whats goin on? Mz.Torai,Emree 1 child; Ohio 50 posts
Aug 26th '09

Sometimes when im having sex i bleed after or this one time we was havin sex and i started to bleed alot of bright red bleeding went to the er they said look like i was miscarrying did blood test they were fine went home and it tapered off to brown spotting. I was like 7wks.5days when this happend went to docs at exactly 9wks did a u/s heartbeat was 167 and my lil one was moving all over the place i was very exciting moment for me and my man. Well i was constipated about 4days ago and after my bowel movement the next day i woke up to brown spotting im jus not understanding exactly what it is.

Genius Next Door 17 kids; Edmond, Oklahoma 8773 posts
Aug 26th '09

Brown blood is just old blood. When it is bright red is when you need to worry.