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Aug 29th '09

Okay so about a week ago or so, i made a post about a girl i went to hs with, passing away. Well her service was today. wow, emotional. it was an amazing turn out. First of all, it was at the church she went to, so a big building with pews, [sp] that can hold about 120 people or so, well they had people sitting up in the top where the choir sit [which holds another 40] & they had to bring in chairs to sit all along the outside of the pews & in the front & even had people standing in the back. [so maybe about 300 people came]it was sooooo great to see everybody whose life she had touched. Her father spoke, im not really sure how he managed to, but he did. He told stories of when she was a little girl & a baby, & her in hs. Her best friend spoke, her dance teacher spoke, along with the 2 girls that were with her, her last night of life. They could barely make it thru their whole speech. I randomly kept glancing over at her mom, who was wearing very dark sunglasses & had about 10 mashed up tissues in her hands, she was shaking & sobbing. it was horrible to see, me now being a mom, i couldnt even imagine. In front of us were her really good friends all wearing purple & black [her 2 favorite colors, also mostly half the people there were wearing the same], they were al sobbing as well. they played a video of photos of her, with the songs "thru my daughters eyes" "halo" & "calling all angels" very touching. then the pastor spoke again, along with her friend from hs & her neighbor read a poem called "tomorrow" then they showed another video of from when she was a little baby. Then it was anounced that we were all to make our way outside, so her family went, kissing her ern [sp] & photo they had,Then we all went to the courtyard in the front & realsed about 100 butterflies [her favorite] & blew bubbles. it was a bittersweet service.
her dad ended his speech saying "so please, remember, to always say i love you to your children, you will not regret it." [the night she died, earlier, her dad had called to check on her, her & her friends were in palm springs for a birthday, they were having bad service, the signal dropped right as he was saying good bye, so he wasnt gonna call back, but about 10 minutes later he did & said "just wanted to tell you i love you," she replied "i love you too daddy." thats the last thing she ever said to him.

anyways.....heres some more photos of katie.
she was sooo warm & friendly & sharing, caring, giving. she was sooo bubbly & soo faithful. its a tragic loss, really.

02.12.1989 - 08.15.2009

& some more photos of her funny/bubbly/friendly self!
[far right]2n231pg.jpg
[on the left]
2vhsthy.jpg[far right]
2qcns3q.jpg[on right]

so please keep her family, friends & loved ones close to your heart in their time of need. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers! thank you.

YANA`S MAMY x3 1 child; Newark, New Jersey 9087 posts
Aug 29th '09

very sad , she was young and beautiful , i'm so sorry for your loss !

*Lovin*On*Lili* 1 child; City of the Dalles, Oregon 1532 posts
Aug 29th '09

Still so young, and so beautiful!

People laugh at my because I still tell my mom and dad I love them EVERY time I get off the phone with them, but you just never know when tomorrow won't come.

Vanessa ♥ 1 child; Quincy, Massachusetts 27901 posts
Aug 29th '09

I read your last post. That's so awful. She was such a pretty girl, and it sounded like she was well-loved by everyone. Younger people's wakes/funerals are so freaking sad. I hate them. I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

Just a side note... my friend's fiance died in instantly in a car accident, and about 3 minutes before the accident he called her to say he loved her and that he would call her when he got back to his hotel (he was away for training for work), and she said "okay, I love you" and he said "I love you too" and hung up. It was the last thing she said to him, and the last thing he said to anyone. It's so sad, but it's so true to tell everyone you love them whenever you get the chance, because you don't know when it will be your last time to say it. :(

onlyaqueous 1 child; California 342 posts
Aug 29th '09

I don't know why (because I don't know her) but that just made me tear up! Her Dad calling her back to say I love you... that's what being a parent is about. Unconditional, never ending, love.

jamie lee m 1 child; California 5433 posts
Aug 29th '09

thank you mamas! & exactly why i tell anybody i talk to on the phone [family] that i love them before we hang up!!! also, the reason why me & my SO never fight or argue in the car. its back luck think....

ohhhh even more sad, her great grandmother said she would change places with katie in an instant & doesnt understand why he took her & not herself.

also, katie loved to dance. the joke was "now shes teaching god how to do the 2-step!" hehe.

O&R's mama (30+) 2 kids; Lodi, California 17366 posts
Aug 29th '09

Wow her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for keeping all of us updated on how her service was and not just letting us know that she had passed so unexpectdly. It is nice to know that her service was beautiful and she touched so many people.

Vanessa ♥ 1 child; Quincy, Massachusetts 27901 posts
Aug 30th '09
Quoting Liv's mama:
jamie lee m 1 child; California 5433 posts
Aug 30th '09

thank you Heather & Vanessa! :)