Signs from those we've lost... ✂ Calabaza✂ 18 kids; Arizona 18142 posts
Dec 16th '08

I love to hear these stories. They give me so much hope and make my days a bit easier. What are some signs you've gotten from loved ones you have lost. Whether it be a SO, a child, a sibling, parents, friend, etc... Tell me your stories. Maybe this thread will give others the inspiration I know it will bring me.

dylan's here 1-2-09 2 kids; Pennsylvania 289 posts
Dec 16th '08

i agree that we do get signs from loved ones lost. i've lost my mother, stepmother and both grandmothers. i'm a mother to a daughter and expecting a soon very soon and i'm convinced that they've help guide me on the journey of motherhood. none of them were alive to see me become a mother but i know they watch and smile, frown or put an extra thought in my head when i need it.

aeu 1 child; Texas 4487 posts
Dec 16th '08

before my grandma passed, my mom and i told her to leave us quarters....after she passed we find quarters in the most unusual places! i was getting icecream the other day and i was fidgeting with the glass and at the bottom i came across a quarter..weird!

ang_turtle+3.5 Due August 3; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Cincinnati, OH, United States 19591 posts
Dec 16th '08

I know this isn't quite the story you where looking for but here's something that freaked me out. Two summers ago I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep had my eyes closed and then suddenly it looked like there was a white flash, as it looked like someone was standing there had taken a picture, and i opened my eyes really quick and all of the sudded my grandma had popped into my head and i couldn't stop thinking about her, the next day my mom called me to tell me she had died the night before at the time when that had happened to me. I was super freaked out.

~~~DINZ~~~ 3 kids; Bangor, Pennsylvania 25038 posts
Dec 16th '08

My BFF Murphy died in a bad car accident September 06. I asked him for a sign(keep in mind he was a HUGE prankster) so the next morning I woke up and couldnt fine my bra anywhere! I left it on my dresser across the room, and it ended up completely under my bed! Then one day i was really missing him and he came to me in a dream, we were in a backroom of a library and he just sat there and said" I love you baby girl(alwayscalled me that) and everything will be fine, I am happy." Then the last time I dreamt about him I asked him to tell god I realllllly wanted a baby. One month to the day that he died, i concieved!

***Breezie*** Due July 28; 2 kids; Vancouver, Washington 302 posts
Dec 16th '08

I think my grandpa sends me ladybugs. I see them all the time. He passed 3 years ago on the 19th of december. I also think someone sends me hummingbirds but Im not sure who

ang_turtle+3.5 Due August 3; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Cincinnati, OH, United States 19591 posts
Dec 16th '08

just wanted to add the white flash was just what it would have looked like if someone had taken a picture and the flash had gone off. i reread it and it sounded funny to me so i thought i'd clarify

Duncan's Mommy 1 child; Illinois 1520 posts
Dec 16th '08

After my Grandpa passed away, my television would randomly turn on and off and change channels. I'm convinced it was him, when he was alive he always played practical jokes on me like changing the channel from the other room to try and spook me. Shortly after my son was born, his battery operated aquarium would turn on and off with now one around it. I still say its his way of saying he's here and watching over us.

pfffft 2 kids; Oklahoma 17345 posts
Dec 16th '08

I haven't in a while..but I wake up randomly in the middle of the night and feel like someone is staring at me..

:/ its always scared me..

because I was alone

I always thought maybe it was my mom or neice I could feel in the room with me.

army wife & mommy 1 child; Fort Drum, New York 891 posts
Dec 16th '08

I think they show signs when they know we definitely need it or just to let us know they are there. When my grandmother was alive, she ONLY wore Chanel #5 perfume. Also she used to smoke and the combination of the two scentswas surprisingly relaxing to me cuz it reminds me of her. One night when my husband and I were still just dating, we started talking about marriage and kids and out of no where I smelled that combination that could honestly only belong to my grandmother. I smelled the same exact smell when my husband proposed to me and when we found out I was pregnant. I honestly believe that my grandmother has been with me all this time, letting me know that she's happy with the way my life is going and that helps me more than I think she or anyone else will ever realize.

2+Brynn+Irelynn♥ 2 kids; Belton, Texas 29943 posts
Dec 16th '08

One Christmas like 6 or 7 years back we were sitting around our dining room table talking about our grandpa that we really missed. We were all sharing stories about him and just saying how great he was. When I walked into the kitchen to clear my plate, I looked over at this wooden hutch that we have on the wall that he made and the door was OPEN all the way! I called everybodie in and we closed it, and we went back to the other room to open presents and came back and it was open again! Now this cabinet is HARD to open it's sticky, and it hasn't EVER popped open since.

Another one...My Aunt who was completely devoted to my uncle took care of him through his altzheimers until he died from it. One day she went into her bedroom (she lives entirely alone in the middle of nowhere) she found a rose on her pillow. She said that also she was in the kitchen making lunch one afternoon when she felt like someone pinched her butt twice, and she said she knew it was my uncle.

.Mommy.[40] 18 kids; Beverly Hills, California 21297 posts
Dec 16th '08

4 Years ago my great grandpa had a heart attack and died.
It was a big shock because the doctors told us he was healthy before he died.
Two weeks after he died my little cousin AJ, his favorite great grandson was taking a picture in front of my grandpas truck dressed up like a cowboy and in the background was a transparent image of my tata.
Sunglasses and all.
It was crazy.

Tavie's mama 3 kids; Toronto, Ontario 19212 posts
Dec 16th '08

your photos are wondergull

Natalye 2 kids; Hazleton, Pennsylvania 6813 posts
Dec 16th '08

My grandfather passed away in March 2007 and he didn't get to even see his grandson, he was so special to me. I miss him more and more everyday. I know he is a proud grandpa watching my son from heaven.

✂ Calabaza✂ 18 kids; Arizona 18142 posts
Dec 16th '08

I have several of my own to share...

The weekend after Gunner died, I begged and begged for a sign that he was alright and could still hear me. I had almost given up hope a couple of hours later. But I looked out the door and it was snowing like crazy. It wasn't even very cold. It snowed for 5 minutes and then it was gone.

In all the times I've flown on an airplane, I have never experienced serious turbulence. On my flights to and from AZ I literally thought the plane was going to fall out of the sky a couple of times. Then I thought back to a couple of months before Gunner was born. My husband and I went on a Marine Corps field trip (as I call it) and we had to ride on a crappy old military bus. It was bouncing so hard that I could feel Gunner sloshing around in my stomach. In the middle of the turbulence I just busted out laughing, thinking this was probably my payback for that. Everyone on the plane looked at me like I was crazy.

When my grand-dad passed, we were driving back from New Mexico. We were very near to our home in Kansas when we saw the most spectacular rainbow I have ever seen. Since that time, my mom and sister (they were both very close to him) have seen exceptionally bright rainbows numerous times when they were in need of some hope.

When I was in AZ visiting last week, we saw a beautiful rainbow. I wondered to myself if it was a sign from my grand-daddy that Gunner is with him and they are watching over us. I was having a very hard day thinking about coming back here to NC the next day. A little but later when we were shopping the store was playing Christmas music. I was upset because I just don't want to deal with Christmas right now. In the middle of the Christmas songs, Amazing Grace came on. It played through 2 verses. At the time it upset me greatly. I sang Amazing Grace to Gunner over and overwhile he was in the NICU. I also sang it to him after he died. After I got home I started thinking about it, and Amazing Grace is not a Christmas song and I've never heard it used as one. And why would they only play 2 verses instead of the whole song? Another sign from Gunner.

The next day on my way home, I was very, very upset.While 37,000 feet above the earth I saw numerous rainbows and after it got dark, a shooting star. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. It seemed so close. On the drive home I was getting more and more sick thinking about coming back to this place. I saw two more shooting stars. One of which my husband saw as well.