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Jun 3rd '07
Hey! I am due Dec. 21 and I saw the other Dec. subgroup. Please anyone due from December 15-31 join us as due date buddies! :P
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Jun 14th '07

I was just on here reading all the latest posts...haven't been on for a few days! Saw lots of posts I can relate to, or at least have something to say about!
I read about not wanting sex while pregnant...well, that's the opposite of me! The first few weeks of pregnancy I didn't feel like doing anything in that way...but around week 7, I can't get enough! It's like when we first got married :) Hubby loves it, needless to say. My 'morning' sickness is still on. I just tossed my cookies (actually just coffee and lotsa water) 30 mins ago...hehe. But there was a day I didn't throw up at all, and I thought I was over it. Spoke too soon...but my cravings have definitely intensified. I am eating more now. I'll eat something, and as soon as I'm done, I'll crave something else. Lotsa orange juice, which I normally don't drink because of the heartburn factor, and also chicken, asparagus, CHEESE....pepper jack on Ritz crackers is a fave. Also, my weirdest craving: a bunch of green olives drenched in blue cheese dressing. That craving usually happens late at night, just after I get into bed. Then I have to get up and prepare my strange snack. And during the day I find myself munching green olives right out of the jar.
I'm feeling better overall though, despite the sickness. Started taking vitamin B complex, which is really making me feel super, compared to how I was. I took one prenatal vitamin, just to try it (have been taking Flintstones with supplements all along), and it gave me wicked bad shits for two days! So back to the Flintstones, with my calcium, folic acid and B supplements.
I was reading about gals thinking about vacations...that sounds so nice!! We're bored out of our minds right now. Both of us are home all the time - we're moving to Maine in 9 weeks now. And it's hot here - upper 90s and low 100s. I've never adapted to the heat (I'm used to the cold in Maine), so I get really pissy when I get hot, and there's no AC in our truck. So if we go into town, we try for early morning or nighttime, when it cools off a bit. Can't wait to be on the ocean again!!!
Will be quite exciting, moving and expecting baby. I can't imagine being much help, as little as I feel like doing now. Hopefully I start feeling better and getting some energy!!
That's my little update...will be back on here checking for new posts!

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Jun 22nd '07

I am just so upset and so mad I just want to cry and scream at the same time. I have sleeping issues. Even before pregnancy. I was on seraquel just to get my to sleep at night. Well, I can't take that during pregnancy. I don't really have problems on non work nights, well I do just not as bad. But when it comes time to work the next day, I am tossing and turning all night long. I am lucky if I can get to sleep by 1am when I have to wake at 3:45!!!!

I take 2 benadryl every work night (even though they don't help) I'm just praying it might. So I did this last night. Tossed and turned as normal, switched sides on the bed a million times, went back and forth between the bed and the floor. Trying anything. Well, needless to say I had to get up at 3:45 and I got to sleep about 4:15-4:30. It upsets me to no degree when I have to call off because every call off means they are using PTO. The more PTO used the more time off when the baby is hear unpaid and we will barely be making our bills.... :( Not only that my manager seems to like to pick on me so when I call off she likes to have a little talk with me. This is the second time in the pregnancy I have resorted to calling off.

I just went to my doctors appointment yesturday which I forgot to ask then if there was anything else I could take now that I was in my second trimester. So I have called and left a message today. They must hate me!!!

I hate being pregnant. I have no control over my everyday pains. (or my emotions for that matter). My back hurts all day long, so much so I can't do anything. I always have to have some kind of support on my back to make it hurt less. MY back even affects my sex life. Not like much helps when I am not preggers but I can't really take much now.

I pee no shitten you 1 time an hour at least!

Ugh, my headaches, at least when I am not pregnant I don't feel bad about popping pills anytime it hurts. Not I have to wait for it to be really bad. Or a migraine.

I am so fat, I gained it when I moved to this hell, and I gained more while pregnant. I was always a thin. 120-125 at 5'7". (54-56 kilos). Which with my make I was bones. Now I feel soo huge.

Once I am in about 20-24weeks I will cramp from then until I have the baby.

My whole body just hurts.

My emotions...ha. They were bad last time. But you throw in a grieving mom, and the worries of EVERYTHING now.

But see I can even almost deal with all of that, but you throw in no sleep. I turn to a wreck.

Don't get me wrong I am so happy I am pregnant. I can't wait to hold my child. I love my child soo much and obviously got pregnant asap after Emilys death because I do want a child here on earth. It's just hard. My husband is great, he deals with me so well.

Well, I jsut got the call back from the office. They confirmed what I thought. There really is no hope for me. She said do everything I have tried and if they have to (which they really don't want to do) they could give me ambien. But if they are hesitant about giving it I really don't want it. :cry:

Ugh, sorry you all I just had to vent.

I guess I should go catch up on the posts because it seems as though being gone for an after noon you miss a whole lot!!!

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Jun 23rd '07

oh no poor nicole, ive never had one, been lucky i guess, so ur getting dizzy hey? yeah get that to sometimes especially when i have just hopped out of a hot bath.

Is everybody else getting crappy preg hair? i am my hair used to be so beautiful now its just shit ful and i hate it..

Em&AmbersMomma 35 kids; Goodyear, Arizona 31462 posts
Jun 24th '07

Wow that is crazy! It must suck but at least they are taking precautions for things. They always say we are in a huge drought but they never make us change our water usage habits. Maybe in other states, but not here. And then the people that have lawns in the summer need like tons of water because of the 115 degree days. And the people with pools, which there are many.

Congrats!!! So are you going to get the 3d-4d? I need to find out when my hubby is working so I can sceduale the one for 2 weeks to try and find out the gender. If not I need to wait 2 more weeks after that!!! I am sooo anxious also! It's driving me nuts. I don't really care what I have but I would really love to raise a girl since I do have a baby girl that I can't raise. So I would like to have one now so I know that I will have it. LOL, about your dream, you will probably have many other dreams. Maybe about both sexes, so I am not sure if that means anything.... :D Oh yea, I love that us picture.

Hey, happy early birthday. I hope your morning sickness eases up soon it should.

Ughh, I have been super gassy...haha I guess that happens during pregnancy. When I fart when I am pregnant around my husband I always blame the baby. I say ewww your baby is gross!!! hahaha :lol:

Anyways, it was weird yesturday, I think this new guy in materials management liked me yesturday. And he just met me. I think he knew I was prego also. He was all talky with me which I thought was just being nice. Until he was going home. He came up here just to show off his army Kinda weird. :? That or he is kinda cocky or something.

Em&AmbersMomma 35 kids; Goodyear, Arizona 31462 posts
Jun 25th '07

So we went to lunch with my husbands mom. She goes you treating me? HUH? Someone whos husband is a doctor and she's a teacher. And us who has no money that has to work 4 hours just to pay for the bill!!!! So she basically forces us to pay. Now I am not a fan of his mother, neither is he. So it like makes it worth it to eat with her because she pays for it.

Then she's like oh if you house isn't done by the time the baby is here you can come stay with me for like 2 or 3 weeks!!! Why would we do that!!! I am living with my mom until the house is built (where my mom leaves us alone) and we will come there (where you will bug the shit out of us). YEAH RIGHT. I guess she didn't get the clue when she called me everyday with Emily trying to come over. I like my space, I dont want her crowding us and our family. Especially after losing Emily this is going to be a very emotional time.

I mean my sis and mom have been fighting already where I was staying after birth (which isn;t normal) and I laughed at them and said my place!!!!

Then she tells us we need to make sure we are off for Rosh a shana (jewish new years). I am not jewish, my husband doesn't celebrate we are not going to take the day off to eat dinner!!! That's insaine. We are getting back that week from vacation, we can't take it off without taking PTO.

I know this doesn't sound bad but this is how it always is!!! It's all about her!

Like she didn't call on mothers day to tell me happy mothers day. Or on fathers day. Or on my birthday or on our anaversay. But she expects us to go out for them on those days!!!

Or shell tell us shes going to give us something for praise and never give it!!! :evil:

She expects me to treat her like my mom. There is no conection. I personally don't really like her much. She is completely shelfish. But I act like the mature one here and am always polite and fix issues if they are there!!!!
:evil: :evil: :evil:

Ugh sorry, I just needed to vent a little. I don't like complaining to my hubby much because well, although he agrees, it is his mom and it upsets him sometimes when I go on!!!!

ezza20 3 kids; Australia 412 posts
Jun 27th '07

hey yeah i know ill go get them friday when aztec is at daycare (shes been sick all week so shes been stuck at home)

Its funny with my ex i dont even think of him as my ex now he is one of my bestest friends, and same with his sister,i still spend a lot of time with them and their family, No the baby isnt his but i know he secretly wishes it was lol. hes getting so clucky its not funny.

His sister Kathy is coming to my ultra sounds and is going to drive me all the way to the south south side to get my 4d one done too, so yeah theyre great wouldnt be able to do it without them!

yeah but i didnt get to sleep til like 2 am and aztec didnt go to sleep til 11:58pm last night she was up playing when i thought she was asleep!! cheeky monkey she is lol.

lol at my old job (telemarketing eek!) we had use of msn, hotmail, myspace whatever we wanted it was great so when the work was crap or the system shit itself (usually once a week) wed spend hours doing whatever!! :P


Em&AmbersMomma 35 kids; Goodyear, Arizona 31462 posts
Jun 27th '07

Hey, that's sucks hubbys gone for the night. But that's very nice of him :) I couldn't imagine going to my mother in laws home alone...haha.

So what you cooking for dinner...yummy. My hubby and I made some chicken stew. It was yummy.

My friend is driving through here on her way back to Texas tomorrow so I am making some ham, tators, corn on the cob....mmmmm....and made some more brownies...aghhh.

Well, oh well, at least the ones I made yesturday my brother ate like 1/2 of them. In a couple hours!!!

Oh that's such a cute crib set, let me know what they think!!!!

So what are you getting your cousin? What's she having?

I'm glad your appointment went well!!! And that you go to hear the heart beat!!!! They sure take a shit load of blood don't they?!?! Ugh that sucks you missed your sons appointment. Hopefully for nothing too important! Glad you liked your doctor! They told you something else to try for your yeast infection right? I know some people have to use a full week one. Me. I've been able to just use a day one and it works. Although, not intended for pregnancy.

Oh I know, doesn't the weather SUCK sooo badly?! I hope it rains more this summer. It seemed not to rain much last summer.

Yeah, don't the people in Phoenix suck ASS. I hate this place sooo much. If it weren't for my sister I would be sooooo gone. But I will be following the day she decides to leave!!!

Have a great time tonight again!!!

waterhardeningsteel Turkey 4 posts
Jun 28th '07

Nicole's 1st baby wrote: Hi EVERYONE!

I haven't been on in a couple days... just wanted to say hey.

I think I am having a hormonal time right now. I don't really know what I'm feeling but it's not good. I was not getting along with my fiancee Alan so I left our house and came back to my parents'... now I feel lonely and PREGNANT! That is not a good combination. Is there such a thing as pre-partum depression?? :) I think I have that now!!

I called my doctor today so see if they will do the ultrasound next week at my appointment but they never called me back... they never do! So we'll have to see when I can find out what I'm having!!

Well I hope everyone else is doing great.

nicole, i wish we lived in same country so we would cry together to alone preo. My f**king bastard husband didnt call me for once since i left him 13 days ago. ı told him not to call me anymore and he doesnt! I cant tell you how I hate him. Ok I told him not to call but he must know that it means just call me more ! So I feel like an empty bag. I am just trying to find a way to forgive him but I cant. I will divorce him as soon as I have my baby in my arms! and I will introduce him to my baby as his uncle ! not a father ! I will not let him share my baby with me !
what do you think about boat trip? I am planning to have a boat trip for 5-6 days. do youthink its ok or dangerous for baby??? I need to go to somewhere I feel sooo bad!

waterhardeningsteel Turkey 4 posts
Jun 29th '07

Nicole's 1st baby wrote: Waterhardeningsteel~~~~

Oh that is so bad! I don't know what your husband did but I know how you must feel to be away from him. With me, I know I need to leave him for right now until he starts to act right but being pregnant it is SO hard to be away from the person you're having the baby with. Even though I'm so mad at him and I don't want to be around him all I want to do right now is be with him and us be happy. I know pregnancy is hard for the men too but they SERIOUSLY don't understand what it's like for us. Especially with our hormones and crazy mood swings.

I never used to cry about anything and now I'm crying ALL the time and I don't know why! It makes me feel like I'm going insane! It would be nice if they would just be there at those times but some men I guess they can't do that. I keep hoping that my man will somehow realize what's going on right now and stand up for me and the baby. I have a doctor visit on Monday and I hope he comes! I don't think he would miss it just because we're fighting. And I'm trying not to call him and wait for him to call me but it's so hard to do that!!

I think it would be alright for you to take a boat trip. If you are due in December then right now is the best time to take any trip the doctors say. I wish I could go on a vacation too!

nicole ! it would be easy to forgive what he did. but now i just dont know how to forgive him for living me alone! if he just said ı am sorry , I love you everything would be ok now. sometimes I believe nothing is because of our hormones I thing God is trying to teach us to be strong to show us that there are many troubles ın life, as to be a good nad strong mother. preparing our soul togetherwith our body. Otherwise how my husband would become such a devil and heartles! I hate him! You re right, I wish I could tell him f**k off when he calls but Iknow that I need him and I am just waiting for any nice word to be back . But As soon as I deliver the baby I will divorce him and he will pay what he did.

I want cehseburger! I hate hotdogs! I dont want to bring another trouble for some poor girl in the future. Men are only headache for women!

If you have chance find a way to go to somewhere , then see how he willl get crazy ! they feel relax when they know that you are with your family. Mine will have an heartattack when I am on the boat !

LovinMumOf2! 2 kids; Newcastle, Australia 1015 posts
Jul 2nd '07

Holy shit! Sorry girls, I didn't ralise my last post was so long and I still have so much to say!!!

mrscast: Congrats on your little girl!!!

jnjn070786 (Jen) So sorry that your boss is an arse! Making you work on your birthday, in a strenuous job, pregnant! Let's hope in his next life he's a hard working woman that falls pregnant with quads! Give him what for!!!
I so hope that trainee is a quick learner! Heart goes out to you!

Xtine: Hunches - I think it's a girl. Darren thinks it's a boy!
How 'bout you?
He wants aboy becase the idea of having alittle girl that some guy will marry and heaven forbid, sleep with, is too much for him!

Oh, Leah, thanks for asking about him. He's not 100% but back at work and getting there. He's eating again so hopefully he'll put the wieght back on. He lost 12 kilos but it looks like at least 15. He looks so young again!

Well, I'm only here for another hour and a bit.... I'd really love to stay and chat with you all, (or myself seeing as I'm so good at it, lol) all day but don't think the boss will approve. Oh, we're moving offices!!! Accross the road to a nice new, flash complex!!! I get a lovely office with privacy in case bubs needs to come in with me at all and it's on the ground floor close to the toilet! Yay

Talk to you all agin soon!
Lotsa love,

Deana xox

Em&AmbersMomma 35 kids; Goodyear, Arizona 31462 posts
Jul 7th '07

Let me start off by saying I had an awful day yesturday. I had some stomach flu and puked like 15 times in 5-6 hours. I was throwing up bile by the end. I am sooo weak today, I have not had food or liquid in me for 36 hours!!! Nor have I really peed. I hope I end up feeling alright today since I still have 11 1/2 hours left here. I tired to eat some cereal, and it just made me feel sick. I hope I will be able to eat today. It's like I want a huge feast, but egh, at the same time.

I know what I am having!!!!! We found out Thursday that we are having a baby girl. I was 15 weeks 6 days. We paid for the ultrasound to find out!!! I posted pictures on here, back a couple pages I am sure.

LOL but if you wait until January no tax break!!! HAHA. Well, that might be fun to have a boy to even the numbers out!!! But who knows, I don't really believe that about you feel one way with one pregnancy and another for the other sex. All of those wives tales are just fun, but silly.

Aww, I am a city girl, but I still LOVE camping!!!! Has he ever been??? Just bring a lot of you live in Canada right so pot is legal, bring some of that also... That makes for a fun camping trip!!! :)

Yeah, I am "showing" sooner this one. I just look REALLY fat. But I haven't really gained any weight, so I guess I just feel better. I took a picture last week and I think I have grown since then. I meant to take another one yesturday but I was just to sick to even care.

LOL yeah you are doing pretty well keeping up!!! It can get hard. Too much goes on one minute, and the next it's pretty quiet!!! LOL, I should try and be good tomorrow and not be one since it's my hubbys b day!!!

Oh it sounds nice, you anniversary. I was telling ORen we could get a motel for his birthday (since we are at my moms while the house is built) and he laughed and said he wants to be in our house... I guess you could say for our anniversary we are taking a late cruise. And well, this will be our last nice trip probably for a while!

Yeay for everyone finding out around the same time!!! A lot of us will be in the dr office the same day getting an ultrasound!!! I hope we only here good things about the developement!

Yeah, I think the tiredness is here the whole time to stay! It is at least with me! Glad your nausea is picking up!! It's awful to be sick. Thankfully this time and last time it pretty much went away at the 2nd trimester. But I was SICK in the first. Pregnancy is certainly a hard thing. We have to deal with a lot and go through a lot!!!

I know that feeling oh to well abot the ac!!! hah lol!

That is awesome you guys got a free pool!!! I have to wait a year to have a pool. We wont even have one, it will be a community pool!!! Wow that's amazing you are feeling hiccuping already!!! I can't remember when I starting feeling them last time! But eventually they get a little!!!

I hope you have a fun weekend either way! Especially if you plan to picnic I hope the weather is nice!!

LOL, yeah normally at work I am extreemly bored, but I could barely deal yesturday with doing my work and running to the bathroom!!!

I wish benedryl would work!!! Prescription is really the only thing that helps me. Benedryl just makes me tired but it doesn't put me to sleep. I have been up all night after taking it many times. Same with Unysom and well 2 nights ago same with meletonin!!! UGH!!! I normally take seraquel for sleeping but there is no way I could take that now!!! Stuff like tylenol and advil don't help me either. I also seem to have a high tolerance to things, I have had many doctors tell me that!!! Thank you though! :)

I think every feels movement different. I never really felt flutters. I feel more like

Oh well, that seems just right for a size!!! That's just under 3.5 inches! Even so if it was small and this was your first ultrasound you might have just been due later than tought!

You know with the showing early in pregnancies, I think every is just different. My sis showed the same for the first 2, but her last child she bloomed. And then you have some women that are huge before they are even 20 weeks. I know some girl that is 9 days ahead of me and she is huge already!!! It's such a cute belly also!

LOL, I feel you on the weight that's still there. I have had people tell me (when I was 8-12weeks) that oh you are showing already, with the same belly I had before. I just kinda laughed and said, no that's my belly from last pregnancy.

Ugh, I hope you guys are able to get your honey out in 2011. I just couldn't imagine my guy in it! And leaving all the time. That would drive me nuts. I couldn't even imagine him gone for one night.

No I am not concedered high risk no which really bothers me some times. But I guess there isn;t much that they could be looking for anyways. I could find someone that would say that I was but I have an excellent doctor. He was the head of OB at the hospital I work at. It's a huge hospital almost 700 beds, It's a huge OB hospital people from all over the country fly in here to have their high risk births here. I couldn't even tell you how many multiples we've had here. But a lot of people like to tell me since it happened after birth it wasn't in utero. Which is bull shit because no one knows what happened, so no one can say where it happened. I was talking to a OB nurse I work with and she said I wouldn't really even be a high risk with placenta previa. She said the only time there is danger is when you go into labor. That's why if your placenta doesn;t "move" before then they give you a c section at 37-38 weeks. I will be getting the non stress tests also from something like 34 weeks on. Although, I had no problem with that, but I don't care. Anything extra.

LOL yeah, my doctors office knows to watch me though, I call them like almost weekly! The all know what happened, and I express my fears every time I see someone!

Wow that's weird they only gave you pictures once!! I would want all of them!!! Yeah, I love to get ultrasounds, and as bad as it sounds I think us who have gone through something so horribly should attomatically get extra ones to just calm us down. Yeah, I hope you have good luck, wow, today huh??? Why don't you bring in a recordable cd and see if they will put some pictures on there, or see if you could pay for some pictures. I really loved the place I went to they gave me 2 extra and put it on a cd for me. It was also so personal and calming. She did it for a couple minutes longer than suposed to and talked for a bit after!!! LOL, my girl sure liked showing her stuff of! First time she put the probe on we saw it!!! I wouldn't feel bad about getting this with this child. You learn from mistakes of not doing it the first time! I know how you feel though, it's hard not to feel bad that you can't treat your dead child the way you can and will you other children.

That's nice you kinda got to go out and celebrate your birthday to take your mind off of things. I can see how the funeral day would be hard also. We burried Em on 10-7 (4 days after she was due) and I was completely numb. Then I needed to drink bad. Co workers were having the 2nd annual white trash trailor bash party so I went to get smashed so I didn't need to drink alone and to take my mind off of things. It was kinda frustrating because I wanted to kinda just get away for a night and get my mind off of things and almost everyone that passed me was like oh, how are you, I'm so glad you are getting out, and going on about it. I felt bad for going to a party, but I just needed to get away for a little. It took you guys about the same time to burry her as us, is that because of the autopsy? I hope you are doing alright now though, I know that was just 2 days ago.

Yeah, I wouldn't go to that other doctor, I would be pissed. I understand what you say about prosecuting. I would want to just for the simple fact that I wouldn't want them to do it to another person. But it's such a hard thing. It's like you just want to try and get past that part. I got induced because I had a retard of a doctor. I hated my office. They packed up there patients. You would go for your 5 minute appointment and wait for 45 minutes AT LEAST! He offered to induce everyone at 38 weeks and I think it was as simple as because it made it convinent for him. There was really weird things about my labor. The contractions where funny, they had to put me on O2 because she wasn't getting enough O2, she was sunny side up, they were getting really worried about getting her out, she was born with a temp of 101, and they didn't draw blood cultures per standing orders. She was shaking and stuff later. Everything was just odd.

It took 4 months to get the autopsy report back to find it was nothing. And even worse, they called Orens mom first with the results!!!! Oh I could've killed em both. I hate his mom, she steps on everyones toes. She called very often in order for it to get to that point! It's like that was our spot to tell her what happened! We didn't talk to her for like 2-3 months after. She blames everything on me. Ugh....yeah, I could really write a novel on her!

I completely understand your worring. I couldn't imagine bleeding. I bleed a little the first time and I freaked, and that was before anything bad happened. Hopefully for you since they know everything that is wrong, anything bad can be prevented. You truely do not know the miracle of birth until that all happens. You also don't realize how much can go wrong until you are there either.

I feel you about your bil. My sil planned her c section for the day Em would've been 6 months old. That will always bother me. I know she didn't even realize which kinda bothers me more. It bugs me alitle she had a girl. Most babies do. I think the only baby I wasn't bothered by was my sisters daughter that was 6 weeks older than Em. I think it's just a natural feeling to be jelous of others that are having a baby. Especially those who do not want one and complain the whole time about such a precious little thing. Or the crack heads or whatever.

It's frustrating, I feel like his mom doesn't even care much. She expected us to be happy less than a week later. But when her mom died, oh she was depressed for months, and still is. Doesn't even remember Ems birthday or angel day. Ugh, once again, novel, sorry...haha.

I work at a hospital as a secretary in a cardiac Icu. I work 3 days a week 12 hour shifts. I really kinda hate it now. But I guess it's better than maybe some jobs could be. I get ALRIGHT pay and great benefits. Oh I would be at the beach all the time. The water would feel great on your baby. I know about the whole friend thing. People here suck. No one is real. I hate the people here. I really pretty much have no friends!!! I would LOVE to come visit you!!! I feel you on the getting used to high prices. I used to live in cali. Which didn't seem bad. Now when I visit, I am like WOW.

Yeah I was starting to work out around the time I got prego. Oh well. It's for the baby's right?

LovinMumOf2! 2 kids; Newcastle, Australia 1015 posts
Jul 8th '07

Glad to see our list growing quickly! Wish our bellies grew just as quick!!!

Audrey; Darren speak spanish? Ha!, the thought of Darren speaking anything but english is a crack up! Darren is such an aussie bloke's bloke: rough as, basic, bulky and so far from exotic! Your children will be bi-lingual. What an advantage!!! Darren speaks just english, I can speak fluent pig-latin :lol:, don't think that'll land the kids any good employment opportunities though! Thanks for wanting to have me back, lol. I think sometimes, god they'll dread me coming with my monster posts! And thanks for asking about my weekend. I'll get to it shortly!

SpicyChiliPepper: Don't fret! Leah does so well to address eaxh person and many others (myself included) try. We all know how good it is to have eachother! Ladies, or girls accomodate us all so if that's what works, that's what we'll use! :D
PS: When you find your maid can you send her to my house!

I'm still feeling quesy and tried to eat a sausage roll with tomato sauce and an OJ for an early lunch, thinking they might settle my stomach. Yeah right, they just came up and boy oh boy, they are not a nice combo! Sure you don't all need to imagine that, sorry!
So... my weekend... well it really had it's ups and downs. My Mum (bi-polar) took herself off her medication, then left home because I was controlling her, then called saying she was taking all her tablets because I didn't care (I hadn't called in fear of controlling). Anyway, she's home again now and all is well but so that I wouldn't over stress about her I threw myself into house work and got Mel's baby shower organised. I'm games organiser and I've got an awesome (just had another chuck :( ) day planned for her. I'm also buying prizes and as you all know our money's pretty stretched right now! There will be about 20 girls there so I've decided that throughout the games we'll compete for a chocolate and mystery auction dollars. They can win 'cash' and then use it to bid on 3 items at the end that they'll have no idea what it is! That way I can buy a few decent prizes and we can have good incentive with all the games.
We had an auction at a Tupperware party, that's where I've borrowed the idea from.
I have two PC's screens on my desk, mine and the server. The server sits at the end of my desk, 'cause I'm works IT Consultant! (I done computer studies in Year 10 at school. I'm far from an expert just in this small office I seem to do the better job?) Anyway, on the server I have this web-page open, my hotmail account open and Microsoft Publishing where I'm making mystery auction dollars!
They look awesome. My friend Mel doesn't have much. She hasn't lived in town all that long but her partner is a born and bred local and a great mate of Darren's. She's finding it really hard to believe that she has true friends here and us girls love her as much as the boys 'love' (don't tell them that) her partner. She didn't want a baby shower, saying she'd have no one to invite anyway, but now she's seeing how much she is loved and how much people want to do stuff for her. They were thinking of moving back to her home town but she told me yesterday that she's changed her mind and they're sticking around. I don't have a great deal of family but I have my Mum with me and so many close friends that are like family. I couldn't imagine feeling alone and I'm so glad we're ensuring she doesn't feel like that anymore.

So, although I'm spewing continually, my head aches and I feel so tired (no idea why when I had an awesome sleep last night!) I feel good because I have achieved something, and my Mum is getting back on track, yet again. It's okay, honestly I have taught myself to deal with Mum's illness the best way I know how. Darren offers the best support possible. I think this is part of the reason both Darren and I are so mature. It would have been so easy to close the door, could have done that years ago, but I love her so much and if it means going through absolute shit once every few months, then so be it. Better that the she think she has no-one, no-one deserves that.
I was supposed to go see another friend this weekend (another expecting Mum) and I keep letting her down. I emailed her this morning and I didn't want to tell her the truth, but in the end it came out. I finished by saying please don't let on to Mum that you know she's had a relapse. I think she would feel as ashamed as someone who has been out for a wild night and made an arse of themselves, only she can't blame drugs or alcohol, it's merely her state of mind that she can not escape.
I can't imagine being there. Now I'm feeling sorry for her.
I just rang home, she's fine. Out gardening and playing with the dog. Today's a good day. It'll be a tough week, it always is after she's taken herself off the meds but we'll get there! :)

Wow, I didn't expect to write all that, nor even share that with you all. I feel like deleting it, but it's me and I'm honest so hope I didn't bore you all too much!

LovinMumOf2! 2 kids; Newcastle, Australia 1015 posts
Jul 8th '07
panda wrote: Ok girls I need some help. My husband quit using chewing tobacco back in September and started again in February. Well before we got married he promised me he would quit again and the Tuesday after the wedding he did. For two weeks he was mean to me and my daughter and treated me like crap. I would have to say it was the worst two weeks of my life. Not a good way to start out our marriage but I put up with it because I knew it was best for him to quit. Well being the suspicious wife that I am I looked in his car today and guess what I found! A nice new
SpicyChiliPepper 3 kids; California 93 posts
Jul 9th '07

Good morning...blah! My restlessness came back last night, was waking up every hour. Guess I just have too much on my mind, gee, I wonder why!
Christy- Teenagers are no fun, let me tell you! My daughter was so sweet up until she hit age 10 and for the past 3 years, it's been nothing but an "I hate you/I love you" emotional roller coaster ride with her. And her mouth! Ugh...this is a little girl who use to cry if the word damn or shit came out of my mouth, now she swears like nothing. My son is 15, and in high school and into girls and been experimenting with drugs, I can tell and usually catch it, we drug test him, and then he tries a new one. Lather,rinse, repeat. It's all very frustrating, I remember my teenage years, and I wouldn't go back to them for anything and I just pray that we all make it through theirs!
I worry alot for this pregnancy. I didn't have a problem with high blood pressure when I was pregnant with my other 2, this time around, I regularly have high BP. My blood pressure has been ok so far, I have an appointment Wednesday with the BP clinic. They want to monitor it everyday from now on. I have been doing that on my own for the last few weeks anyways. I didn't develop the high BP in my last pregnancies well into my 3rd trimenster, they caught it, and I was induced 4-5 weeks early both times. My daughter came home right away, my son stayed for a week because his lungs weren;t fully developed, but they may not have caught that if I had him vaginally. I had a c-section, so I had to stay in a few extra days, on the 2nd night is when they noticed he was turning blue during feedings. So, I was a wreck when I took my daughter home because I had her VBAC, and I was afraid since she was early too, she may have the same problem. All turned out well. The worrying I need to cut down on because I have had way too many stress factors during this pregnancy, and I feel that may be the reason I lost the one twin. I know Dr's say stress does not cause loss or misscarriage, but I do not believe that at all. Anyways, I am trying my best to take it easy and keep my mind off things. I was doing ok this past week, but then last night all this restlessness came back...damnit!
I am dealing ok with the one loss, I keep trying to pick up the positive points about it, like how my body may not of handled carrying 2 babies, and this way I will be able to devote time to the one baby without all the craziness of dealing with 2 at a time, 2 of everything, and if I would have had 2, they may have been born alot earlier and had more health complications. But, the other day I found the last sonogram that was done with both of them on it, and I totally broke down. I really did want twins. See, I am a preschool teacher, and in my previous class, I had 3 sets at one time in my class. I've become somewhat of a pro with twins and I was really looking forward to this. Plus, my mom always wanted twins, and I guess that kinda carried down to me. My father was a twin, but I never knew his sister, she died before I was born, I think. BUT, on the other side of things, if we choose to have anymore after this one, my chances of conceiving twins again is very high. It runs in my family, I am older (37) and I have had multiple pregnancies, which are all factors. Just was planning on tying my tubes after this, but now that it's not twins I am not sure because since the age gap is so big between my youngest now and the baby coming, this one will pretty much be like an only child and I may want him/her to grow up with a sibling. We'll see though!
PHEW!! OK, I gotta get ready for work. Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Em&AmbersMomma 35 kids; Goodyear, Arizona 31462 posts
Jul 10th '07

Gosh, I know it is so great to be eating again!!! I don't think I ever remember in my lifetime getting a bug like that. It was so random!

Yeah, my hubby and I are perfect for each other. When we were in thr Trauma room the night Em died, the firefighter compassionate friend person said we were the most supportive couple see's seen!

Wow that is just amazing that you guys have been together that long! Did you guys do anything for your 5 year anaversary? It would've never worked if we met when I was 13, lol. I have gone through a lot since then!

Bathing suits? I would check out mother hood maternity. They seem to have a pretty good selection!

WElcome!!! Let us know when you sceduale your US. Is your one with the doc not coming up soon? We had to see it asap also. So we paid for one on the 5th (and it's a girl) and we are seeing my doctor on the 23rd. Then I should be getting this free one for RNS in training on the 8-11. Then I am also getting a 3d-4d one done sometime....Oh I am so excited!

Hope you get your little boy! Glad you are feeling alright. Hey you should remember all those pains from the last pregnancy. My uterus always feels awful!! LOL

Hey we just have the best group, there is no denying that :)

I think that is a lovely idea about taking away pay when the children aren't being cared for. Although, it should really be taking away the children. It just heats me up to hear about horrible parents. And then all these people killing their kids! Speaking of abuse, have you even heard of a boy named it, or something like that. It is a crazy book. It's a true story.

They are not good parents at all. She does want more kids. My brother tells her that they need to take care of debt first. At least that is stopping them for now! But those poor kids! I hope they learn real quick. I don't see a problem with a step dad being a dad. But be a real dad. Don't be a jerk!

LOL, if I was near I would get you some seafood for christmas!!! Make sure Darren brings you some to the hospital. Oren always joked that he would sneak me in a sex on the beach (my favorite cocktail) because I wanted to drink so badly pregnant.

I think the ultrasound pictures all depend on the tech. I got 2 with my 8 week and I am sure I will get more at my 18 week. The one I paid for I got 6!!!!

It just amazes me about your healthcare though! Do you have to pay anything monthly? Through work I pay 140/mn for ORen and my dental and health. To have a baby all I have to pay is 125 when I go to the hospital. And well I guess 15 for any blood draws.

You know, hospitals should be more thoughtful. But some aren't. I don't get it. I think it may be part of the numbing. Death didn't bother me at all after a while until Em died. I saw it so much at work, that I was happy when really sick older people died. Well, still kinda am, son't like to watch people suffer.

But I just don't undetrstand the whole carelessness with infant death. They came in the room after a little bit in the trauma room and said we needed to wrap it up. It's like you wrap it up when you lose your 4 day old!

But I know we pretty much give family as much time as they want with there loved ones. Well, you know they couldn't use up the ICU room forever. But we have never had to tell someone to leave, you know?

As far as your workmate. Just try not to be insensitive. I have this girl at work that is preggers. She is 8 weeks ahead of me. I cried when I found out. All she did was complain about her situation (she put herself in) and just everything. Now she always tells me about everything about her, but doesn't care about what I am going through, pain or joy. So my best advice, try to only be positive around her when talking about your pregnancy. It bugs me sometimes to hear complaining. Not really on here, well because that's what we are here for, lol. But when that's all I hear. I actually went to my managers about her. But my managers are horrible and told me to deal with it myself. Maybe you should try and talk to her and ask her how you could help and her comfort her, and maybe how you could try and make your pregnancy and whatnot easier for her. Everyone is different, but I know I love it when people actually take interust in listening to me, and my struggle and want to support me and actually care.

This same girl, came up to me about 2 or so months after I came back to work and gives me this fake hug and goes. I hope you are doing alright. I just wanted to let yo uknow I was thinking about you, and basically ran away. I could tell so much that she felt almost obligated to do this. Not cool!

But yeah, just be sensitive about things you say. I think that's something that gets me the things that people say sometimes! It will always be hard to see other kids, that can't be taken away. But others peoples actions and words and thoughts can help!!!

I hope I helped you :)

So have you never worked with her? This will start when you move offices?

I have and haven't started planning the babyshower. We think it will be like 11-3 or something. I have to let people know at work 1-2 months early because we do our sceduales a month at a time. So I guess I will start letting people know the date in like a month or two. But my sister will be the one planning it. I hate for her to do it again, but if she wants to she can!

You know I hate ebay now, I will not use it. I don't trust it anymore! I hope you get it soon!

Oh yeah, try some smoothies for that fruit. And the even better thing is if you end up puking, it taste good coming up!!! LOL

MMMM chunky fresh pineapple. The best!

NoI don't feel so bad. Take your vitamins and try and eat healthy!! I never eat so healthy. I hate veggies!

Glad your vacation is going well. Yeay for the belly! Sorry about the yeast infection still hanging on. I hope it goes away soon because I am pretty sure it's not toohealthy to be having one for so long! Good luck!

Oh planning a wedding is so fun! Not really any ideas on the thank you cards. I just bought some thank you cards and said thank you for blah blah.

ugh well I need to sign off. I am EXHUSTED. I have been busy doing something all day. I didn't mean to stay up this late again since I only have 2 more days off then back to being in bed no later than 8!!

Oh so I have tons of clothes for up to a year, so awhile before we found out it was a girl my mom got us some boy and girl cleanace clothes sizes 18-24 months. They are all SOOO CUTE. So today we were at the store and I saw a 12 mn outfit for 5 bucks! TOTALLY CUTE also. So I showed my mom when I got home and she just laughed at me and said, yeah it's not like you don't have enough clothes as it is.

I almost want to like take pictures of them and post it up here!! LOL, yeah, I am a dork!