I need advice. Please help! Jaiven'sMommy United States 71 posts
May 13th '19

So I’m in need of some advice... I had gotten my period on the 23rd of April & I spotted once last Monday & had nothing until I woke up on Wednesday morning (2 weeks before my period is due) bleeding, but only when I pee & wiped.. nothing on my panty liner.. before Monday, i had started having lots of light headed-ness, unsettled stomach, but no throwing up, sore body, and cramping with lower back pain, constipation & been having headaches every day since then.. it had felt like if i had the flu or something. So today, I’m still bleeding while I pee & I just realized that I am taking prenatals because my Partner and I have been trying to conceive.. I’m not saying that i think I am pregnant, but I realized that when I take my prenatal, the bleeding stops or gets very very light. I am asking here and not my doctor because I have been out of state.. any suggestions on what this could be? Has this happened to anyone else?

fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4725 posts
May 13th '19

D. not enough information.

It could be that you have the flu and coincidentally your luteal phase was especially short. It could be an STD. It could be pregnancy. It could be cancer. It could be literally nothing. Unless you think its life threatening, take a pregnancy test (for peace of mind), and chalk it to the human body being weird. It honestly doesnt sound like anything too strange is going on, you probably just have a cold thats thrown everything out of whack. Good luck!