grasping at straws Emily and O.G. 33 kids; Kentucky 139 posts
Aug 27th '09

i know i might seem crazy or that i just cant let go but i just feel like the drs are wrong.

i had a miscarriagelate monday night, i hadstarted bleeding sunday at around 6 p.m. i was just shy of 6 weeks. i went to the hospitalthat night and the bleeding stopped while i was there, they also told me it was twins.. then i get home about 11:30 p.m. and start bleeding again.

when i was in the ER they explained that it could be a number of things, so they did a US and a blood test to check out my hCG which was 502. they were going to do a pelvic exam but oppted not to for some reason.

the next morning i woke up and i wasstill bleeding. this time i called my OB and they told me to come in. i get there and they do another US and blood test and send me home.

that night i called into work and took it easy and relaxed. at about 10:30 that night i passed something goopy or slimey and bloody. it was pretty thick and about the size of a quarter. i didnt think anything of it because i have passed those before while i have been on my period. although i did take a picture of it.

the next day i posted a picture of it on here. well alot of girls told me to call the dr or go in. so i called my OB and he just flat out said "yes, it sounds like a miscarriage, and also your hCG level was 392, so it just seems like thats whats going on. any other questions?" they way he said it was just so matter-of-fact that it made me mad.

i went to the ER and they all just chalked it up to a miscarriage, they did no tests, no US nothing. just told me i miscarried and sent me on my way.

i go to my OB tomorrow for a follow i guess what im getting at here not ready to give up. is there any way, any way at all that the hCG numbers could go up and i didnt truly miscarry? has that happened to anyone here? i have a gut feeling that im still pregnant, that its not really over.

any thoughts? (sorry this was so long)

multimom 6 kids; Mississippi 213 posts
Aug 27th '09

My first miscarriage was a bilighted ovum and my hcg went down and I was told that the numbers go down they won't go back up that it is a miscarriage. I hope I am wrong in this for you and I am so sorry you're going thorough this.

~*Bklynsweetheartz*~ 2 kids; Staten Island, New York 7546 posts
Aug 27th '09

I looked at the pic you posted and i remember from some aborted fetus that i saw it does look like what i saw in your picture..Im sorry im not trying to be mean about it,just honest.

If you did miscarry, im so sorry mama

Danielle Sharise 2 kids; Illinois 8672 posts
Aug 27th '09

I'm sorry for your loss if that is truly what is going on.

My best friends hcg levels were very high & the babies showed no heartbeats at all when she got an ultrasound. They spaced her ultrasounds apart about 2 weeks & the same thing happened at the next appointment. It took her getting a d&c done before it really hit that she lost the babies.

Kamar09 TTC since Jan 2014; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Lansing, Michigan 10156 posts
Aug 27th '09

Sorry but HCG going down isnt really good.. when I was 6 weeks pregnant my HCG numbers was about 5500 and with twins they should be usually higher from the increased hormones. There is always a chance but with bleeding and number declining its very very rare. I felt the same way you did though after my m/c like it wasnt true and it couldnt be happening and I blamed the doctors then myself.. If you need someone to talk to feel free to PM me.

DANi CALiFORNiAღ 34 kids; Yucca Valley, California 6020 posts
Aug 27th '09

Aww hunnie. I am so sorry that you're going through this.
I have had two M/C and once a mass is passed after you find out you're pregnant, then it's most likely a M/C. Just wait til you go into the Dr and ask him then. Hopefully everything works out. :)