Afraid to break up. Advice. Jess081316 3 kids; Spokane Valley, WA, United States 914 posts
Jul 10th '19

Hi there. So my bf and I have been together for a little over 7 years now and have 2 kiddos together (5 and 3), and I have a 10 year old from a previous relationship. I have been having a lot of mixed feelings lately due to some personal things that have been going on. I will make a post later (its a long story!) And I guess I just wanted some advice from people who broke up after an extended period of time together. I do love him a lot and the thought of him being with someone else really kills me. I mean it really kills me. But I also don't know if that's because I am just worried I won't find someone else who will wanna be with me. Single mom with 3 kids isn't really what every guys wants u know. Not to mention will I find someone who would truly love my kids and protect them. You hear so many shit stories out there I would be scared to date anyone or to ever leave them alone with anyone. What if my bf finds someone else and I don't? These are all things I worry about. I have given my ALL to him for over 7 years and im still not worth proposing too. So what gives me hope for my next relationship. I just hope another mom has a story out there that will give me some sort of hope about the future if we were to break up. I have so much thinking to do. I have been crying all day.