Tell me what you think. HELP. Jess Williamson United States 33 posts
Sep 3rd '20

I've got 3 beautiful girls, never had any issues with pregnancy tests until now. I would like as much feedback as possible. Will be going to hospital tomorrow to get checked out. 
So here's where the CONFUSION sets in. I have normal periods. Last month (August) I supposedly started my period 5 days early. I usually bleed heavy for 4 days. But this time I bled 2 days then became brown. Last 6 days. A couple days after all my spotting stopped I began to notice pregnancy symptoms. b**bs were achy, waves of nausea, lower back hurting , extreme fatqiue. So I tested with Equate. Thinking it would be no like. I was wrong! So I took 4 more. All the same. I drove my butt to the store to get first response. Held my pre for about 3 hours. FRER. Negative. Still having symptoms. Advice? 6d77a176f87e40d19de2e239fdfbca3d.jpg