Really concerned Love my wiggle worm Due February 2 (boy); 33 kids; 2 angel babies; California 1175 posts
Aug 24th '09

I know I worry too much but I cant help it. Now before I lost my first pregnancy I knew I was pregnant causeI had cramps two days before my period was due and I have cramps a week before its due. Then a day before it was due and I had implantation bleeding. The crazy pissing kicked in the same day. Now I know every pregnancy is different but is it possible to be pregnant and have no bleeding or cramping??? Is it normal?? I am just asking cause I am going off my first pregnancy and if I am now pregnant again I'm worried to death. I knew there could be a chance this month of becoming pregnant again andI haven't taken a test yet.

Oh my period is two days late.

~*~ expecting #4 ~*~ Due October 26 (boy); 3 kids; Ottawa, Ontario 4596 posts
Aug 24th '09

I didnt have any bleeding or cramping in the begining. I didnt start to spot until 10 weeks, and the cramping didnt come until 14 weeks.

scott's mommy 17 kids; Prattville, Alabama 6960 posts
Aug 24th '09

both my pregnancies..i didn't have cramping nor implantation bleeding, at all.. i lost my first pregnancy a week after i found out..

It's my turn♥ 34 kids; Greenback, Tennessee 24868 posts
Aug 24th '09

I never spotted. I did have cramps though

Julian's Wife 2 kids; 4567 posts
Aug 24th '09

Seems like it would be possible not to have any bleeding or cramping and be pregnant. I didn't have a drop of blood.

Signing Off........ Pennsylvania 21507 posts
Aug 24th '09

I had spotting during my 1st pregnancy, which I lost.
I had no spotting only period type cramps with my 2nd pregnancy.

like you stated every pregnancy is different.
Good luck!