g*****c picture. Brown stain/burgundy stain on daughters und mom2princesses Due July 3; 4 kids; NY, NY, United States 1969 posts
May 16th '19

Found a stain again. I have questioned them before, both my 4 yr old and 6 yr old because sometimes they grab each others underwear since the 6yr old is petite. They have had utis in the past. I check on them 24/7 and I am a stay at home mom but this stain just worries me so much I am setting up appt for both. My 7yr old has stains on her but more like from not wiping correctly. These look different, btw what I have noticed is sometimes my 4 yr old has her undies on wrong and she has it stuck up in her area and I am wondering if it could cause this. I am calling tomorrow morning. Just need some advice if it has happened to your child that you find these stains.

g*****c pic52658f3c776e78c0334d8dac4c67729f.jpg

jamm :) Due December 29 (girl); TTC since Mar 2015; 3 kids; Ireland 435 posts
Jun 19th '19

Did you get this sorted out? I hope u did