"Are you still here?" Jessica M 4 kids; Texas 111 posts
Aug 20th '08

Does anyone have any catchy phrases for the folks that always insist on acting so surprised that you are still pregnant???

I got that same reaction 3 times this morning!!!

iNinja Jackson, Missouri 11013 posts
Aug 20th '08

"No. I'm an illusion."
While you're saying that, stick your arms out and wiggle your fingers in their face.

Morgan & Logan 2 kids; College Station, Texas 4825 posts
Aug 20th '08

Nope it a beer belly

Steph & Rose 1 child; Kansas 2968 posts
Aug 20th '08

It's just something I ate.

The ℰffin' D! 2 kids; New York 26316 posts
Aug 20th '08

Yea, I like him so much, I'm going to keep him in here for a little longer! :wink:

d_ 1 child; Tennessee 179 posts
Aug 20th '08

Lately I've been saying, "Oh, I had my baby six months ago. Do I still look pregnant?"