Austin)

July 6th!!!
dev186pr___.pngmommato3angelsFourth Baby!!!
HopingForABoy.gifSophia's Mommy :) First Baby!! Its a GIRL!! (Sophia Claire)

July 7th!!!

Nikki {Pregnant again!} Second Baby!!! Its a Boy!!!!
First OB visit Nov 11th!!

Baking a Cupcake (Kay) First Baby!!
HopeGirl.gifFirst OB visit Nov 16th!!!

Anaia's_Mommy_Baking#2 Second Baby!!!

Mrs. Mommy x2Second baby!!!
HopingForABoy.gifFirst u/s Nov 2nd and Fiirst OB visit Nov 13th!!!

Atara'elleFirst Baby!!!

xjoeygurlx (Heather)Second Baby!! Its a Boy!!

Mommy 2 girlsSecond Baby!! It's a GIRL!! (Anna Grace)

dev188pr___.pngAtp(Ann) Second baby!!!

Weetzie Bat First Baby!! Its a GIRL!!

July 9th!!!
Ambular87 (Amber) Third baby!!!
First OB visit Nov 2nd!!!

tbj33_98 First Baby!!!

Katie83 First Baby!!!

HopeGirl.gif First OB visit Dec 4th!!!

heidileaThird Baby!!!
HopeGirl.gifFirst OB visit Nov 11th!!!

mommytoevie+1 (Heather) Second Baby!!! Its a BOY!!! ( Jack )
First OB visit Dec 1st!!!

Jillian7909FIrst Baby!!! Its a BOY!! (Wyatt)

July 10th!!!

dev190pr___.pngyolie1220 Third Baby!! Its a GIRL!!

Snowball's Wifey First Baby!!!
mrsabbyriceSecond Baby!!!

Logans momma sept. 08 Second Baby!!
First OB visist Nov 25th!!

i love my sunshine Second Baby!! Its a GIRL!! (Charlotte Josephine)

danibeanSecond Baby!!!
itsasuprise.gifFirst OB visit Dec 4th!!!

Melvinell080804 Second Baby!!!
First OB visit Dec 23rd!!

Dani&Dylan,First Baby!! It's a BOY!!

July 11th!!!

Jesse's girl (Sarah) Second Baby!!!

ღ4X Preggersღ Fourth Baby!! Its a GIRL!! (Juliana Rose)

July 12th!!!
dev192pr___.pngM.C's mommy(Lindsey) Second Baby Its a GIRL!!

neh92207(Nikki) Second Baby!!
hopingforgirl.gifFist OB visit Nov 10!!

*B_B* Fist baby!! Grew Wings

PYM (10 Weeks) Its a BOY!!

April ♥ 13 WksSecond Baby!!!
HopingForABoy.gifJuly 13th!!!
dev193pr___.pngJenny *6 weeks* First Baby!!!
First u/s Nov 27th!!!

Kelli Anne First Baby!!!
First OB visit Dec 2nd!!

July 14th!!!

mb_and2boys Third Baby!!!

Mommy2IzaccSecond Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!

Malaia*TGT*Second Baby!! Its a GIRL!!

July 15th!!!
dev195pr___.pngjacknjoshysmommaThird Baby!!! Its a BOY!!

5 weeks pregnant (Chasity) Fourth Baby!!! Grew Wings

July 16th!!!
dev196pr___.pngAmber*StrassFirst Baby!!! Its a BOY!! (Tyler)
First OB visit Nov 25th!!

ReebSecond Baby!!!
HopeGirl.gifFirst OB visit Dec 8th!!

July 17th!!!
dev196pr___.pngEASSecond Baby!!! Grew Wings

Midwife appt Jan 29th!!!
NT scan Jan 5th!!!

vicmumof2 Third Baby!!!

July 18th!!!
dev198pr___.pngMom2JackSecond Baby!!! Grew wings

Ridley & Monster's MommySecond Baby!!

AlysonB Second Baby!!! Its a BOY!!
Gender Scan Feb 25th!!

July 19th!!!
dev199pr___.pngjANELLE.ARACELy First Baby!! Its a Girl!! (Janelle Aracelli)

July 20th!!!
dev200pr___.png*MrsDuns*(Patrisha) Second baby!!! Its a GIRL!! (Anna Patricia)

July 21st!!!
dev201pr___.pngWe're Pregnant!Second Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!

Leila's Momma!Second Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!! (Alyssa Sharon)

July 22nd!!!
dev202pr___.pngFusselinchen(Jenny) First Baby!!

*Melissa*Second Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!

Sam I am ♥ Second Baby!!! Its a GIRL!!

July 23rd!!!
dev203pr___.pngAimee+beanBaby grew wings and is now an Angel!!

July 24th!!!
dev204pr___.pngMichaels♥Mama(Jamie) Second Baby!!! Its a BOY!!

SURPRISE!Second Baby!!! Its a BOY!!

MARINE BRAT(Ashley lee) First Baby!!
HopingForABoy.gifMommy Kandee *21wks*(Kandee) First Baby!! Its a BOY!!

July 25th!!!
dev205pr___.pngSarah-MommyToBe♥(Sarah) First baby!!
~Terra~ Bakin #2!!!!!Grew Wings

r a v e n. Second Baby!! It's a GIRL!! Anastasia Grace.
First OB visit Dec 16th!!

Jenna prego w/#2Second Baby!! It's a GIRL!!!

July 26th!!!
dev206pr___.pngMegFisrt Baby!!!
HopeGirl.gif♥Riley♥(Veronikka) Second Baby!! Its a GIRL!!!

:+: Nina :+: Third Baby!!
Gender u/s March 16th!!

July 27th!!!
dev207pr___.pngMrs.Gallows {+ 1}(Amanda)
HopeGirl.gif First OB visit Dec 10th!!!

shelms1181 Third Baby!!
First OB visit Jan 4th!!!

Jenna prego w/#2 Second Baby!!!

July 28th!!!
dev208pr___.png**Diamond's Mommy + 1** Second Baby!! Itsa Boy!!

Mz.Angel-Baby #2 07.28.10Second Baby!!!
HopeGirl.gif First OB visit Jan 15th!!

♥ KaT ♥ (Katherine) Third Baby!!!

Jult 29th!!!
dev209pr___.pngCourt6382Third and Forth Baby!! It's twin GIRLS!!

Tomann Second Baby!!!
Fisrt OB visit Jan 8th!!

LexusNexus 2G1B 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Yigo, Gu, Guam 13414 posts
Oct 30th '09

Wow :shock: I had my LO July 8th of this year! Good luck and congrats to all the new July mamas!!!

Mommy 50 kids; Sardinia, Ohio 2210 posts
Oct 30th '09

I'm estimated to be Due around July 2nd. No doctor appointment yet, I'm trying to find a doctor around here that is supportive of VBAC's. This will be our Second!:D I think I covered everything. lol

Mattie&Brisyn's Mommy TTC since Jul 2012; 18 kids; Brooksville, Florida 1624 posts
Oct 30th '09

I will start My name is Christina and this will be my second baby but third pregnancy. I have a 4yr old and we are so happy we are holding off on telling anyone until after 12weeks b/c of the loss in July!!! My due date as of right now is July 5, 2010!! I'm hoping for another girl. I have my first OB visit on Nov 12th for my first u/s. I'm happy but kinda scared too...

♥Manda♥ Sunnydale, CA, United States 29485 posts
Oct 30th '09

aww i had my LO july 2nd! due july 18th :) cant believe people are already finding out!

Tutu cute 1 child; Providence, Rhode Island 5149 posts
Oct 30th '09
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Mattie&Brisyn's Mommy TTC since Jul 2012; 18 kids; Brooksville, Florida 1624 posts
Oct 30th '09
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Oct 30th '09
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Oct 30th '09
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Oct 30th '09

I'm Mari, I'm due on July 2, 2010. My son was born July 1, 2008 so I'm hoping for the baby to be a week late lol. I don't have an appointment with my doctor yet but on Monday they will be able to schedule one for me. I had back to back miscarriages earlier on this year and I'm really hoping this baby sticks.

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Oct 30th '09
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Oct 30th '09
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