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Nov 18th

Hey ladies, 
it’s been years since I’ve been on this site. Probably 10+ years. My son is almost 13 now, I’m 32, I’ve been a single mom for 10 years, though it has its ups and downs, I love every minute of it. I work hard, and my boy is such a good respectful boy. 
anyways, as all of us on this site, love being moms so much, I do also. I want another baby, my son has asked me over and over again, when I’m going to meet someone so he can have a baby sister to protect. 
well, as expected, I’m not just going to settle, and my time is devoted to my boy. Small town = not much for dating options. I’m not getting younger. 
mover the past few months I’ve filled out application after application for adoption of a baby. And I never imagined it would be so hard to get accepted to adopt as a single mother. My dreams have been shot down. AI also seems to be difficult as well. However I recently found a place 4 hours away from me, it’s pretty costly, but they will do an insemination! It was an accidental find, which means it must be meant to be! 
my son has been involved to a point with this decision, and he is so excited, and I am so excited. My Nexplanon comes out in a week and a half, and I go in for my first try mid December! I’m so excited. 
I just wanted to share my excitement with someone. Hope everyone has a great night