When did you get your period again? Boogies mom 34 kids; Florida 2421 posts
Aug 23rd '09

Its been 2 weeks since my miscarriage. I've been having some killer cramps the past couple of hours or so. Feels like right before I get my period. Do you get your period this soon after though??

Jive TTC since Aug 2013; 33 kids; South Carolina 25217 posts
Aug 23rd '09

I got mine a few weeks after my miscarriage.

very blessed 18 kids; Oceanside, California 3957 posts
Aug 23rd '09

Sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage July 27th, I still have not had my period...... everybody is different, some say soon some say months.

*Mrs. Gillespie* Due December 22; 1 child; Elizabethtown, Kentucky 161 posts
Aug 23rd '09

I got mine about 4 or 5 weeks after my d and c with my miscarriage. It was the worst time in my life. I'm so sorry.

GinaMarie12990 1 child; Ohio 4 posts
Aug 24th '09

I Got My Several Weeks After I Got My Twin Boys But The Doctor Told me That After I Had Them Id Have Really Bad Cramps Afterwords Because Of My Uterus Going Back To Normal So Maybe Thats What It Is..Im So Sorry About What You Went Through I Know How It Feels..Im 19 Years Old And Just Went Through That In April And Its Still Hard..

Mommy ♥'s Khali Due January 2; 33 kids; Carson, California 522 posts
Aug 25th '09

i got mine almost 2 months after my miscarriage