He will never propose Jess081316 3 kids; Spokane Valley, WA, United States 914 posts
Nov 4th

I have been with my bf for about 7.5 years now and he still refuses to propose. I know they say marriage isnt everything, and yada yada. But its so important to me. He has known this since day 1. I know he believes in marriage its not like its something be doesnt want. He even proposed to his ex after a year of dating. But here I am 7.5 years later, two kids together a family etc. Im not worth it. I know he loves me and wants to be with me so maybe I shouldnt worry about it. But it hurts me so much. Everytime we go on dates or do something special. Like when we took a family trip to Disneyland.....when he surprised me with a little weekend getaway to Santa Cruz for my 30th...or friday night when we went to dinner and a concert. My fav artist. I always think maybe be will propose. I know I shouldnt think about it and expect anything. But after so long together its hard not too. I cant help it. Then I am always upset and hurt. I feel selfish cuz we had a great time at the concert friday, but I was trying not to cry whole car ride home. My parents are in there middle 60s...I have lost a few family members this past year. I want people to be around for my special day. It breaks my heart when I see all my friends ams family getting married or engaged who literally have all been together less. When I see random engagement commercials or videos etc instead of getting excited I get a horrible feeling in my stomach and feel broken. It shouldnt be like that. I have told him before I dont want a fancy ring, and I wanna be engaged at least 2 years. Its not like we have to go and get hitched. What does being engaged change. Its like the next step in our relationship. I feel like hes saying I love you and wanna be with you...but I dont think your the one. His mom has tried talking to him about it and he says he loves me but then gets kinda defensive about it. I just dont know how much longer I can keep getting my heart broke. Its a hard feeling to describe. I dont wanna break up my family for my kids, and I do love him and know he loves me. My heart just hurts. Sorry so long. If u made it this far thanks for listening.

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Nov 4th

I’m just wondering why you still want to marry a guy with his history of breaking promises, and a drinking problem, etc...