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Mar 19th '09

first and foremost: this is a support forum not a political debate forum-- if you want to debate or rant for or against abortion-- please do so either in our debate & discuss forums or in the stickies provided in the pro-life thread or the pro-choice thread. (there will be text links to the stickys and d&d forum to send those people on their merry way)

the stories and feelings shared here are part of the life-altering struggle that many women encounter when faced w/ their inborn capacity to make life despite never having intended to do so.

We kindly ask that you adhere to the following rules:

1) Do not get personal. Please do not resort to name calling. We are here to share our stories and give support as we see fit. This is not a place to attack abortion survivors b/c you're angry at them. Take it to D & D, write a rant in kicking & screaming, yell at your computer, but please, respect the fact that this is a place for women to give support to those who've had to deal first-hand w/ abortion for whatever reason.

2) Avoid prejudiced epithets. Usage of racial, sexual, or gender slurs is inflammatory, and adds nothing of substance to a discussion. You do not have to like a group of people, but please respect that the majority of users find such language highly offensive.

3) All users have a right to hold any opinion they'd like. We highly value freedom of speech here. Not everyone believes what you believe, and they are not wrong for having a different opinion. This ties in with rule #1, you don't have to like the opinion, but don't attack the person for having it.

4)IF someone is behaving in an unsupportive and/or inflammatory manner, please refrain from engaging them by replying to them in the forum and instead simply contact a Supermoderator or let us know about it in the moderator's discussion thread.

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Mar 19th '09

Amen Mara!

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Mar 19th '09

Thanks Mara.

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Mar 19th '09

:D :D :D

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Great Idea MARA!!

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This is awesome.

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Very nice!

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SWEET! I'm so glad this is finally up and running. You rock Mara.

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Great idea! Thank you Mara!

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This is too awesome!