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Aug 27th '09

I'm eight and a half weeks along. I went into the ER Monday night for light brown discharge. They seemed to find nothing wrong and told me it was normal. I felt like a fool for going in there but it wasn't normal for me. They didn't feel the need to do an ultrasound because I just had one the week before and everything looked good. I saw and heard the heartbeat.

This morning I woke up to period like bleeding. I called my doctor. They had me come in to do bloodwork. Since I had bloodwork done on Monday night, they would compare that to my bloodwork today.

My numbers are going down :cry: It's my nightmare come true. I lost a baby back in June to ectopic, so I would often have nightmares about using the bathroom only to discover I'm bleeding. Now that nightmare has come true, only a week and a half after I saw and heard my live baby. My doctor will call me tomorrow to probably get more bloodwork done, but the nurse basically told me that it doesn't look good.

My question is: I've already been through ectopic, so I know what that is like. What should I expect from a miscarriage? I've never been through one. The nurse told me that it could take a couple of days before it happens, so I'm in the waiting period. What should I expect? I know bleeding and cramping, but to what extent? Is it a lot of bleeding? Is it a lot of pain?

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Aug 27th '09

I am so sorry!! I can relate to what ur going through I had a tubel pregnancy in Nove !!!I was also trying scense 2006

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Aug 27th '09

sorry to hear that!! But your not out yet!! I started bleeding heavily out of no where and had huge clots, I'm now 30 wks with twins. But when I had my two M/C i starting bleeding heavy just like a period! I hope everything works out!! good luck!

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Aug 27th '09

I had really strong contractions and back pain. The pain was bad and my husband got scared so he took me to the ER. The sac was hung up on my cervix, once they removed it the pain stopped.
they did a D &C and then another ultrasound to make sure everything was out.
I was 9 weeks.

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

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Aug 27th '09
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Aug 27th '09
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Aug 27th '09

When I had a m/c, i started bleeding with no pain. then out of no where i had such bad cramps. kinda felt like contractions but not really bad. The pain did however get worse, I went to the ER and they said at first it didn't seem like i was m/c, but the next day at my docs, he did an internal exam and ended up having a m/c. They gave me some pills to help stop the bleeding and said that I would pass everything on my own. I did a couple of days after that. :(

I was around 8-9 weeks. This was with my first pregnancy.

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Aug 28th '09

I am so sorry I myself have been through it 3 times a nightmare you never wake up from. I had to have dnc put I was pretty far along. I had pain but most was my heart. Good luck and you and your family are in my heart and prayers. If you ever want to chat pm me. Again I am sorry

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Aug 28th '09

I'm sorry that you are going through this hon! You are not alone though, and I know that doesn't take away the pain, but know that you have people to relate to. I have suffered 3 m/c since last November, still waiting for this one to end in fact. Mine started with bleeding and no pain, then came the cramps, once I had passed everything the cramps stopped for the most part. The bleeding can be a few days or it may be over a week! It all depends on your body, hopefully you can get through it without a D&C. You will be in my thoughts hon!