TTC and IUD nursesnursing United States 2 posts
Jan 29th

Hi everyone! I’m new here! I am 27 and have an 8 year old (my only pregnancy) and I just removed the Mirena in January 8 (while on day 2 of cycle) after having it in for four years. Before the Mirena I was on the patch for a couple of years. I guess I’m a little nervous as I’ve been on birth control for years, whether that’ll throw my body out of sort for a while? I consistently got periods throughout having the Mirena. 

while I know everybody is different, my question is: does Mirena affect ovulation at all and how long after removal of Mirena did you get pregnant? Love hearing stories :) 

thanks ! 

Stellermama United States 4 posts
Jan 29th

I had the paraguard. I had it for 4 years, got it removed in August and go pregnant in December.