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Wondering.... Masons mommy. 1 child; USA 3 posts
Aug 26th '09

I have been experiencing some pretty bad cramping in my lower abdomen and I have also been having bad lower backaches. I was wondering if those are some signs of a miscarriage. I do no know if I am pregnant because I have not tested. I still havent gotten my period yet from when I got my mirena removed in April, so I dont even know if its a possibility that I could be pregnant. I have only felt this pain in my lower abdomen when I was going into labor with my son.

Sarah Kays Mommy 33 kids; Archbald, Pennsylvania 1256 posts
Aug 26th '09
Quoting Masons mommy.:
//(* 7 kids; 15400 posts
Aug 26th '09

you should really test if you think your pregnant...

kat&eric 3 kids; Georgia 81 posts
Aug 27th '09

i would take a test!:)

Audi +3.5 Due November 22 (girl); 3 kids; Pinellas Park, Florida 2322 posts
Aug 27th '09

I'd get a test done just to make sure its not a tubal pregnancy.
best of luck