Baby Room (finally done) Yay!! Js Mom Due October 9 (boy); 1 child; Texas 323 posts
Aug 16th '08

Ok yall, its finally done! I love how it came together! I cant stop looking at it.


Steph ♥'s her girls Texas 4450 posts
Aug 16th '08

OH I love it

Dest ♥ [EP pro] 33 kids; Goose Creek, South Carolina 13392 posts
Aug 16th '08

I like it alot!! Especially the crib bedding, it is adorable

♥Jayleen's Mommy 1 child; Watsonville, California 184 posts
Aug 16th '08

Its soo cute! love the colors...=]

AC'S MOMMY!! 1 child; Paterson, New Jersey 369 posts
Aug 16th '08

soooooo cute!!!! so jealous!!

user banned Due March 21; 1 child; Colorado 67779 posts
Aug 16th '08

oh. my. god.

this room is gorgeous, you should be so proud of yourself!!!

Social Butterfly ღ 51 kids; Missouri 1517 posts
Aug 16th '08

I love love love it mama! Great Job ")

*~Rachel♥'sLIS~* 3 kids; California 19369 posts
Aug 16th '08

I love it, its so cute, that is the exact bedding set I wanted if I have another girl, its adorable:) I love orange and pink together.

Ashley[bbylove] Rys Mum 1 child; Michigan 679 posts
Aug 16th '08

wow that is SO cute.. I love the colors!! I wish I had a room like that when I was little. lol

~She stole my heart~ 1 child; Ohio 453 posts
Aug 16th '08

I love it!!!! Im jealous!!!~ Looks like you put in a lotta hard work!!!~ Go momma!!!~:D:D

~*Nessa*~ Elma, Washington 416 posts
Aug 16th '08

That is too cute!!! I love it, It's the perfect baby girls room!:D

Maggiekins 2 kids; Florida 14198 posts
Aug 16th '08

Good job! I had that nursery set picked out, in case I found out I was having a girl. Tropical Punch, right? It's sooooadorable, and you made the walls match nicely! It's an awesome nursery!

Jelly b**bs! Seattle, Washington 872 posts
Aug 16th '08


You can totally come do my room for my next baby!
I would sooooo pay you to do it too!


Whoa Baby! 4 kids; Wisconsin 2619 posts
Aug 16th '08

Totally Jealous! If I had a room for you to do, I'd book ya hehe Good work mama!

....---..f.- 2 kids; Beverly Hills, California 18303 posts
Aug 16th '08

aww i love're all done!! you are due a day before me and im not done yet...i know what i want its just hard to find exactly what im picturing in my!!!! i hope i can be done soon