New girl CrisD United States 2 posts
Aug 2nd '19

Hello ladies good evening! I'm new to BG! My name is Cristal I have 4 kid's (all girl's), ages 14-8. I'm 31 year's old and TTC! Well I was pregnant twice back to back in 2014 & miscarried both pregnancies. Ever since then I have not been able to conceive. My husband and I been together going on 3 year's he has 1 child 12 year old son. I bought a sperm check test at Walgreens and he tested positive. I have tested at home with Clearblue OPK and I was getting negative results a year ago but I started taking prenatal, maca root, vitex and biotin daily and yesterday I got a positive test. I also got a positive reading 3 month's ago but no luck. Any advice is helpful please!!