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Nov 2nd

On October 31 I had a Dr app and was told I was 3CM and 50%. Prior to my app I was constantly contracting for 3 days but with no cervical change. I left my app and went home for a few hours before the contractions started to get worse so I called my Dr back to tell him and I was instructed to come back in. When I came back in I was almost 4CM and 60%, so my Dr told me that he was admitting me thinking I would be going into labor that night. 

After being admitted my contractions stopped for awhile, but by that time I was 5CM and 80%. If I didn't go by night time that I would be put on pitocin in the morning. At 6AM they started the pitocin and contractions started back up, barely but they were there. Around 8AM my Dr came in broke my waters. When my waters broke I heard the Dr tell a nurse "there is meconium in it" my heart dropped. After freaking out the nurses and Dr both assured me that everything would be fine and that they were taking every precaution to make sure that the baby would be safe. Internal monitors were placed and I was put into different positions to try and get my body to dilate faster. After my water broke back labor started, and I asked for the EPI. They came right up and gave it to me. I don't know what hurt worse, the EPI or my back labor. After the EPI kicked in I started to dilate very quick. Every time I would dilate I would end up vomiting. Around 10:40 my EPI stopped working for some reason and I could feel the back labor returning. All of a sudden I felt pressure. I was checked and was 9CM, I was told to call the nurse when I felt more pressure and that they were calling my Dr in. As soon as she left I had a contraction and needed to push. My Dr and the nurses rushed in and got everything prepped. 3 pushes later and he was here. When his head popped out the suctioned everything out so he wouldn't inhale any of the meconium. Luckily, he didn't cry or take a breath when his head popped out. After I pushed out the body he was screaming and crying. For the first time I got to hold my baby after birth and do skin to skin. My other 2 were taken away to the NICU. He's doing great now and hasn't had any issues. The only issue is that he wont latch and wont stay awake along enough to eat when he does latch. Here he is, Maxwell Jonathan. Born November 1 at 11:04 AM at 35.6 weeks, He's my biggest baby yet at 6lbs 7oz 20in!


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Nov 2nd

Congrats! Handsome little guy! 

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Nov 3rd

He’s so cute!! Congratulations mama, I can’t wait for my boy! 

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Nov 5th

He is gorgeous!! Congratulations!!

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Nov 15th

Thank you ladies!