Hello, I’m back! & boundaries w/ in-laws S0иy. и☆ 3 kids; 1 angel baby; O, N, United States 779 posts
Mar 23rd

I’m back! It’s been so long since I’ve been on here. How y’all doing? Hope y’all safe in your home. Hoping this mess (COVID-19) goes away soon!

but anyway, For such a long time I've been dealing with in laws issues.

I want to set boundaries, but I don’t think boyfriend will be up for it.
His mom could be overbearing and sometimes I want to reminder that We are the parents. He thinks that I should ignore it and move on. But this incidents continue to happen.

Before my kids baptism. I had send a text message to his sister and tried to make this right because we haven’t spoken I such a long time, but she never responded. The day came and things were really awkward which why I wanted to clear things up (she lives in a different than we do). My issue with her is she wants to claim that I don’t let her see or talk to my kids which is completely false. When I gave birth to my second she made a smart ass comment and I got offended.
she has never tried to call/FaceTime or text to see how they doing. Not even on their birthdays. It’s always his mom calling for my kids. And I’m sorry I may sound petty, selfish or overreacting it but my kids are not going to put that effort if she doesn’t. If she wants to be part of their lives then she can put that effort first.

I just don’t know where to start with setting boundaries.
Any boundaries that you have set with your in laws? Did you or husband talked to them about?
i feel like I’m going to have to tell them myself. Boyfriend always put me the bad guy.

please don’t judge me.