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Mar 20th '09
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Mar 20th '09

awwww hunny I'm sorry for your loss. Time they do say is a great healer but losing a child is a very hard thing to heal from. I'm sorry again hunny. It may help to post about it, talking will help alot too. Only if and when you're ready. Congrats on the new baby x*x

-M@NDIE- 67 kids; New Mexico 26521 posts
Mar 20th '09

time doesn't heal the wounds, but things do get easier as time goes by, you could ask my mom that, my baby brother died of SIDS at 11 days old, he would have turned 15 this coming july.

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Mar 20th '09

everything? no but most of it... please talk really it helps heal trust me i spent 3 years bottled up in my own hatred(s) u dont heal unless u let go a bit and share ur story who knows u could learn something and i know how hard it is but it gets easier

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Mar 20th '09
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Mar 20th '09

Our first son was stillborn many years ago, and i'm still not over it. I used to think about him all day every day, after about a year after our loss i thought of him less, and it didn't hurt quite as much. I've since had more late losses, but i've never gotten over losing our first born, it aches deeply in my heart.

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Mar 20th '09

thanks ladies I think later I will post my story then..... Thanks again

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Mar 20th '09

I am sorry about your angel. Time will only heal the pain some but you will always think of your child.That is just your motherly instinct to love and protect your baby. I am happy to see that you have another baby now. Hold her tight andtell her that you lover her everyday

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Mar 22nd '09

Time does not heal all wounds. They stop gaping open eventually. Scar tissue starts to form... But only minor wounds are truly healed even over the course of a lifetime. Losing a child is in no way a minor wound. It will always be there. But eventually it stops gaping open and bleeding everywhere.

Talking about your angel will help you. If you ever need to talk, I'm a PM away.

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Mar 26th '09

So sorry to hear of your loss. We also lost a son while he was sleeping at 6 weeks old. The most horrible thing imaginable. Times does not heal all wounds, but it is the cushion that allows you to feel normal and alive again. The first year I could not talk about it at all. On the anniversary of his death I forced myself to share publically in my church about him and where I was personally one year later. That was so difficult... almost didn't make it through, but also healing. That night I had my one and only dream about Jack. The second year I began to force myself to mention him. I still was not prepared to talk in any depth, but had to mention his life, his birth, his existence.Happieness was back. Still healing... I'm on year three and it still hurts terribly when I think of him, but I do feel like life is back on track. I have had another child since then and am pregnant with my fourth now. So... no, time does not heal everything. That will always be a large open wound, but it can allow you to become what you once were... if you let it.