Round two of this shit. Hines Family 33 kids; Michigan 430 posts
Aug 26th '09

So this is my second misscarrige in one year and I'm beggining to wonder if I will ever be able to devlivery a baby? The doctor said that I am a very healthy women and that they don't get concerned until you miscarry three times without the baby having a heart beat. I know its just so easy for the doctors to tell me all of that but its hard to understand why it happens. Also at my work this second time around I didn't tell anybody and they all had a suspicion but never said anything to me and my boss asked me today so are we trying to get pregnant? And yes I am but I don't really feel like thats any of there business plus me being younger I feel like they look down upon me trying to get pregnant at the age 19. But I do take care of my own self, I have my own apartment, pay my own bills, my parents don't pay for anything of mine anymore thats all on me so I know that I can handle having a baby at this age. Ugh... I feel numb to this whole situation.

Auri*Ella's Mommy 1 child; Utah 100 posts
Aug 26th '09

So sorry to hear this mama :( I know it's hard to believe, but you'll get there! Your time will come. *hugs and healthy baby dust*

Hines Family 33 kids; Michigan 430 posts
Aug 26th '09
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