Does higher hcg mean girl? mom2princesses Due July 3; 4 kids; NY, NY, United States 1969 posts
Oct 30th

I read higher hcg means girl. I have 4 girls and now pregnant with my last baby. Of course I am hoping for a boy but I am sure it's another girl. With my past 4 pregnancies I tested early even before late period and got positives. I tested last this pregnancy at 3 wks and a half and got faint positives as I did in the past pregnancies. However at 2 days after my period I got this result. Super bright red line and light control line.

bia. 4 kids; ., ., Portugal 102639 posts
Oct 30th

Not in my case, no.

i don’t remember what my numbers were with my DD1 cause it was 12 years ago lol, but with my DD2 and DD3 my first draw with them both were only in the Low 90’ I have 3 girls..

I’m 32 weeks pregnant with a BOY and my first draw with him was 240! Congratulations, and I hope you get your little boy, I thought for sure I was having another girl, just because lol, everyone told me “that’s not how it works” 38 so you never know!! 

mom2princesses Due July 3; 4 kids; NY, NY, United States 1969 posts
Nov 4th

Thank you. I hope so. It is my 5th and last baby so I am hoping for a boy but think it's another girl.

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Nov 5th

My hcg was super low with Emmy! Bia I took a hiatus from Facebook for awhile so message me on here if you want my cell phone number!!