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May 13th '19

So I’m in need of some advice... I had gotten my period on the 23rd of April & I spotted once last Monday & had nothing until I woke up on Wednesday morning (2 weeks before my period is due) bleeding, but only when I pee & wiped.. nothing on my panty liner.. before Monday, i had started having lots of light headed-ness, unsettled stomach, but no throwing up, sore body, and cramping with lower back pain, constipation & been having headaches every day since then.. it had felt like if i had the flu or something. So today, I’m still bleeding while I pee & I just realized that I am taking prenatals because my Partner and I have been trying to conceive.. I’m not saying that i think I am pregnant, but I realized that when I take my prenatal, the bleeding stops or gets very very light. I am asking here and not my doctor because I have been out of state.. any suggestions on what this could be? Has this happened to anyone else?