Progesterone Levels Waiting on a Miracle TTC since Dec 2011; Georgia 54 posts
Apr 15th

Good morning! So my husband and I have been TTC for 8 years. I have a history of PCOS and endometriosis. Several years ago when we first tried clomid and femara my 7dpo levels were always below 3. Within the last year I have lost over 50 pounds and have a normal BMI. I had an extensive surgery in December to remove a very large Endometrioma. That was my 4th surgery. The doctor encouraged ovarian stimulation last month with hopes of catching an egg, so I took Femara 2.5 MG on cycle day 3-7. I confirmed ovulation day 15 with Clearblue digital. I had my levels checked at 7dpo and received the results today. They are 5.2. I am currently 10dpo and tested BFN this morning. Am I out? Could I even get pregnant with this level? My doctor told me he was looking for anything over a 3. I’m slightly confused and nervous. We started this journey back up for the first time since adopting my son 3 years ago. I thought I was ready for this again, but I’m already feeling discouraged. Any ladies have a progesterone level like this and get a BFP? The doctors felt my weight loss and recent surgery would help to boost ovulation as well. Thanks in advance.