Introducing my angel ♥Heather 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Dayton, Ohio 89362 posts
Jul 18th '09

WARNING!! Some of the images mat be considered g*****c. If you cant handle seeing a premature baby, just dont look.
Miss Amari Grace.
Born as an angel July 17th, 2009. 6:45 AM
7.7 ounces; 8.75 inches long.

Here is the background thread if you would like more details.

The pictures where she is dressed are pictures of pictures because our scanner is broken.
A little book that contained a picture, and some of her birth stats.
Her little dress & blanket they wrapped her in <3
I DID NOT mean to "flick her off", I was holding her hand.
Her placenta

user banned 4 kids; 00000, WE, Malta 68658 posts
Jul 18th '09

She is a very beautiful angel.

Miss Electronica 49 kids; Belleair, Florida 13371 posts
Jul 18th '09

she is beautiful! i'm so sorry for your loss!

Mrs.Masello♥91910 1 child; Rhode Island 29443 posts
Jul 18th '09

She is gorgeous mama!!! God Bless that sweet little angel!

kick rocks 3 kids; Cleveland, Ohio 13756 posts
Jul 18th '09

I don't even know what to say... =[
I have tears...

Heather, she is beautiful.. a true angel.
She is watching down on you, Troy and Adrianna..

lub joo

Abcde Fghi Arizona 23108 posts
Jul 18th '09

Omg, she's adorable, Heather! You can already tell she looked like Adrianna with her lil nose! Sooo cute! You did an amazing job!

How are you feeling?

Chuck Norris Due March 6; TTC since Jan 2013; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Fairbanks, AK, United States 19489 posts
Jul 18th '09

She is such a beautiful little angel. Im so sorry you had to go through all of this mama... If you need to talk I am always here. May beautiful Amari RIP.

*beck-i* {JAS08} Due January 8; 3 kids; Prattsburgh, New York 4812 posts
Jul 18th '09

Aww hun I read about this and you are in my prayers she is absolutely beautiful!!! I am soo sorry for your loss

♥Heather 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Dayton, Ohio 89362 posts
Jul 18th '09

Thank you everyone

I lub you too Ashley <3

Peachy{+3♥} 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Utah 3383 posts
Jul 18th '09

She is such a perfect little angel.

Whitney&Kyleigh+1♥ 2 kids; Texas 25896 posts
Jul 18th '09

Heather, She is beautiful.
You have one beautiful little angel looking over you and your family!
<3 <3

. : ashter louis : . Due October 17; 33 kids; Texas 31361 posts
Jul 18th '09

She is sooo beautiful Heather. She totally has your nose!

You definately have an angel watching over you. I lubz you guys.

user banned Due November 7 (boy); 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 26853 posts
Jul 18th '09


RIP little one.

♥Heather 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Dayton, Ohio 89362 posts
Jul 18th '09
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♥Heather 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Dayton, Ohio 89362 posts
Jul 18th '09
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