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Jan 10th '09


I have a 10 month old....he was born 06-07-08 he is the best son.

I want a place here where we can all chat, b***h, and talk about what we are going through during our pregnancies!

I only request no DRAMA, Lets keep religion and politics out of discussion for it could possibly offend someone...but everything else so far is open game!

So lets Start off by introducing ourselves

I am Amanda...I am 27 years old. I am due 9/20 with #2 I got married Nov. 1st 2008 and have a wonderful son and Husband. I live in Lakeland FL and we are trying to buy a house right now. I babysit and my husband works full time and goes to the University of South FL

I want a place where we can post bump pics when we start to show come on ladies and introduce yourself!


Cathy (wvbeetlebug)- Sept 1st
Sheena (sheena May!)- Sept 1st PINK TEAM
Christi (Eliana's mommy)- Sept 1st
(cristel)- Sept 1st PINK TEAM
(ashh)- Sept 1st
(Ozark Girl)- Sept 1st BLUE TEAM
(CWalker)- Sept 2nd
Jennifer (Momma to be 9.2.09)- Sept 2nd PINK TEAM
Samantha (Samantha AM)- Sept 2nd
(Smore09)- Sept 2nd
(precious angel)- Sept 2nd
(xXbia.Xx)- Sept 2nd
(x3babiigrlx3)- Sept 2nd
(Casey Nichols)- Sept 2nd BLUE TEAM
(SummersMaMa)- Sept 2nd PINK TEAM
Kylie ( youngmum25)- Sept 3rd
Brittany (Preggers in WV)- Sept 3rd
(CoutureMommy2B)- Sept 3rd
crystal (jumperc)- Sept 3rd
Jeanie (Jeanie Kadinee)- Sept 3rd
Rudi (vAbAbY_oNtHeWaY<3)- Sept 3rd
(mari88_01)- Sept 3rd
(Princessnadia)- Sept 3rd
(Krystal & Baby O'Donoghue)- Sept 3rd PINK TEAM
(Vicious Romantic [20wks])- Sept 3rd PINK TEAM
(Rainbow Love) - Sept 3rd BLUE TEAM
(mama ♥ (21wks) - Sept 3rd PINK TEAM
(DGebert)- Sept 4th
Danielle (piscesmom89)- Sept 4th
Briana (Briana Perez)- Sept 4th
(amyirene74)- Sept 4th
casie (Cmmccann05)- Sept 4th BLUE TEAM
Sarah (I ♥ my Ryanor)- Sept 4th
M'Lissa (M'Lissa's knocked up)- Sept 4th
Brittany (Scared momma to be)- Sept 4th
(Rackminac)- Sept 4th
Jamie (Jamienicolew)- Sept 4th
(New*mommy*2*be)- Sept 4th
megan (megan)- Sept 4th
(Snowflake711) -Sept 4th, BLUE TEAM
(Brittany [23 weeks])- Sept 4th PINK TEAM
(* DC's Mommy *(28 wks))- Sept 4th BLUE TEAM
AShley C.(Ash C. 9/5/09)- Sept. 5th
Megan (precioustaz)- Sept 5th PINK TEAM
Natasha (Natasha Mama)- Sept 5th
(workinonababy)- Sept 5th
Jessica (kittykatjs)- Sept 5th
(Beckzilla)- Sept 5th
(Wired88 )- Sept 5th PINK TEAM
(Mommy to Be 9/5/09 ♥)- Sept 5th BLUE TEAM
eggos_preggo- Sept 5 PINK TEAM
(JEllis30)- Sept 6th
Trisha (Trisha66)- Sept 6th BLUE TEAM
(elle86)- Sept 6th
(Cassandra83)- Sept 6th
Kathie (kathiekryptonite)- Sept 6th
(Mommy to be.. Sept 6th,09)- Sept 6th BLUE TEAM
(Leah Teal)- Sept 6th BLUE TEAM
Lizzie (Lizzie765)- Sept 7th
Megan (Mommy to be 9-7-09)- Sept 7th PINK TEAM
Caitlin (So Impatient)- Sept 7th
Melissa (Melis)- Sept 7th PINK TEAM
(SweetBabyZ)- Sept 7th PINK TEAM
(\Regan&Kris/)- Sept 7th BLUE TEAM
(Tyffani♥) - Sept 7th PINK TEAM
Julie (miss julie)- Sept 8th PINK TEAM
(ladyfitz)- Sept 8th
rachel(snowflake711)- Sept 8th
caoimha (sparkle_mum)- Sept 8th
(chelbel&&baby)- Sept 8th BLUE TEAM
(mamamia2b)- Sept 8th
(JmeD)- Sept 8th
(September Mommy TEAM PINK)- Sept 8th PINK TEAM
(Tyler'sMomma)- Sept 8th PINK TEAM
KJ0525 - Sept 8 PINK TEAM
saara ([[9/9/09]])- Sept 9th
gazelle (gozzy)- Sept 9th
Holly (HollyBojangles)- Sept 9th
rachel (Rachel Anne)- Sept 9th
Jericha (NewYearsEveSurprise08)- Sept 9th
(Zafire)- Sept 9th
Joy (kymom07)- Sept 9th
(labobo)- Sept 9th
( *Mommy2Be*09)- Sept 9th BLUE TEAM
Dominique ( aijuswhanakno)- Sept 9th
(cocoacola)- Sept 9th
(xpectingour1st)- Sept 9th BLUE TEAM
(x0trina)- Sept 9th
(*MAMAZ DANiELLAZ-09/09/09)- Sept 9th BLUE TEAM
(~Proud Mommy 2 B~)- Sept 9th BLUE TEAM
(♥Beth)- Sept 9th BLUE TEAM
Sara (sazzers)- Sept 10th
Sarah(Lily's M0mmy)- Sept 10th
Ashley (ashmcc)- Sept 10th
Karly (KarlyAmanda89)- Sept 10th
(BrandNewBaby)- Sept 10th
(zanygirl83)- Sept 10th
Annise(|*8weeks =))- Sept 10th
(Expecting # 3 Yeah!!!!!)- Sept 10th
(ariel's mommy)- Sept 10th BLUE TEAM
(First Time Mommy To Be)- Sept 11th
Bonnie (bonniehusted)- Sept 11th PINK TEAM
(Mrs. Valentin)- Sept 11th
(corincic)- Sept 11th
krystal (Sadisticangel83)- Sept 11th
Jennifer (jas7797)- Sept 11th
(Laydee B)- Sept 11th BLUE TEAM
(Jessie_Rae21)- Sept 11th PINK TEAM
(Rita C )- Sept 11th PINK TEAM
Ashley(ashnicoleo9.14.o9)- Sept 12th
Ashley(**Ashley**)- Sept 12th
Angel (Dede15)- Sept 12th PINK TEAM
(Sunny-Mommy)- Sept 12th
Tara (brigmama)- Sept 12th
Jenny ( Laydee B)- Sept 12th
emily (emily0911)- Sept 12th BLUE TEAM x2
(KLT816)- Sept 12th
(bring on the baby bump!)- Sept 12th PINK TEAM
(KELLY **Team Pink**)- Sept 12th PINK TEAM
(CharlotteTwin momma(2 boys) - Sept 12th BLUE TEAM
(EriBear)- Sept 12 BLUE TEAM
(Kaida&Avery's Mama)- Sept 12 PINK TEAM
(babytierney)- Sept 13th BLUE TEAM
Brittney (Brittney Brossard)- Sept 13th
ToniAnne (due in september ♥)- Sept 13th
Simone (mom2pne)- Sept 13th BLUE TEAM
(mommyto3angels)- Sept 13th
(Jordan's girl)- Sept 13th PINK TEAM
AArika (Mommy To Be & of 1 Angel)- Sept 14th
Evette ( Lovin My Muffin )- Sept 14th
Ashley (Ash83)- Sept 14th
Jillian (CaptainJillian)- Sept 14th
Haylee (HayBee)- Sept 14th
(ultimatemama)- Sept 14th
Ashleigh(tiredmommy)- Sept 14th
Kayla (hystericheartbeat)- Sept 14th
Krystal ( Krystal922)- Sept 14th BLUE TEAM
Jessica (*Jessica-n-Calvin*)- Sept 14th PINK TEAM
Ashley (patey.face)- Sept 14th BLUE TEAM
(Miracle #2 is Coming)- Sept 14th
(Tatum's_New_Life{9/14/09)-Sept 14th
(Meghan&George)- Sept 14th PINK TEAM
(*MomaK*)- Sept 14th SURPRISE TEAM
(Shy [Pregnant Barbie]-LSM)- Sept 14th BLUE TEAM
(alura . 19 wks♥)- Sept 14th PINK TEAM
(*MommaK* )- Sept 14th BLUE TEAM
(7 MORE WEEKS!!!)- Sept 14th BLUE TEAM
Danielle (Danielle A)- Sept. 15th
(quoiam)- Sept 15th PINK TEAM
Kristen (Kristen Rhea)- Sept 15th
(Shena2008)- Sept 15th BLUE TEAM
Keisha (SouthernCharm85)- Sept 15th
(aprilnyc)- Sept 15th
(ladighost)- Sept 15th
(yizel)- Sept 15th
Nikki(nikki3)- Sept 15th
(Eileen & her lil parasite)- Sept 15th BLUE TEAM
Janaye(Janaye...Kennedee is 7 mo)- Sept 15th
(mjgirl89)- Sept 15th
(stevens)- Sept 15th
(walkers_wifey)- Sept 15th
Jojo (inactive)- Sept 15th
(Barbie B (TEAM BLUE))- Sept 15th BLUE TEAM
(Mimi Gold) -Sept 15th PINK TEAM
(TabithaLove)- Sept 16th SURPRISE TEAM
Valerie (Kristine33)- Sept 16th
Erin (EriBear)- Sept 16th
(Lorraine1979)- Sept 16th BLUE TEAM
laurenannec)- Sept 16th
(Jackie(♥Momma Squishyϖ)- Sept 16th
emily (☮♥&Kali)- Sept 16th
(jenny_denny)- Sept 16th
(Mrs_Richardet)- Sept 16th
( Sept 16th
(ERiN.[18W] )- Sept 16th PINK TEAM
(daegans mommy)- Sept 16th BLUE TEAM
Jessica (Jessica and Steven)- Sept 17th BLUE TEAM
Kori (Mommie Kori) - Sept 17th
Alexa (asharif)- Sept 17th
Brittany (..Brittany..)- Sept 17th
(krystalmine)- Sept 17th
Laura( Laura Nicole 23) -Sept 17th
kelly(kelis)- Sept 17th
(Brandi Montgomery) - Sept 17th BLUE TEAM
(dee648)- Sept 17th
Akay (it's a GIRL!)- Sept 17 - PINK TEAM
Tabitha (tabithalove)- Sept 18th
Sarah A. (catkins9)- Sept 18th
Kristin (kirstindana)- Sept 18th
Stacee (xXProudBabiMamaXx)- Sept 18th
Jessica (~*Mommy Adams*~)- Sept 18th PINK TEAM
Erica (Erica_Dawn)- Sept 18th
Jennifer (momma 2 be!!)- Sept 18th
Amy (Momma Bear 2 Be!)- Sept 18th
(amperez)- Sept 18th
(cryddle7)- Sept 18th
(USMCwif07)- Sept 18 BLUE TEAM
Kara (dazzle☆me +2)- Sept 19th
Eliza (waiting...)- Sept 19th
Kristen (+kristen+)- Sept 19th
(ukmom88)- Sept 19th
(ocmom)- Sept 19th
( jenny31052)- Sept 19th
(sarahly)- Sept 19th BLUE TEAM
(baby323)- Sept 19th BLUE TEAM
(jdawgg)- Sept 19th PINK TEAM
China Rose & Maximus[BBM]- Sept 19th BLUE TEAM
Amanda OP (Baby Chloe due 9/20/09)- Sept 20th PINK TEAM
(Preggo~Pisces)- Sept 20th
(Sely22)- Sept 20th
(it's finally positive)- Sept 20th
liz (lizrex11)- Sept 20th
(taylorleigh)-Sept 20th
catherine (springbaby)- Sept 20th
(miraclebaby7)- Sept 20th
(pinkie1921)- Sept 20th BLUE TEAM
(HaileyPilley)- Sept 20th PINK TEAM
(Makaelyn's Mommy)- Sept 20th PINK TEAM
(Alyssa Grace's Mommy)- Sept 20th PINK TEAM
Rachel (nervouosmommy3)- Sept 21st BLUE TEAM
(kaidens mama +1)- Sept 21st
Brandy (Baby Desotell)- Sept 21st
Melissa ( northwind)- Sept 21st
(CrimsonMoon)- Sept 21st
Shayna (Shayna(airmans wife)- Sept 21st
MaryBeth (Marybeth09)- Sept 21st
(jspez888)- Sept 21st
Marion (ImmaBeAMommy)- Sept 21st BLUE TEAM
(Jess Cherry)- Sept 21st BLUE TEAM
(Mommy Gilbert)- Sept 21st
(Danielle7002)- Sept 21st
(courtleigh)- Sept 21st
(Baby♥Boy♥Maker )- Sept 21st BLUE TEAM
(Cynthia&Michael)- Sept 21st BLUE TEAM
PregaLiciouS.- Sept 21 BLUE TEAM
ty (havingsethssibling)- Sept 22nd
(Brandi Babyy! [=)- Sept 22nd PINK TEAM
(Jenni_Denny)- Sept 22 BLUE TEAM
(Waiting on my lil man)- Sept 22nd BLUE TEAM
Laura (Laura due 2009)- Sept 23rd
Brittney( mrs. brittney torres)- Sept 23rd
(Jennifer0Lily)- Sept 23rd
(Blue Eyed Baby)- Sept 23rd
Karen (chickey)- Sept 24th PINK TEAM
(rana9801)- Sept 24th
(Braindens_mommy)- Sept 24th
(Khryssie77)- Sept 24th
Lucy7-Sept 24th PINK TEAM
(toki4004)- Sept 24th
(Ketty)- Sept 24th PINK TEAM
Shannon ( ♥shannon♥ )- Sept 25th
Sarah (lilsarahboo)- Sept 25th
(KND0727)- Sept 25th PINK TEAM
(~C.a.i.t.l.y.n~)- Sept 25th
Heather ( shorty_2121)- Sept 25th
Kristin (krisg221)- Sept 25th
(babyangel110)- Sept 25th
Heather (shorty_2121)- Sept 25th
(**Shayna**)- Sept 26th
(ejd0009)- Sept 26th
(MiSs gayLe MaRiE)- Sept 26th BLUE TEAM
(It's DD)- Sept 26th
(GypsyCampTrash)- Sept 27th
(Mama Cherry)- Sept 27th
(marine wife & mommy)- Sept 27th
Kristen (armywife1218)- Sept 27th
(kRiStY39429)- Sept 27th PINK TEAM
(kristin*ashley)- Sept 27th BLUE TEAM
(Brittany Miller)- Sept 27th
(Pearlygirl)- Sept 28th PINK TEAM
Katie (*~ღKatie Anneღ)- Sept 28th, PINK TEAM
Raya(waitin4blssn)- Sept 29th
Lisa (Lisa Lyon)- Sept 29th
Kate (kate88)- Sept 29th
mandi (Jaidens-mommy[pb08]- Sept 29th
Liz (LizC)- Sept 29th
(Ash ;])- Sept 29th BLUE TEAM
(lilyansmom)- Sept 30th
( firewife0606)- Sept 30th
( GiselaMarie)- Sept 30th
Crystal (SuperGirl)- Sept 30th
Tammy (gababy09)-Sept 30th
(Sumer28)- Sept 30th
(soon to be mommy of 2!)- Oct 4th

Our Angel mommies-

Babies born to soon
* Baby Denise Due Sept 5th...born May 18th 8oz 9.5inches long....Rest in peace little angel!

Kristen515 2 kids; Savannah, Georgia 19594 posts
Jan 10th '09

Holy Crap!! Sept 09 babies already???!? I just had my Sept 08 baby like last week, lol. :shock: Time is flying!

MamaCass{+JOEW} 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Pennsylvania 42368 posts
Jan 10th '09

Hopefully I'll get to be a part of this thread...but I won't know for a few more days!

~She stole my heart~ 1 child; Ohio 453 posts
Jan 10th '09
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CGBSmommy TTC since Oct 2016; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Deltona, FL, United States 11038 posts
Jan 10th '09
Quoting KSmith:
*~Terra~* 65 kids; Montgomery, Pennsylvania 32918 posts
Jan 10th '09

Wishing you all happy & healthy pregnancies!!!!!!

No longer here at BG California 3488 posts
Jan 10th '09

Im due september 2nd. very excited!

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Jan 10th '09
Quoting Cassidy ♥ J&J:
Natalye 2 kids; Hazleton, Pennsylvania 6813 posts
Jan 10th '09

I thought June was forever away, but now that i see Sept. mama's, my day is coming pretty quick! lol

CGBSmommy TTC since Oct 2016; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Deltona, FL, United States 11038 posts
Jan 10th '09
Quoting Natalye
mama gee. 3 kids; Cincinnati, Ohio 29211 posts
Jan 10th '09

MY name is Ashley. I am due September 14th. I already have one child and she will be TWOon June 14th!! My babies will beexactly 27 months apart.I am getting married in April of this year and I am going back to school to be an STNA in February. I'm soooo excited! I can't wait for September.

bia. 4 kids; ., ., Portugal 102643 posts
Jan 10th '09
Quoting KSmith:
♥ Ashley + 2 2 kids; South Point, Ohio 4610 posts
Jan 10th '09
Quoting KSmith:
jazzzzz* 2 kids; Beverly Hills, California 7558 posts
Jan 10th '09

june seems soo soon

Gold 3 kids; Stuffed with a, ., Turkey 67018 posts
Jan 10th '09
Quoting Natalye