Stretchy brown discharge with cramps?? Jess081316 3 kids; Spokane Valley, WA, United States 914 posts
Mar 7th

Hi there? So this week was suppose to be AF week and normally she comes full force and last the full 5-6 days. This time it was about 2.5 days of light spotting off and on. Now tonight when I wiped there was a bunch of egg white stretchy discharge with brownish color mixed in it. And I have cramps. They are not like AF cramps I would say its mild cramps but more in my lower back/top of my butt area. Has anyone experienced this?   I really thought that I might be pregnant due to some symptoms but had a negative blood test. So I just want to make sure everything is ok. I feel like my body is really off this month.

Drew90 Due December 28; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Hodgdon, ME, United States 7424 posts
Mar 30th

I know this is a bit of a late reply, but I'm going through the same stuff and I'm in perimenopuase. I'm only 30 Very Sad
My periods are super short now and have been for about 6 months. I have INSANE pms symptoms now so every month I get all psyched up thinking om pregnant and then I'm not Very Sad

Miss city lady! USA 35 posts
Apr 1st

Try to do a pregnancy test in a couple weeks to just be sure it's not pregnancy