Matching Tattoos To Remember Our Angels. Missing My Angels. 48 kids; Nebraska 39 posts
Aug 27th '09

So Its the Taurus zodiac sign, & the bottom is the Capricorn sign. What signs our babies would have been. (I had a miscarriage before I was with Jon, he/she would have been a Taurus also so Im thinking of maybe shadowing that symbol or a really dark outline.) Because Jon really wants matching ones, but I also want to remember my first angel. I have a tat on my right inner wrist, so we will both be getting them on our inner left wrists. I think they will be so cute. What do you girls think?


Shannon 18 kids; Ohio 9773 posts
Aug 27th '09

Do whatever brings you comfort. :wink:

Mommy2Kaedyn&Jace 3 kids; 4 angel babies; West Milton, PA, United States 8111 posts
Aug 27th '09

I think it's a great idea! I've actually been trying to come up with something myself. I want mine to go across my shoulders though.

NinjaSAPIOSEXUALShahinda 5 kids; Strongsville, Ohio 34461 posts
Aug 27th '09

Here's that one sight that is really cool for ambigrams...

Missing My Angels. 48 kids; Nebraska 39 posts
Aug 27th '09

Sorry bout the double post. Dumb A** Computer! lol :roll:

china♥rose Due June 25 (twins); 1 child; 2 angel babies; Cincinnati, OH, United States 5181 posts
Aug 28th '09

Very cute, mama