5 month old not babbling or cooing... Libelluleclaire United States 3 posts
Jan 19th

Hi ladies I’m new to this site and just looking for advice. I have darling little 5 month old daughter, she is our first and I thought we were cruising along until this week when I realized most babies her age are vocalizing by now. She has made some progress in this area as she now does vocalize a bit but not nearly as much as other babies her age and there are no consonant sounds. I am really concerned about this and am planning on talking to her pediatrician soon but in the mean time thought I’d ask if anyone else has a similar experience? She laughs and will make eye contact though I wouldn’t say she searches for eye contact (are they supposed to at this age?) I do read to her, though to be completely honest both dh and I are very quiet people, so maybe she’s just not getting the exposure she needs.

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Jan 20th

It sounds fairly normal. All kids are different. Some of mine were non stop noisy, cooing and babbling and what have you and some were just quiet all the time. My youngest is 8 months and her most prominent sound is grunting or growling. She does not babble, coo, anything other than growls and grunts