Second time Mommy / First pregnancy - NAME HELP! DOTTYDOLLFACE United States 3 posts
Nov 22nd

So after 13+ years of infertility I adopted my whole world.  My sweet beautiful daughter Clover!  She three now and life couldn’t get better, so I thought.  She’s going to big a big sister to her brother (I’m Pregnant!) due April 1st! We’ve picked out his name and it’s going to be Omen. I’m thinking Reign for a his middle name.  I can say that pregnancy is nothing that I ever in my wildest dreams would experience, especially since it happened after I quit going to any doctors and decided I was done with kids. I’m 33 and Clover along with my stepson Hudson are absolutely perfect for me. God had other plans when Omen popped up. Pregnancy is nothing like I thought the experience would be either. I was terrified, terrified to lose him or that it was some sick twisted joke but here we are six months later and he’s so healthy! Being pregnant had shown me who is really here and who’s around for what they can benefit from. It’s shown me that it can be lonely and mentally one of the hardest things anyone has ever gone thru but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.  I’m so thankful for my beautiful blended family and so excited to see my little man! Omen seemed to fit perfectly into our spooky beautiful world and I need help with a middle name! Suggestions?
Dad is a metal head and tuner car man. Mommy is a Boho Witchy woman! Thanks for all the help