Dealing with a young loss. Jess081316 3 kids; Spokane Valley, WA, United States 869 posts
Mar 13th

In October one of my friends passed away unexpectedly. We use to be super close about 8 years ago but last few years we have not hung out as much. She went thru a lot of family stuff. But we did talk on fb a lot. I kept meaning to ask her if she actually wanted to get the kids together like old times but just kept putting it off. And now she is gone. She was 32 years old, and leaves behind two kiddos. And a twin sister who just found out she is having a girl (found out she was pregnant a month after her sister passed) It was really unexpected. Originally they thought she had suffered a heart attack. Turns out she fell and hit her head on a sensitive spot that caused rapid brain bleeding and her heart to stop. It is so crazy to me. I have been having a hard time with it. Have never really dealt with this before. I have a lot of regret. I should have tried to see her more. Only two loses I have gone thru is my grandma who passed away from alzheimers in 2016. And my husbands grandma who passed away last year. Both of which were 80+ I have never experienced this with someone who was close to my age. I cry at random times. You would think this would make me realize how short life is and how tomorrow is not promised. Make me take more risks and be more outgoing etc. It has done the opposite. I feel like I am so scared of dying now. Everytime I drive I think what if I get in an accident and leave my kids behind. Or when I get sick etc. I feel overly paranoid now. I did not attend her funeral because I was out of town. I have regrets about that too. I feel like I should see if she has a memorial somewhere and bring flowers and talk. I have a lot I wanna say and ask. Idk if she will be able to hear me. And even if she can she can't say anything back anyway. Anyways just needed to vent and if anybody has some advice I would appreciate it.

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Mar 17th

Oh wow, that’s so young Very Sad I’m really sorry, I have no advice!