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Aug 28th '09
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Aug 28th '09

Amber, time will heal your wounds. Sometimes the emotions will come in waves, you'll feel fine one day and then sad the next, but it will get easier for you. If you need anything let me know, its never easy losing, whether your 4 weeks or 8 months. I know it was devasting for me to lose my 1st lo at6 weeks, thought my world had ended and it killed me when people told me things like, well at least you weren't further along, what they never realized was that from the moment I got that bfp I had all these hopes and dreams for that child and it was all shattered when I lost him/her. It will get easier, use this experience to life lesson, something that will make you stronger! My doc told me this over and over (and it somehow reassured me), that I was able to do the hard part, which is to get pregnant. I had proven that it could be done, and it gave me hope that it would happen again.