Pregnancy after tubal. *Terra* 3 kids; Kentucky 1236 posts
Nov 21st

Am I crazy? 

I've had my tubes tied for over 4yrs and my cycle has been between 26 to 29 days... I'm on day 31 and I am freaking out. 

Has anyone here gotten pregnant after a tubal? I think maybe I'm thinking too much into it and I need someone to talk me down.  

fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4725 posts
Nov 23rd

AF has been crazy since having my tubes tied. She comes anywhere from every 28-40 days. And just this last cycle I had random "spotting" right around ovulation which I have never experienced before. I have spotting in quotes because it was so heavy that I'm not sure spotting is the right word. I'm almost 2 years to the day of having my tubes tied but thankfully I don't have sex often enough for pregnancy to be a legit concern. I do have a friend who got pregnant 4 months after her tubal and I know that as time passes the effectiveness of a tubal goes down. So I don't think the concern is "crazy". Plus the added risk factor of having an ectopic pregnancy... Maybe keep some cheapies on hand just to use as reassurance? I've had 6 kiddos in 5 years so it all seems legitimate to me 38