Crazy Babyshower (tons of pics) Hit Girl 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17837 posts
Oct 19th '08

!So on friday October 17th I had my babyshower. It was amazing. I was very nervous at first because a day before my party the hall decided to do construction. With only 8 hours to fix that hall up we made it through. Some of my guests even saw me with sweats on still decorating the hall. With over 200 !! guests I couldnt have asked for a better babyshower. Even though it seemed ike everything was going wrong after months of planning God blessed us. It was truly amazing....

The liquor
We had to go buy 4 more boxes of beer in the middle of the party!
Beautiful. WOW.
img_3480.jpgdadaddy and me (i designed my dress myself:D)
yummy lol

Wow look at that crowd!
My beautiful dress designed by mua..and yes i wore heels. hehe
img_3527.jpgMy babymoms
Lovely bartenders! She had a sexy bra and got hundreds in tips. =P
img_3530.jpgthe toilet paper game. We also had the game where the men drink beer out of the bottles but they all ripped the top and cheated. hehe. i gave out prizes
img_3535.jpgThe lady who made all of this happen. my mom.
img_3531.jpgMy dad with my aunts. haha
img_3555.jpgMy change of dress. .
img_3543.jpgShes my princess:
The two pregos
img_3590.jpgimg_3591.jpgThe THREE pregos
img_3592.jpgDj BigPaul NYC doing his thing
img_3572.jpgDancing the night away: Everyone had a blast. They all went home at 3am.
7 hours of fun. fun. fun.
img_3583.jpgimg_3577.jpgsooo many people. It was crowdedimg_3565.jpgLook I can do it too babesend of the night
We were so tired
The crib was overflowing, and so was my joy.
The giftsimg_3605.jpgIm so happy for those who supported us on this day.
In total I got :
4 bouncers ! [3 of the same ones}
sooooo many clothes
play yard
plenty diapers,wipes,lotions
avent sanitizer and dr browns
and much more too long to list. lol
oo and gift cards:D
sorry so many pics.

THANKS for watching =].

LysP 2 kids; Turner, Me, United States 10882 posts
Oct 19th '08

thats bigger than my wedding, holy shit..

you are blessed.

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Oct 19th '08

Aww my goodness that looks like so so much fun. I had like 4 people at mine lol. It was so lame. You guys looked like you had a blast!

ForeverB&Kolton Due October 31; 1 child; Nevada 9168 posts
Oct 19th '08

It looks really good! BUT may I ask why you had alcohol at your baby shower?!

MariaAlexisNJCIII(ASD) 66 kids; Sterling, Illinois 11521 posts
Oct 19th '08

awesomr gratz...............never seen a babyshower like that lol

CamBree' Mom 1 child; Sandusky, Ohio 487 posts
Oct 19th '08

Holy Hell!!!!!! That was more like a party then a baby shower!!!!! Hope you had fun!!!!

A L I C E Due November 25; 2 kids; Raleigh, NC, United States 10922 posts
Oct 19th '08

damn it looked like the place to be lol. Your cake looks good and beautiful decorations. My friend her liquor at her shower too, nothing wrong with that. people wanna drink

The Goblin King Due July 2; 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Ocala, FL, United States 14966 posts
Oct 19th '08

you really went all out lol

McLeary 2 kids; New York 22378 posts
Oct 19th '08

holy hell woman! Reminds me of MTV's "my sweet sixteen"

looks like a blast!

^-^ Rawr + 2 2 kids; Big Spring, Tx, United States 10793 posts
Oct 19th '08

Wow! I wish my babyshower was that much fun!

By the end of mine half the people were arguing lol.

Hit Girl 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17837 posts
Oct 19th '08
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Freckleface Watermelon 18 kids; Dallas, Texas 37756 posts
Oct 19th '08

Wow!!! That looks like fun! Congrats :D

GHOST™ California 16651 posts
Oct 19th '08

Great pictures!

I love the one where your dad is dancing with your tias, ahahaha. You look great and your daughter is going to be gorgeous.

A L I C E Due November 25; 2 kids; Raleigh, NC, United States 10922 posts
Oct 19th '08
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Jonell ♥ Mikayla 4 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 4334 posts
Oct 19th '08

Damn I wish I could of had a baby shower like that.. U know ALOT of ppl.. Well congrats