19 week 3 days and mild cramps for past 8 weeks? Blondemama317 United States 2 posts
Apr 26th

So I’ve been to doc she didn’t even check my cervix since week 10 4 days I seen her at 13 week 4 days and nurse did check but then I had mild cramps on off since beginning but it mild lower left or right sided and she claim it is normal growth but I’m still scared as I tend to get cyst on my left ovary on and off we didn’t have any cyst at the 13 week ultra sound on but I worry still as I wish was over the 25th week mark I go for my 20 th week scan Friday and this is my second I did have cramps with my first on n off but at 27 week my er at my old home gave me a pill to stop the mild contract I had and I told the news doc snd she didn’t seem concerned saying that was last pregnancy not this one and every baby is different and tome is so she make me wait till Friday to be seen again I seen her 19 days ago baby sounded great but I worry still on any aches and pains is normal and I am so miserable