When did you get the go ahead to TTC again? Boogies mom 34 kids; Florida 2421 posts
Aug 19th '09

I had my miscarriage on Aug 9th. My dr told me to wait 3 months to TTC. He said if I try before that I have a higher chance of miscarrying again. When did you get the go ahead?? I thought it was a little weird he told me to wait so long since I wasnt too far along. We have decided to wait until Dec/Jan to try again. This way we can save alot more $, move to a bigger house,and DD will be in school full time by then. BUT part of me doesnt want to wait that long .Part of me doesnt even want to wait the 3 months!!

Emzie((Team Blue)) {BGFM} 17 kids; Alton, Illinois 706 posts
Aug 19th '09

I was told to wait 3 months after I had David.
I got pregnant 6 months after I had him.

I went through a phases though where I didn't want to have any more kids ever.....
then I was obsessed with becoming pregnant. Then I was like, I def want more kids but not, turns out I was pregnant lol.

Mattie&Brisyn's Mommy TTC since Jul 2012; 18 kids; Brooksville, Florida 1624 posts
Aug 19th '09

I was told to wait 1 cycle and that we would be fine and that is more for dating reason than anything. I was 6weeks and 3days and had to have a d&c done b/c the baby had stopped growing 2weeks b4 I found out. I have not had my period yet but we are not waiting. I'm putting it in gods hands. Your body will not get preganat until its ready too. I'm very sorry for you loss girl. I know how you feel b/c I want one so bad again and so does DH...

capricorn007 34 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 725 posts
Aug 19th '09

After my first m.c. we were told to wait 3 months, we got pregnant right at the 3 month mark. Then we had this m.c. last week so we are going to wait about 3 month again.

Jess *Ray & Carson's Momm Due May 10 (boy); 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Illinois 4634 posts
Aug 19th '09

I was also told to wait 3 months before TTC again. I m/c on June 27, so I am supposed to wait until the end of September. My doc also gave me the same allow my body to heal and to allow the emotional stuff to work it's way. I may bump my TTC by a couple weeks, though, but I'm already almost2 months past. Waiting on AF in about a week, so by the approx. time I "O", it is only 2 weeks earlier than the full 3 months.

I know a lot of women on here have been told many different things. Some are told 1 cycle, some are told right away is fine, and others are told much longer. I think it depends on the doctor and what other factors played into it. I'm sure how far along you were and if you required a D&C/D&E have an affect on what your doc recommends.

Signing Off........ Pennsylvania 21507 posts
Aug 20th '09

We were told 3 months, I was 9 weeks along.
but choose to wait 6 months simply because we (my husband and I) were not emotional ready to try again. The miscarriage affected us both very strongly and it took us awhile to heal and be ready to face the unknown again.

good luck

Baby_Majick Due May 1 (twins); 4 kids; 3 angel babies; Sullivan, Missouri 4129 posts
Aug 20th '09

My doctor told me as long as I was feeling fine and the bleeding stopped, then I could try to concieve again. He said there was no grace period. But I also had three healthy pregnancies.

SDMommaof2 Due September 3 (girl); 17 kids; San Diego, California 151 posts
Aug 25th '09

After I lost my son, my OB told me to wait 3 months so my cycles could get back to normal. When I miscarried the first time, he said wait one cycle, and then after the second one he just said go for it. I've read online there's no guarentee you'll have a recurring miscarriage but I'm just one of those odd people. Part of the reason they want you to wait is so your cycles will get back to normal so they can have an accurate LMP and calculate your due date after that. My boss's friend works in some Harvard medical center and said it's best to wait a year because of the trauma it puts on your body, hormonal wise. But I think a year is way too long and I'm way to impatient!
Listen to your dr, just use condoms and then try again. Maybe you'll get a Christmas or New Years conception- I conceived my first after a drunken New Years.